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by Adam Clark @efc_adamclark

John Heitinga answered your questions when he took over Everton's official Facebook and Twitter pages on Friday lunchtime.

The newly-crowned Player of the Season was asked to give his thoughts on a range of Blues-related topics from which of his teammates is the most skilful to what his hopes are for the future.

He also revealed who he believes is Everton's brightest young star, the inspirations behind his tattoos, his first car, his best ever teammate and much more besides.

Scroll down now to read a full transcript of his social network takeover.

[FB]Stephanie Maloney: What does winning the award mean to you?[/FB]

John Heitinga: It means a lot because the fans voted for it. That is a big honour for me.

[TW]@Callumefc #AskJohnny what was your first car?[/TW]

JH: It was a Mitsubishi Galant. It was a great car!

[TW]@willow71uk #AskJohnny would you like to be Everton's next captain?[/TW]

JH: I think we have a great captain already in @fizzer18 (Phil Neville). In the future you never know but, right now, Phil is great for us.

[TW]@Dylan_Ingo7 #AskJohnny do you like to play FIFA? If so what team do you go?[/TW]

JH: I don't ever play computer games.

[FB]Richard John Wolfenden: What kind of music do you listen to?[/FB]

JH: All different kinds. One of my favourite artists though is Maxwell.

[TW]@DanMitchell4 #AskJohnny Who trys the most tricks in training?[/TW]

JH: @fizzer18. Stepovers always :)

[TW]@JoshClements17 Congratulations on winning player of the season, well deserved. What do you love most about being a blue?[/TW]

JH: That's very kind - thanks! I'd say the spirit and the fact I feel really welcome here.

[TW]@Ronneback1 Who is the best player you have played with and against in your career? #AskJohnny[/TW]

JH: With Wesley Sneijder, against Lionel Messi.

[TW]@INKredibleBarry #AskJohnny Hi Johhny, congrats on the award! What are your main aims for next season?[/TW]

JH: Thanks! I hope we can make a better start than this year and hopefully get into Europe. Because that's what Everton deserve.

[FB]Helmi Osman: Hi Johnny! I'm Helmi from Singapore. I'd like to know how the new Everton jersey looks. Any idea?[/FB]

JH: I like it. It's a good choice. You'll get to see it soon!

[TW]@frejjohansson @Everton who do you think has been the best signing for us this season? #AskJohnny[/TW]

JH: All the signings in January made a really big difference. Our form since those guys came in has been really pleasing.

[FB]Scott LaCoe: John! How is it to be the best defender in Europe?! And how do you and the club feel about the finale this weekend with Newcastle?[/FB]

JH: Well, it's not for me to say that but thanks for the compliment! Ha! The only thing that matters now is the three points against Newcastle. It would be nice to stay in seventh. We want to finish above Liverpool.

[TW]@Howieefc what is your tattoo on your arm?[/TW]

The big one is for my wife and the smaller ones are for my daughter Jezebel and my son Lennox.[/TW]

[TW]@Osnapitzconi #AskJohnny Who/What inspired you to play football? and what would you do if you didn't play football?[/TW]

JH: My whole family was crazy about football and I really don't know what else I wanted to do. I was young when I joined Ajax, so it's tough to say.

[TW]@Stupot1990 #AskJohnny What was it that appealed to you about Everton before you signed in 2009?[/TW]

JH: The manager gave me a really good feeling when I met him. And also because of the history of the Club.

[TW]@SamOAStern who is the best on the ball at efc? I have always thought Ossie has sublime feet #askjohnny[/TW]

JH: Yes, I agree, Leon Osman. His footwork is unbelievable.

[TW]@tom_barlow_ after goodison, what is the best stadium you have played in? #AskJohnny[/TW]
JH: The Bernabeu!

[TW]@maverick7578 @Everton #Askjohnny who is the most promising youngster at everton and how good do you think they can become?[/TW]

JH: I'll say @RBarkley20. He's just 18 but so skilful and a big talent. But he still has a long way to go.

[TW]@tom_barlow_ would you ever consider management when you retire?[/TW]

JH: Definitely. That's my plan. But you never know what will happen.

[FB]Paul Everton Carr: Hey Johnny, congrats on the award. what impact do you think Jelavic will make next season?[/FB]

JH: Thanks. He's a top striker and he can win games for us. He's going to be important. We're all really pleased to have him here.

[TW]@Ersyadi #AskJohnny What type of soccer shoes that you like?[/TW]

JH: I wear Nike Tiempo. They've been good to me.

[FB]Gjøran Bjøringsøy: Heitinga! Congratulations on the award, I think you have been superb this season! Keep it up. My question is: What do you think about the Everton supporters?[/FB]

JH: Thanks! The supporters are always great. They are everywhere. Home games, away games, they are always there supporting us.

[TW]@PhillipNuttall #AskJohnny can you get us into the champions league next season?[/TW]

JH: If we can keep the squad together then I think we can definitely get into Europe in the next two or three seasons.

[TW]@Wpilbeam1 #askjohnny Do you see yourself staying at Everton Long term?[/TW]

JH: Yes.

[TW]@Jack__McCannefc What was it like when you scored your first goal for everton? #AskJohnny[/TW]

JH: It was a relief! It took me a long time so it was really nice when I finally scored my goal against Birmingham.

[TW]@alistairhorne #AskJohnny looking forward to the 'group of death' at the Euros?[/TW]

JH: I think we're among the favourites for the tournament but it is a tough group and we will need a bit of luck also.

[FB]Phil Graves: Hi Johnny, what's your favourite goal you've ever scored?[/FB]

JH: It was one for Ajax against Feyenoord. From the edge of the box into the bottom corner. I enjoyed that one a lot.

[TW]@JamesATrigg Do you prefer playing in defence or midfield? #AskJohnny[/TW]

JH: Defence. That's my position.

[TW]@george_harwood what's the highlight of your career so far?[/TW]

JH: Playing in the World Cup final. That's a dream for every footballer.

[TW]@Andy_Shandy @Johnheitinga #AskJohnny Does Phil Neville share out his kit-kats after the game?[/TW]

JH: @fizzer18 never shares his KitKats with his teammates!

[FB]Carl Greer: Are you going to score on sunday? Congrats on the award. well deserved![/FB]

JH: Again, thank you! It means a lot. As for Newcastle, the most important thing is to have a cleansheet. But I will always try to score! I have to go now I'm afraid. But thanks for all your support this season. Being Everton's Player of the Season is a real honour. Have a good summer everyone and see you in August! #ProudToBeBlue

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