Blues Freeze All 2018/19 Season Ticket Prices

Everton has announced a price freeze on ALL Season Tickets for the 2018/19 season.

The freeze reinforces the Club’s commitment to ensuring football at Goodison Park remains affordable for fans of all ages - and follows record-breaking Season Ticket sales for the current campaign.

The freeze means that for the 2018/19 campaign, Adult Season Tickets will again start from just £420 - with concessions for Senior* fans, aged 65 and over, remaining at only £299 in all stands. In recent seasons the Club has reduced prices for Young Adults, resulting in a significant increase in the number of fans under the age of 25 in the stadium.

For 2018/19, 18 to 21-year-olds* will pay £299, which equates to less than £16 per game, whilst 22 to 24-year-olds* will pay £380, which is just £20 per game.

Juniors* (aged 11 to 17) will continue to pay the equivalent of less than £8 per game with all Season Tickets £149. And for Kids* (Under-11s), the price remains the equivalent of only £5 per game at £95 for a Season Ticket.

Everton Chief Executive, Robert Elstone said: “We pride ourselves on ensuring football remains value for money for all fans and all ages. Over the past two seasons, we’ve broken Club records for Season Ticket sales and I’ve no doubt that our approach to pricing has been a key factor in guaranteeing the stadium is full for every Premier League game. The number of young fans coming to Goodison Park on a regular basis is also growing and I’m delighted to report that Evertonians up to the age of 24 account for more than one in four of all Season Ticket holders, a much higher percentage than the average across the Premier League."

Current Season Ticket holders also have an increasing number of payment options to choose from when renewing. The Everton Mastercard offers 0% interest on a Season Ticket purchase for nine, six or three months. The increasingly popular Direct Debit scheme will be available again and will enable fans to pay monthly over 12, 11, 10, nine, eight or seven months dependent on the time at which the Season Ticket is purchased.

For the first time, the Direct Debit payment option will mean fans can automatically renew for future seasons, provided they keep up to date with payments, enabling Season Ticket holders to ‘lock in’ their seats for years to come.

And, with even more flexible payment options available for the first time this year, purchasing a Season Ticket for Goodison has never been easier.

Richard Kenyon, Director of Marketing and Communications, said: “As well as looking carefully at pricing to ensure we keep watching football at Goodison Park affordable, we are also always looking to develop different and attractive payment options for our fans. The introduction of the 12-month Direct Debit proved very popular for this season, so we were keen to ensure that this option was available again. Paying over Direct Debit will also now mean fans have the option of making it a ‘rolling’ payment, effectively ‘locking in’ their place in the stadium - not just for next season, but for seasons to come. Through our consultation with the fans and Fans’ Forum, we are confident that this will prove a popular option, enabling our fans to pay for their Season Ticket on a monthly basis, in much the same way that many will be paying for their bills, gym memberships and TV subscriptions.”

Current Season Ticket holders can renew for 2018/19 by phone or online from 8am on Monday 15 January and have until Friday 6 April to guarantee their seat for next season.

2018/19 Season Ticket Pricing

Non-Season Ticket holders wishing to register their interest in a 2018/19 Season Ticket will need to become an Official Member to receive priority access to non-renewed Season Tickets.

Supporters who joined the waiting list for a 2017/18 Season Ticket but were not given the opportunity to purchase a Season Ticket will retain their position, provided they have purchased an Official Membership this Season (2017/18).

Pricing and renewal information for Lounge Memberships at Goodison Park will be revealed before the end of December.  

* Season Ticket age categories
Children aged 10 and under on or before 1 September 2018 will be eligible for ‘Kids’ under 11s Season Tickets
Young people aged 11 to 17 on or before 1 September 2018 will be eligible for ‘Junior’ Season Tickets
Young Adults aged between 18 to 21 on 1 September 2018 will be eligible for ‘Young Adult 18-21’ Season Tickets
Young Adults aged between 22 to 24 on 1 September 2018 will be eligible for ‘ Young Adult 22-24’ Season Tickets
Adults aged 65 and over on 31 August 2018 will be eligible for ‘Seniors’ Season Tickets

Highlights of the 2018/19 offer

ALL Season Ticket prices frozen
2017/18 Official Members will automatically join the Season Ticket waiting list
Renew your Season Ticket from 15 January
Guarantee your seat by 6 April  
Adult Season Ticket from £420
Senior Season Ticket priced at £299 throughout Goodison Park
Young Adult (18 to 21) Season Ticket priced at £299
Young Adult (22 to 24) Season Tickets available for £380
Junior prices (11 to 17) frozen at £149 – less than £8 per game
Under-11s Season Tickets £95 - £5 per game
Interest-free payment options through Everton Mastercard
Direct Debit available for seven – 12 monthly instalments  
Opportunity to auto-renew Season Tickets for 2019/20 through Direct Debit option

Key Dates

Application packs landing from 15 January

2018/19 Season Tickets available for renewal by phone or online from 15 January
Season Ticket renewal/Guarantee Your Seat deadline – 6 April
Direct Debit deadlines
12-month Direct Debit – 31 January
11-month Direct Debit – 28 February
10-month Direct Debit – 31 March
9-month Direct Debit  – 6 April for renewing Season Ticket holders, 30 April for fans on the waiting list who purchase after 6 April.

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