Away Fan Guide: Lyon

Europa League Group Stage Matchday 4
Olympique Lyonnais v Everton
Groupama Stadium (Also known as Parc OL or Grand Stade OL)
10, avenue Simone Veil, 69150
Decines - Charpieu, France

Date: Thursday, 2 November 2017 Kick-off: Local time 7pm (UK time 6pm)


If you have any ticketing enquiries please contact the Fan Centre, as you will need a valid match ticket for entry to the stadium.

Fan Centre contact number is: 0151 556 1878. If calling from overseas, dial 0044 1515 556 1878.

Everton supporters have been advised not to travel to Lyon for Thursday’s Europa League Group E match if they do not have a match ticket. For more information, click here.

Ticket Advice:

There will be no collection facility at the stadium, nor will duplicate tickets be issued. Fans should not have purchased tickets if they did not plan to travel. Supporters should only access the stadium with a valid away section ticket. 

No tickets for any parts of the ground will be on sale at the stadium. There will be no transfers into the Everton section and any Everton supporters who may have tickets in home sections will be denied entry or, if inside the stadium, ejected from that area.

How to get to the Groupama Stadium: 


Official Club travel partner Thomas Cook are advertising Supporter Travel Packages, not including a match ticket (please purchase if you have not done so already). Further info please visit:

Before the match via public transport:

From Lyon City Centre (Square Bellecour) to the Groupama Stadium: the advised departure time from Bellecour is between 3pm and 4pm local time (at the latest).
• Metro (M D) to << Gare de Venissieux>> stop at << Grange Blache station>>
• When out the station reach Tram (T 5) to << Eurexpo>> stop at << Parc du Chene Station>>
• Where there will be direct and free shuttle from <<Parc du Chene station>> to Grouama Stadium. 

After the match via public transport:
From Groupama Stadium back to Lyon City Centre (Square Bellecour)
• Head to the direct and free shuttle - from the away fan stand to <<La Soie>> Metro Station.
• Metro (M A) to <<Perache>> stop at <<Bellecour Station>>

Before the match via car hire:

Parking at Les Panettes: From South, take the Rocade EST (E15 – N 346) Exit 7.1.
• Following Pusignan/Pont de Cheruy. Follow D 302 on 2,2km. 
• At the 1st roundabout, take the 2nd exit. Following Meyieu – Centre/ Jonage/Pusiganan.
• At the 2nd roundabout, take the 2nd exit. Following Z.I Meyzieu/ Jonage.
• Parking entrance will be on the left. Parking will open from 4:30pm local time.
• Direct and free shuttle will drop you at Groupama Stadium from car park Les Panettes in 10- 15mins.

After the match via car hire:
• Leave Groupama Stadium via away fan stand.
• Head to the direct and free shuttle heading to car park Les Panettes.

Before the match via bus or minibus:

Please be advised only bus and minibuses will have access to away-fan parking. No cars will be allowed. Fans in vehicles should approach from the south and follow signs. 


There is a wide accessible area directly beneath the away fans, the facilities are very good with excellent facilities available. Please be advised to bring a radar key should you have one. 

Turnstiles and stadium facilities: 

Away supporters MUST avoid the North End of the Stadium where the OL Ultras congregate. Away fans will be sitting in the South-East corner, with a good view of the pitch from all seats.

The stadium is located in the Lyon suburb Décines, in the east of the city and just over 10 kilometres from Lyon’s city center. The stadium is located next to the N346 / E15 motorway.

Upon away fan arrival there will be segregated arrival area. The arrival process will be an outer ticket check. Through barriers to a body check point by either police or stewards. (Please be advised possibility of Photo ID checks)

Signage of prohibited items are visible around the stadium, please check signage before entry, as subject to bag searches.

Please be advised: Once through turnstiles, you will walk up 150 very steep steps to the fourth floor which could be very challenging for some supporters.  Once at the fourth floor the whole area will be segregated, with refreshment stalls and plenty of male and female toilet facilities.

Away fans will be held back for 30- 40 minutes with in the seated area, we have stressed the importance of access to toilet facilities during this period. 

Helpful tips: 

We would like to ask all supporters to respect the residential City Centre and surrounding areas of the stadium.

• For any foreign travel advice please visit:

• Away supporters MUST avoid the North End of the Stadium.

• Minimum of 30- 40 minute hold backs. Announcements will be made in English.

• There is space for flags to be displayed both in City Centre and Stadium. However, there is strict        stance on offensive banners.

• Dialing code for UK is 0044.

• Please remember there will be no alcohol served at this stadium due to UEFA ruling.

•Pyro techniques and flares will not be tolerated inside the Stadium. 

• Please be advised local police will be very focused on anti- social behavior and counter terrorism. 

• Place Bellecour is an ideal place for away fans to spend the day, with lots of bars and restaurants. With shuttle pick up and drops offs for away fans to and from the stadium. 

Everton Safety Announcement 

Everton Football Club does not condone the use of pyrotechnics under any circumstances. Any fan found using them will be subject to action by the Club and the Police.  Being convicted of using a pyrotechnic could also result in a jail sentence.  As a Club, we will also impose an indefinite ban on anyone caught using pyrotechnics. 

As well as the risk of a ban or conviction, the devices have a serious effect on others, particularly those with breathing difficulties and the disabled who cannot easily get away from the smoke.

We have noticed an increase of persistent group “bouncing” and “throwing of items”, including beer and items being thrown into the air. This has happened at both home and away games.

Although it has only involved a small minority of fans, it has resulted in both the Club and the Police receiving complaints from supporters who have become soaked in beer or have been hit by items thrown. This is anti-social behavior and people should not have to put up with this. As a consequence, both the Club, Merseyside Police and supporters’ groups have discussed how this should be addressed.

Firstly, both the Club and the Police want to make it clear that we want ALL our supporters to enjoy their day and we understand that this may include singing and an element of “bouncing” as a group. 
However, a decision has been made that should home or away fans participate in the throwing of alcohol or any other items in any area of the stadium, they will be dealt with by Match Day Stewards with the full support of Merseyside Police Officers. This could culminate with an ejection from the ground or potentially an arrest, dependent on the specific circumstances.

This season, you will see more stewards and Police Officers on concourses, who will provide early advice should a situation look like it is getting out of control.

Please continue to enjoy the match but we ask that you also consider other supporters and how they will be affected by your behavior and we ask for your support in this.

Thank you.

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