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Arsenal (A) Sun 1 Mar 2015, 14:05, Barclays Premier League

by Rob Urbani @efc_roburbani

David Weir is a man who knows all about the Blues and all about Nikica Jelavic.

So when he describes the signing of his former Rangers teammate as 'great for Everton', he does so from a position of knowledge.

Indeed, the 41-year-old central defender believes Jelavic is the kind of all-round striker who will prove a hit in the Premier League.

He told "He will do very well. He's a top player who is obviously a Croatian international and he is on his way up in his career. He went from Austria to Scotland and did well in both places. This is another chance for him and I think he will fit in fine.

"He is a very good player. He has got a bit of everything to be honest. He can hold it up, he can link up, he will score goals in the six yard box but he can score spectacular goals as well. He has got a little bit of everything in my opinion. There is not one attribute that stands out but he can score a header, he can score a free-kick, he can score a tap-in – he has got a lot of things in his locker."

Jelavic's record of 36 goals in 55 appearances backs up that assessment. Weir was a teammate of the 26-year-old for the majority of those appearances.

Knowing the Goodison dressing room, Weir expects Jelavic to settle into life on Merseyside quickly.

He continues: "He has got decent English, he is a nice lad with a family and he will fit in within the dressing room. He will be one of the boys, so that isn't a problem.

"It is almost like a preparation for the Premier League having played in Scotland. The Premier League is a better league but I think he has developed an understanding of the British style of football and he can cope with it. I think it has given him a leg up for preparing for England."

Another key attribute for Everton players - for both fans and manager alike - is selflessness and an eagerness to work as part of a collective

Weir is keen to point out that Jelavic's impressive goalscoring ratio does not mean he is a player who is single-minded to the detriment of the wider team.

He added: "He is a good player. He is not a selfish player, he is a team player. He has a bit of everything and isn't purely one of those strikers who is just a finisher. He will come and get involved, set things up as well and help his team. He has got a lot of attributes.

"He is primarily right-footed but he can definitely finish well with his left. He is more than capable of scoring with both feet and his head.

"I think it is great for Everton. Obviously for me, leaving Rangers, I would have liked him to stay at Rangers because he is a big part of the Rangers team but if he was going to go anywhere obviously Everton would have been my first choice and I am delighted for him and the Club. It is a great opportunity for him to play in a great league for a great club. It is a great opportunity for him."

As for Weir, he is continuing his search for a new club whilst training with Sheffield United following his departure from Ibrox last month.

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