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Leighton Baines is set to spend the final few days of his summer break revelling with fellow music lovers on a farm in the south west of England.

While his Everton teammates may well be taking the chance to soak up some last rays of sunshine on warmer foreign shores, the England left-back will instead be a part of the 150,000-throng attending Glastonbury Festival.

Baines admits he won’t quite be following the normal tradition of squatting in a tent for the best part of a week.

But he will be keen to take in as much of the entertainment as possible during his short stay in Somerset.

“I’m just going to dip into it, I’m not going to stay for the whole thing,” said the 28-year-old. “I’m going to go down and spend a day or two.

“Arctic Monkeys are headlining on the Friday and I’m looking forward to that massively. Friday is a good day – there are quite a lot of people on that I’m looking forward to seeing.

“The weather plays a big part and as long as the rain holds off, I’ll be happy.”

Despite the drizzle on Merseyside, the forecast at Glastonbury looks slightly brighter - although that doesn’t necessarily count for much when Baines is in attendance.

“There wasn’t Glastonbury last year because of the Olympics but I went down the year before and it rained quite badly,” he added.

“I’m quite a jinx. My mate mentioned it the other day that he has never been to a festival that I’ve been to as well and it hasn’t rained.

“I’ve jinxed every festival I’ve been to so I’m trying to turn a corner with that.”

Are you a Blue at Glastonbury? Look out for Bainesy and if you get a photo send it to us at!

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