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Neville Conquers Cyberspace!

by Andy Lewis @efc_andylewis

Everton skipper Phil Neville yesterday became an unwitting internet phenomenon as he emerged as one of the hottest trends worldwide on social networking site Twitter.

Sat at home watching Tottenham’s Gareth Bale destroy Inter Milan and Brazil right-back Maicon on Tuesday – and probably feeling quite pleased with his own recent display against the electric Bale – the Blues defender was no doubt blissfully unaware of the storm brewing in cyberspace.

With tweets raining in to praise Welsh wonderkid Bale, Evertonians – and football fans in general – waded in to point out how the 33-year-old Neville had succeeded where the hapless Brazilian had failed.

The result was a comic frenzy with users attempting to out-quip each other with Neville being portrayed as a superhero following his shackling of the Spurs winger.

The former England man became the hottest topic in the UK before trending worldwide, leaving bemused internet users across the globe asking: ‘Who is this Phil Neville!?’

Even Landon Donovan cottoned on to the surge of interest in his former teammate, tweeting:  ‘Phil Neville is trending?!? What has this world come to?!?!?!?’

Log on to Twitter to follow Phil’s conquering of cyberspace, and make sure you follow @youreverton for updates all day every day from Goodison Park.

Below are some of the more amusing Phil Neville tweets.

EFC_Tanuki: ‘The Queen sings God Save Phil Neville.’

ste butler: ‘Death once had a near Phil Neville experience.’

SenorDawes: ‘Phil Neville doesn't mow his lawn, he dares his grass to grow.’

Najem66: ‘Some people say magicians could walk on water, but Phil Neville could swim through land.’

JoeWager: ‘If Phil Neville was from Sparta, '300' would just be called '1'.’

Craigtoptoffee: ‘If Phil Neville had been on the Titanic he would have melted the iceberg with his stare!!!’

Jonahblues: ‘Phil Neville doesn't wear a watch. He decides what time it is.’

Stuney86: ‘Phil Neville & Superman had a fight, the loser had to wear their pants over their trousers.’

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