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by Andy Lewis @efc_andylewis

With the introduction of the new £95 junior Season Tickets, many Evertonians could find themselves in the same position as Sandra Hughes did a few years ago.

That is, wanting to purchase a ticket for your child – or children – but needing to make sure the seat is next to your own existing one.

And with the early bird deadline approaching this Friday, many fans will be eager to take advantage of discounted prices and get their family all sorted for next term.

It may well be that there are no free spaces around you this season, but that is not to say seats can’t be moved around, or new patterns arranged, so that you can see every game in 2012/13 alongside your kids with the minimum of movement or fuss.

Sandra, an accountant from Woolton, has been watching the Blues since 1985, originally attending matches with her dad, while her husband would also attend with his father. These days, the Hughes’ attend as a family.

She explains: “People may think ‘I have my seat and I know there aren’t many spaces around me’ and not know how to sort that out. From my experience the main thing is to be as detailed and clear as possible and then the ticket office is very good at accommodating your request.

“The first ticketing issue we had came after my father-in-law had passed away. His ticket was changed to my eldest child’s name and what we had was me and my dad, and my husband and one of the boys, all going along and sitting separately but wanting to sit together.

“We didn’t know what to do at first but we contacted the ticket office and put in a letter along with our Season Ticket renewal and said we wanted to all sit as close together as possible. The ticket office managed to get us all really close.

“Then a couple of years later, we had the situation where the two children were both wanting to come along to every game so we put in a detailed request again and bought a new junior ticket along with our others.

“We said if it wasn’t with the rest of us then we didn’t want to go ahead but we managed to sort it out and now we have a situation where we have five in a row of six.”

Blues' staff are experienced in dealing with such matters and have already resolved several similar situations since 2012/13 tickets went on sale.

The Club’s box office manager, Linda Prior, added: “Supporters who would like to purchase an extra seat can come to the Park End box office and look at seats that are available and we can move their existing seat immediately so that the two, or more, seats are together.

“If the Season Ticket holder does not wish to move their existing seat and there are no available seats close we advise them to renew their seats and purchase a seat as close as possible to their seat and put in for a transfer request.

“After the renewal deadline we will process all transfer requests in date order and if a seat becomes available nearer we will transfer the seat, there will be no charge for this transfer as they have purchased a new Season Ticket.”

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