Match Credits Updated

Allocation for away fixtures is always a difficult and emotive issue. It is a nice problem to have - having such a passionate and sizeable fan base so eager to follow the Club near and far.
But with demand often out-stripping supply in relation to ticket allocation for away games, making sure the most deserving fans have the opportunity to follow the Club is a challenge. Every Evertonian is deserving. And every Evertonian is cherished by the Club.
But as is often the case, there are not enough tickets available to ensure every fan who wants to attend a fixture can. For the 2016/17 Premier League season, all clubs will be eligible to receive an allocation of at least 3,000 tickets or 10% of capacity, whichever is lower. Our overriding principle, whenever we can’t get enough tickets, is to prioritise loyalty. But that is the challenge - the not insignificant challenge.
We made one change to our allocation process last year - rewarding attendance at home Cup matches with an away ticket credit. Based on feedback - and following consultation with our Fans’ Forum over the last 12 months - the Club has taken the decision to propose one change to the allocation process for the forthcoming season.
Fans who attend away league fixtures and home Cup games will continue to earn away credits.
In addition, for 2016/17, attending away Cup matches will also earn away credits.
We think this is an amendment that provides greater clarity and, by providing a link for when Cup tickets become scarce, it makes for a fairer system and an even better reward of loyalty.

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