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The Global Derby

by Andy Lewis @efc_andylewis

With the Premier League now a major global brand it is only to be expected that a truly worldwide audience should tune in to watch one of its foremost fixtures.

The Merseyside derby is hotly anticipated by all football fans and remains one of the oldest and well-known rivalries the sport has to offer.

Saturday's clash will be the 216th instalment and we asked Blues fans via social networking sites where they'd be watching the action.

Now it is often said Evertonians get everywhere and never has that notion been better borne out.

Among those watching abroad is Scott Tomford, who will be cheering on Everton with his roommate Ryan Scails at the Black Horse Pub in Brooklyn, New York.

The two met through a shared affection for the Blues and now regularly ‘wake the neighbours up screaming at the TV at 9am' when getting up to support David Moyes' team.

"I started supporting Everton after the 2006 World Cup, largely because of Tim Howard, who is a rock for the US national team," said music journalist Scott, 24. "And then I found out they had a more amazing history than I ever could have imagined and that was it."

Across town around 30 or so Toffees will be watching at Mr Dennehy's in Manhattan, while Bluenoses will also be tuning in all over the USA, including the DC Toffees who are mobbing up in good numbers to watch the game.

Other far-flung Evertonians include Sandy Barclay who will be watching aboard a drillship in Malaysia and Ronnie Serridge, who will be ‘giving it loads' in the bar of the Intercontinental Hotel in Muscat, Oman.

Meanwhile, George Roberts will be leading the Blue support in Gio's Bar in Lima, Peru.

Another man watching it in a bar is Matt Slade. He and his friends will be at a sports bar in Krakow, Poland, ‘because his mate selfishly arranged his birthday trip for derby weekend'.

He should spare a thought for Frank Janknegt, who will be mining gold in Northern Canada and purely reliant on Facebook for nuggets of information. We'll try and oblige Frank!

Carol Evans and her Liverpool fan husband will be watching in Nairobi, Kenya, while many other African Blues will also be hoping for success. That includes Amjata Bayoh, who is heading to his local cinema in Freetown, Sierra Leone, to watch the game.

So many other supporters have contacted us via Facebook and Twitter to offer their encouragement including, and in no particular order, fans from: Turkey, Cambodia, Holland, Czech Republic, Vietnam, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Sweden, New Zealand, Thailand, Cyprus, Denmark, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Russia, India, Iceland, Indonesia, Finland, Slovakia, Portugal, Norway, Malaysia, Serbia, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Latvia and Hong Kong.

Last but certainly not least are our hordes of Aussie fans - many of whom have said they are first taking in the AFL Grand Final before staying up to cheer on Tim Cahill and the boys.


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