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by Andy Lewis @efc_andylewis

The latest fans' forum was held at Goodison Park on September 15.

Chaired by Graeme Sharp and attended by several key Club officials, supporters took the opportunity to discuss a variety of matters.

Below are detailed notes of what was raised.



1.         Review of action points


ACTION - Commercial team to investigate rewards for frequent away travellers including discounted coach travel.


RESPONSE - To reward the loyalty and dedication shown by a large group of supporters who regularly attend away fixtures, the Club has looked at several ways to minimise travel costs. The coaches which are provided generate little or no revenue for the Club so subsidising these further would be difficult but we can look to renegotiate the rental terms with the coach companies to ensure travelling Evertonians are getting the best value for money.


2.         Club Communication


Forum asked what the policy on Club Communication was over the past few weeks. The Club responded that it felt the way in which the media was handled was appropriate given the circumstances. The Club felt that it was important to respond to some of the discussion points that had been raised through the media, however, it stated that responding to every report was neither practical nor sensible.

The Club aims to continue to promote a positive vibe amongst the fanbase and a considerable amount of correspondence has been received, both by the Club and members of the Forum directly, offering support to the officials of the Club. Forum felt that the focus should remain on communicating proactive and positive messages to the fanbase.


3.         Away Travel Support


Working group met to discuss text message facility, the most effective ways to avoid negative and disruptive behaviour at away matches, and misuse of concessionary tickets. It was outlined that it is a minority of away supporters who behave in an unacceptable way. Everton Football Club staff and Merseyside Police do not have jurisdiction at away grounds but Head of Stadium Security will contact his opposite number to warn about the behaviour of certain fans and the misuse of tickets. An automated text message during home matches will be sent back to respondents to confirm that the text message is anonymous. This facility cannot be used at away matches. The working party will meet three times during the season and members will be rotated.


ACTION - Meeting dates to be forwarded to Ray Foy.


4.         Club 5 priorities


Forum to gain feedback from the wider fanbase and report back at future meetings on the following issues:




Payment Plans


On Sale dates

Evertonia (ticket priority)


Sales Channels




Channels of communication including publications

Messages communicated




Everton in the Community



Activity and events




Enhancing the Everton Experience


Traffic Issues

In stadium food and beverage

Branding inside and outside stadium

Matchday entertainment

Customer service from the Club and Club Partners


Growing the Fanbase


Everton Membership scheme

Junior Blues

Everton events

Data Collection


ACTION -  A summary of the presentation and points to be discussed at the next meeting to be sent by 23rd September. Forum to prepare feedback.



5.         New Members


The selection process for new members was started by existing members. Selected applicants will be invited to the October meeting and briefed about the Forum and its mission.


Original members will remain until December to help integrate the new members.





Forum discussed Kitbag and suggested that advertising which featured Everton was not as prevalent as with other football clubs.

ACTION - Issue to be raised with Kitbag and reported back to Forum.


Forum discussed 188Bet incentive to receive a replica Everton shirt in season ticket brochure. There have been issues encountered in receiving the shirt and 188Bet website states that the offer is now closed.


ACTION - Issue to be raised with 188Bet and reported back to Forum.


Forum questioned why there were issues with season tickets at the first game of the season. It was confirmed that there were a small but nevertheless increased number of problems encountered and this was a rogue ticket issue.


Forum discussed the Clubs' policy on age groups.


ACTION - Policy in-situ is established but will review again to determine whether still appropriate or could be improved upon.

ACTION - Fan centre to advise whether this is a turnstile, ticket, ongoing or one-off issue.


Forum raised issues encountered by regular away travellers joining a Supporters' Club and whether the Supporters' Club is affiliated.


ACTION -  Marketing team to check that information is up to date on the website.

ACTION -  Forum to advise which Supporters Clubs are not accepting away travellers.


Forum enquired why the Club did not have any 7.45pm kick-off for evening matches. It was confirmed that times were moved to coincide with television requirements. However, the Club appreciates that this decision was taken over ten years ago.


ACTION - Club will consider the possibility and implications of earlier evening kick off.


Next meeting: 13th October 2011

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