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My Matchday: Roberto Martinez

by Adam Clark @efc_adamclark

Last month, a new series started on exploring the matchday habits and roles of players past and present, members of staff and other notable supporters.
Today, it's the turn of Everton's manager, Roberto Martinez, to explain the routine he goes through as he prepares the Blues for action...

Roberto, how does your matchday typically begin?

I don't like to rush on a matchday, so I make sure I've already got everything very much in order. I always make sure I eat good food, as that allows you to work and function well, and I think going to Finch Farm before heading to Goodison really gives you the time to prepare properly and focus.

How do you feel then when you first arrive at Goodison Park and the atmosphere is already building?

At that point, as a manager, you're only really thinking about what the players are feeling, how they are, how they've been preparing during the week and the challenges that they're going to face individually and as a team. In that respect, as a manager you learn very quickly to focus on what the team needs to be prepared for and, to be honest, you don't really get the time to think about your own feelings and emotions.

When team talk time comes around, do you already know what you're going to say?

Everything is always quite structured and everything has been worked on beforehand. On a matchday, it's very much about giving reassurance about the things we've been working on and the small details we've discussed about the opposition or the match. I think when you prepare with the standards we have at Finch Farm, what happens in the dressing room before the game is quite straightforward.

Do you find time to enjoy those moments before kick off? Is that important?

You feel natural with it. That is what you are and what you do. That period is very important to get as much information as you can about the game we're going to be facing and every angle and aspect of that. That hour or two before kick off is when all the cards are laid on the table and any last things that can help the players, it's important you put it together in that period.

Do you ever feel nerves?

I don't feel nerves, no. You would feel nerves if you weren't prepared. But when you hit all the targets during the week and you've prepared the players in a way that has allowed them to enjoy their football, then there are no more nerves than the excitement you have for kick off.

What's it like as a manager walking out to Z-Cars?

It really gives that sense of a feel-good factor. The Z-Cars tune means a lot for our football club and it sets that mindset of the start of the game - and it gets the football club together. Everything we do is for the fans and, when you find yourself in front of them, all that hard work behind the scenes makes sense.

And how about after the game? Do you ever switch off?

When the final whistle goes, I think that's precious time to try to work towards the next game. After a game, our work is very much about analysing, assessing and taking in a lot of information from the game about the players individually and the team and making sure that the preparation for the next match starts then.

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