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'My Greatest Everton Night'

by Adam Clark @efc_adamclark

Time and time again great nights have proved there really is nothing quite like Goodison under the floodlights.

So while Evertonians have to endure an entire weekend of football before seeing their side's 2012/13 Premier League campaign get underway, it may just be worth the wait.

The last time their visitors, Manchester United, travelled to the blue half of Merseyside for an evening kick off, the game produced one of the greatest nights of the David Moyes – or any other – era.

But what are your memories of the night Duncan Ferguson put United to the sword? To find out, we asked fans on our official Facebook and Twitter pages to tell us…

[FB] Rob Thompson: Something about the pre-match atmosphere that night said we were going to win. It’s amazing what Goodison under the floodlights, for what is perceived as a 'big game', does for the fans even before kick off. The place was buzzing before a ball was kicked; United's fans, as always, played their part too (not forgetting this was on the back of the aggro from the Cup game earlier that season). Even from the first few seconds the game was never in doubt for me - it was just a matter of time as to when we scored. The place was absolutely rocking afterwards, more than the Goodison derby from December. The way the crowd was, the way we played, and the fact we were leading really got at United psychologically and they fell to bits towards the end. Still chasing the league, this was where it really fell for them. The fact it happened at our place to the team we had was immense! That night was what being a Blue is all about.[/FB]

[FB] Chris Power: I was sitting in the Upper Glwadys Street and I remember how charged the atmosphere was. Big Dunc was at his awesome best! Same again Monday please! What a night. COYB![/FB]

[TW] Andrew Scott: When Ferguson scored I swear GoodisonPark actually shook. I have never experienced anything like it ever.[/TW]

[FB] Phil Whittock: Had a seat right behind the Gwladys goal. When Dunc scored there were limbs everywhere. Probably the best 'Everton night' of my life.[/FB]

[FB] Lee Taylor: What a night that was! I sat in the Lower Gwladys and when Big Dunc pushed Rio [Ferdinand] to one side and smashed that header in I lost my seat. It went that mad.[/FB]

[FB] Kris Hutchinson: When Big Dunc scored that night I fell flat over in the Gwladys Street, a bit like Del Boy in the wine bar. The bruises lasted ages, but it was so worth it![/FB]

[TW] Christopher Jones: ‏The atmosphere that night was stunning. My most memorable ever game at Goodison.[/TW]

[FB] Neal Pucio: Remember sitting in the Gwladys Street and when the ball hit the back of the net the whole stand shook.[/FB]

[FB] David Wilson: One of my best nights ever at Goodison. That was my daughters first ever game and what a game it was. We’ll never forget it.[/FB]
[FB] Gary Tudor: Best atmosphere I have ever experienced. The old lady was rocking![/FB]

[FB] Mo Aylmer: Gives me goosebumps every time I watch that goal. Magic.[/FB]

[FB] Joe McGuinness: Can't wait to get back in my seat Monday night! Hope it goes as well as it did that night! COYB - StandTogether![/FB]

Those who were there will never forget that magical evening. If you want to be there for what promises to be another enthralling encounter with the Red Devils on Monday, it's not too late.

To buy tickets today, call 0871 633 1878, click here or visit the Park End Box Office.

The 1-0 win over Manchester United in 2005 was voted No.5 in our '20 For 20' countdown of Everton's greatest Premier League games. To view our special feature on that night, including match highlights, click here.

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