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Arsenal (A) Sun 1 Mar 2015, 14:05, Barclays Premier League

by Rob Urbani @efc_roburbani

David Moyes has given his unequivocal backing to chairman Bill Kenwright as he prepares his side for their first fixture of the new Premier League season.

The Blues play host to Queens Park Rangers at Goodison on Saturday and, whilst the manager has not added to his ranks over the summer, he insists he is confident in the squad at his disposal and has defended his and the chairman’s approach to player trading.

He told "We've got a really good chairman who does everything he possibly can to make the Club work and I hope that the supporters think they have a manager who is trying to make the Club better.

"The chairman has been saying 'sorry we don't have anything unless we trade' - and probably most of that money will go back to the banks, so let's not kid ourselves on.

"The chairman needs support and help and he certainly gets my backing because he's a great chairman. I can tell you loads of managers who are not enjoying working for their chairman in the Premier League.

"I do enjoy working for my chairman because he's a supporter, he's got the club at heart and he's desperate for me and the team to do well."

He added: “Look at the progress Everton has made, look where the Club has come from in the last 10 years and look at the players that are on the pitch for Everton.

"I brought all the players here, I've got a responsibility to them, they are a really good group of players - their attitude, the way they go about their job. The one thing Everton will be is competitive in the Premier League."

There has been a growing spotlight on Everton in recent weeks because the Club has drafted in no new faces over the summer. But Moyes insists the financial situation on transfers is no different than at any stage during his tenure.

He continues: "We've always had to trade and I don't think that's any different from what I've had before.

"We get really well supported by our bank (Barclays). I know the top people there and they are good people. Yes it's difficult at times but we get on with it.

" I've got a brilliant group of players, a really good team and if we could add to it we'd like to do so but so does every manager.
"Not every manager is lucky enough to have millions, I'm one of the managers who is not so I'll work and prepare the players and I know exactly what I'm going to get.

"A few years ago we had to trade James McFadden and Andy Johnson, then Joleon went and we were able to bring players in so it's no different.

"Not everyone is going to be gifted with loads of money to spend and you have to be able to work without it. I think we do our best with what we've got.

"We're in this situation and we have to move on with it. Everton is a great club well supported and I would expect those supporters to do the same."

The manager was also keen to stress that the buying and selling of players at the Club rests with him - and his focus has been on keeping hold of the top players in his squad.

He continues: "As far as I'm concerned none of those players go unless David Moyes says so.

“We're not going to become a selling club. I'm not here to do that, I'm here to build a good team. I'm not in the business of coming into football management to sell my best players, I won't do that. But if I get an offer which is right I will and I'll never let Everton get into trouble.

"But at the moment no-one has made an offer that would come close to making me think about it (selling players). You only need to look at so many clubs throughout the country who have continuously changed their manager and in some cases changed their chairman nearly as often and they don't necessarily do any better.

"There's a few clubs over the years that have put themselves in real trouble by either the wrong owners coming in or a chairman getting rid of their managers when it was wrong to do so.

"We've got a stability and you mustn't take that for us getting stale and not trying to move on because there's nobody more determined or ambitious than myself to make it better."

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