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by Daniel Alston @efc_danalston

The term 'best seat in the house' can be seen as rather ambiguous when considered.

What constitutes the 'best'? Is it simply about the view, or is the atmosphere more important? Everybody has their own tastes and preferences, after all.

This week we posted a photo of Goodison Park on the Club's official Facebook page, asking Evertonians to tag themselves and say what they love about where they sit in the ground.

Here's what you had to say...

[FB]Kendra Campbell Mendes
I love the Paddock because you get a full length view of the pitch up close and no obstructing views.[/FB]

[FB]Jack Fitzpatrick
Upper Gwladys. Second home.[/FB]

[FB]Nathan Beal
Gwladys Street Row B. As well as being an amazing atmosphere its also a great view. Best stand in the world. So passionate.[/FB]

[FB]Nathan Smith
I sit in the Park End and will again in the 2012 / 2013 season it's a good atmosphere[/FB]

[FB]Matthew Bennett
Top Bullens epic view[/FB]

[FB]James Hill
The atmosphere in the Family Enclosure is beast[/FB]

[FB]Amy Prescott
Upper Bullens 3 seats away from the away fans the best when you're winning the worst when you're losing !![/FB]

[FB]Derek Efc Vernon
Lower Bullens Road. Seated next to Glwadys St End. Top view and great atmosphere.[/FB]

[FB]James Michael Brown
I sit row b seat 92 in the Park End slap bang wollop in the centre of the goal cracking view for chances and goal that end[/FB]

[FB]Lesley Lawless
Moving from Lower Gwladys to the family stand as we introduce the next generation to the People's Club![/FB]

If you’re not a Season Ticket holder but are interested in becoming one for 2012/13, our special event this weekend could be just for you.

We will be opening the doors to the stadium between 10am and 2pm on both Saturday and Sunday (26-27 May) to allow supporters the chance to discover the fantastic views which are still up for grabs.

If a seat is still available, it will be marked with a sticker (as seen above). And if you find one you like, you can secure it there and then and join the swarm of Evertonians who have already committed to be there supporting the Blues at every home game next season.

The Great Seats Released event is the ideal opportunity for families or groups of friends to find out exactly what options are available to them as far as securing a seat at Goodison Park for the forthcoming campaign is concerned.

You can check out groups of two, three, four or more seats together, so you know exactly where you, your family and your friends could be sitting.

Helpful Fan Centre staff will also be on hand to answer any queries and offer advice on the pricing structure and financial offers available.

So why not come along? Entry is free and all Evertonians are welcome with absolutely no obligation to buy.

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