Away Fan Guide: Ruzomberok

Stadium Address 
MFK Ruzomberok
Mestský futbalový klub, a.s.
Žilinská cesta 21
034 01 Ružomberok, 

Match Date: 3 August 
Kick- Off Time: 7.45pm kick-off UK time, 8.45pm local time.

Ticketing info: 

If you have any ticketing enquiries prior to the game regarding your match ticket, please contact the Fan Centre and they will help you with your ticketing enquiry as you will need a valid match ticket for entry. 
The Fan Centre contact number is: 0151 556 1878. 

Tickets are priced at £9 and will only be available for collection in Ružomberok.

Everton fans can collect their tickets from Ruzomberok on the day of the fixture.
Ticket Office staff will be present at the Hotel Kultura, a 15-minute walk away from the stadium, which is situated in the centre of Ruzomberok from 12pm until 7pm local time before relocating to the stadium. Supporters are asked not to wait until arrival at the stadium to pick up their ticket.
Tickets will be distributed only to those fans providing the necessary photo identification and tickets will not be issued to any fans representing or carrying identification for others. Passports and or/driving licenses are acceptable forms of identification.   
The address for the Hotel Kultura is:
A Bernoláka 1397/1,
034 01 Ružomberok,
Tel: +421 44/431 31 11

Refunds will not be issued nor will an away match credit be awarded if tickets are uncollected.

The game kicks off at 7.45pm kick-off UK time, 8.45pm local time. Supporters are kindly asked to arrive at the turnstiles as prompt as possible to avoid delays traveling to the stadium.

The stadium only has one away turnstile with a barcode entry system.
Supporters will be searched upon entry. Seat numbers may be hard to read as seats are faded.

Stewards will be deployed in this location by a nearby vomitory in this area. 

Supporters are located in the end section denoted as A. Refreshment ‘Sales kiosk’ are located within the gap in the fence at the back of the seated area. One toilet each for male and female at located at the side of the stand.  

Helpful tips:
  • MFK Ruzomberok are based in a residential area, with a Tesco supermarket adjacent. 
  • We would like to ask all supporters to respect the residential town and surrounding areas of the stadium and make your way to the stadium upon arrival. 
  • For any foreign travel advise please click here
  • The local surrounding area of the stadium does have bars and cafés used by away supporters but please be advised they are very small holding less than 80 people. Alcohol is a lot stronger in Slovakia so please be aware of this.
  • The security authorities will not tolerate excessive aggression or anti-social behaviour, such behaviour is likely to receive a robust response and can result in direct incarceration and/or on the spot fines.
  • Police Officers, especially those in riot gear (a small number), are not known for their friendly communication.
  • Under-15s must be accompanied by an adult. Please be prepared for the possibility of hold backs. 
  • Flags and banners are allowed, on the lower front pitch fencing.
  • Please look for sales points around the stadium for souvenirs and match day programmes.

Everton Safety Announcement 

Everton Football Club does not condone the use of pyrotechnics whatsoever those found using them either home or away will be subject of action by the Club and the Police.  Being convicted of using them could also result in a jail sentence that is how seriously the matter is being treated by courts across the country.  As a Club we would also impose an indefinite ban on anyone caught using pyrotechnics. 

Apart from the risk of a ban or conviction the devices have a serious effect on others, particularly those with breathing difficulties and the disabled in wheelchairs who cannot easily get away from the smoke.

We have noticed an increase of persistent group “bouncing” and “throwing of items”, culminating in beer and items being thrown in the air. This has happened on both home and away games and would stress has only involved a very small minority of fans.  

This has resulted in both the Club and the Police receiving complaints from supporters who have become soaked in beer or been hit by items thrown. As we are sure you will agree this is anti-social behavior and people should not have to put up with this. As a consequence, both the Club, Merseyside Police and supporter’s groups have discussed how this should be addressed.

Firstly, both the Club and the Police want to make it clear that we want ALL our supporters to enjoy their day and we understand that this may include singing and an element of “bouncing” as a group.
However, a decision has been made that should home or away fans participate in the throwing of alcohol or any other items in any area of the stadium, they will be dealt with by Match Day Stewards with the full support of Merseyside Police Officers. This could culminate with an ejection from the ground or potentially an arrest, dependent on the specific circumstances.

This season, you will see more stewards and Police Officers on the concourse, who will provide early advice should a situation look like it is getting out of control.
Please continue to enjoy the match but we ask that you also consider other supporters and how they will be affected by your behaviour and we ask for your support in this.

Thank you.

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