Martinez: His First Words

by Adam Clark

Roberto Martinez was appointed Everton's 14th permanent manager on Wednesday.

He was later unveiled to the media at Goodison Park.

Here is what the 39-year-old had to say...

Martinez on his pride at joining Everton Football Club...

It is a really special day to come into Everton Football Club and have this feeling already; of excitement and honour. I would like to thank the Chairman and the board for giving me this opportunity because this is a phenomenal and passionate football club, and I can’t wait to get soaked with everything that is Everton. I will start working to make sure we play football that we are extremely proud of. I’m looking forward and I’m excited to see what we can do at Everton and how quickly we can become a strong and winning unit on the football pitch with this incredible support that this Club has. I know what it means to play for this football club in terms of the families it affects and the passion. So I understand how honoured I am to have this position.

On why he was won over by Everton...

It’s simple – it came in a natural way. I know there has been a lot of talking – most of that talking has been on the outside in the media. I had a phenomenal time at Wigan and I enjoyed every single second of it but after four seasons this was the right time. After I met the Chairman I knew that Everton was the right football club. It’s been a natural transition and it is the right time now to be involved in such an exciting challenge.

On the challenge of replacing David Moyes...

It’s huge pressure but I’m extremely proud of that pressure because that means that what David Moyes has done at Everton in the last 11 years is set real standards. What has been produced has given an incredible platform for the next manager to continue. I feel that I am very lucky and fortunate to be able to carry on that work that he has done over the years. What he has done is given Everton a clear identity and incredible standards. All I want to do is be humble and hardworking enough to take that magnificent job to the next level.
On why he decided to leave Wigan Athletic...

I just felt that it was the right time after four very special years to move on. The circumstances of the club are completely different now – they are going to play in Europe and try to get out of the Championship as quick as they can. I felt that a new man is needed to take that job on board and for me it was time to look into a different challenge and carry on with a different football club. From that point on, it was clear that the only club I felt could fit in was Everton. That was a feeling after meeting the Chairman and seeing him so passionate about this football club. I can’t wait to get started and just walking here today at Goodison Park, it really feels a special place for the future for me.

On his desire to take the Club into the Champions League during his reign…

I think Everton has an incredible history and tradition and the work that David Moyes has done at this football club has built a platform that for the next few years we should be dreaming of those Champions League spots. We all know how difficult that is. There are six clubs working on a different financial level to us but I do believe that with our tools and our genetic order within the Club we can find a way to compete with those teams. That has to be the aim for the future, not only for the next few seasons but for every Evertonian. Obviously where we are now is making us really strong and the work that David has done over the last 11 years should ensure we don’t drop those standards. It [the Champions League] has to be the dream. At a club you have to be moved by an ambition. If you don’t think high, you’ll never achieve. It’s not going to be easy but we need to have those dreams.

On how his work as manager begins immediately...

Once we get this press conference out of the way, we need to start working and there are many things that we need to look into in detail. I'm going to meet everyone that is working at Everton Football Club at the moment and we'll need to make sure we get a really strong team on the day-to-day basis. There's going to be a large amount of my team and backroom staff that are going to come with me.

On putting his own stamp on the Everton squad…

I am very fortunate. To have the players that Everton have at the moment is an incredible starting point. Clearly we cannot lose the good things that Everton had last season. From a football point of view, Everton were the strongest team at home, which shows you that has to continue being a strength. Slowly we need to bring in a couple of players that will help those that are already in the dressing room. It’s a natural transition and the right time to do it is in pre-season. We will work on many aspects but it is very important that we don’t lose the good things that this team showed last season.

On the Chairman…

The Chairman really shows a passion for the Club. From day one that was impressive and it gives me a special feeling. I can’t describe it when I come to watch games here. It’s a feeling that you develop, a feeling that you belong here and now I can start exploring more and making sure I know what the fans want and we can reflect that on the pitch.

On his respect for the fans...

The fans need to know that they are the most important part of this football club and we will need them to lead us. We have a very strong team. Over the next few months we need to get together and make sure we are a very strong and winning side that looks to carry on and achieve more. Finishing in the top six was a magnificent achievement for Everton and there's many things that we will need to keep building if we are to improve that. Clearly the fans are ready to see a team that will give all their heart.

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