Awards: As They Happened

by Adam Clark

23: 59: Pienaar takes to the stage to a standing ovation to receive his award. The South African has hit seven goals in what has been an incredible third campaign with the Club. With Mikel Arteta out of the side for such a long spell, it was he more than anybody who took over the creative mantle and, for that reason, you, the users of, have vote him your winner.

23:58: Not sure how you knew Johnny, but you're right. A lot of you have been saying it all night. Steven Pienaar is Everton's Player of the Season.

[FB] Johnny Callender: Pienaar won it! [/FB]

23:56: Four minutes to midnight. And it's time for the big one, the final award of the evening. The Everton Player of the Season for the 2009/10 campaign is...

23:54: There's a twist. Mr Kenrwright wants the award to be shared between the two Tims. Tim Cahill, too, is a winner of the Chairman's Blueblood Award.

23:53: A fitting award for our goalkeeper there... Oh, hang on...

23:52: Tim Howard!

23:49: Just two awards left and the penultimate one is a new one for this year - The Chairman's Blueblood Award. The accolade is to be presented by Bill Kenwright himself and as he has just explained it will go each season to the person he feels has best embodied the spirit of what it is to be an Everton player. And the first ever winner is...

[FB] James Hewitt: Steven Pienaar has to be the Player of the Season. He has had his best season yet in an Everton shirt. My shirt bears his name! It has to be Pienaar.[/FB]

23:45: Diniyar Bilyaletdinov: "It was a surprise for me. I haven't scored a lot of great goals, so it was a surprise. I hope it's not my last against Manchester United and I hope to score more goals next season."

23:43: A great end to his first season at the Club, the Goal of the Season gong goes to Diniyar Bilyaletdinov for his stunning strike in the 3-1 win over Manchester United.

23:38: No rest for the wicked but I promise we'll bring you more reaction to these winners as soon as we can. Graeme Sharp is now on stage and that can only mean the Goal of the Season has been decided. Will it be Pienaar, Bily or will Jack be returning to the stage for a third time?

23:37: Jack Rodwell!

The awards are coming thick and fast now so forgive me for being hasty. David Moyes is up on stage with the envelope containing the Young Player of the Year. And the name within is...

23:34: There won't be too many disagreeing with this one. His form down Everton's left has been nothing short of spectacular and don't take my word for it - Fabio Capello thinks so too. And clearly so do his team-mates. Leighton Baines is the Players' Player of the Season.

23:33: Sorry people, had a few technical problems for a moment there. Thankfully, we've not missed too much. In fact, we're back just in time for the Players' Player of the Season. And the man voted the best of the bunch by his own peers, the stalwart the side couldn't have been without is...

[FB] Dasha Roganova: Well, no man is irreplaceable but for Leighton this season. For me, it's the main reason why he should be the winner.[/FB]

Adam Davies: "I've never been to anything like this before so to come away with an award is great. I feel I've had a good season and obviously it helps being able to pick up tips from Tim."

23:25: Shane Duffy!

23:22: Next up, it's the Reserve Player of the Season. Again there are a few deserving contenders here. But the winner is...

23:20: Hot on the heels of the youth award is the Special Recognition Award. And it's an apt fit. The silver salver goes to Keith Tamlin for his services to Everton's Academy.

23:18: Time for more silverware to be handed out and it's the Academy Player of the Season. You may have seen that the Under-18s' hopes of league glory came to an end today but Neil Dewsnip's side have pushed Manchester United all the way this campaign and deserve a huge pat on the back. Thanks to his 12 clean sheets, goalkeeper Adam Davies takes the accolade.

23:15: I think the vote for Mikael Madar may have been a joke.

23:13: Okay, I changed the question on Facebook six minutes ago to: Who do you think will win Player of the Year? We've had nearly 100 replies already and the consensus is... Steven Pienaar. Get involved - Facebook or Twitter.

23:05: There seems to be a lot of love out there for Steven Pienaar and Leighton Baines tonight. I remember this time last year getting quite emotional when Phil Jagielka, crutches and all, climbed on stage to receive the evening's big award. It was the kind of moment that made the hairs on the back of your neck pierce through your collar. But it wasn't a surprise. This year, it really is difficult to even suggest whose name might be in that envelope. I don't know about you, but I'm excited.

[FB] Billy Kelly: Baines for Player of Year and Pienaar for Goal of the Season[/FB]

23:04: Just a few items to go and we'll be straight into the second half of the awards.

22: 57: Please note: No member of the web team has ever had a butler.

22:55: Good spot, Kirsty. There are indeed other search engines available. A former butler of mine set one up but I'm not sure it ever took off.

[TW] sincerelykirsty: Make sure you point out that other search engines are available...[/TW]

22:52: We've still got those Academy and Reserve Player of the Season awards coming up. And then it'll be the Howard Kendall Award and the Players' Player of the Season. It's always a good indicator for the Player of the Year, that one. So who do you think will be taking it home? Facebook or Twitter to let us know.

[FB] Martin Denholm: Time to get off the fence. The winner of Player of the Season will be.... Stevie Pienaar. By a nose over Bainesy. I think his work rate and the way he's stepped up to fill the creative gap in the absence of Arteta clinches it for him. [/FB]

22:44: I'm not really. I should explain here that all the proceeds from this evening's auction are going to Everton's Charity of the Season, Liverpool Unites. So, Eric's doing brilliantly. A patch of Goodison turf has just gone for £2000.

22:42: The web team have had a whip round but we've got little more than loose change. Our bid of £10.73 is eventually beaten. Someone in the room had £5,600. I'm inconsolable.

22:39: And just when you thought it couldn't get any better. The next item is a Brazil shirt signed by Pele and an Argentina shirt signed by Diego Maradona, side by side, in a frame. I want it. I want it bad.

22:35: I've seen some things in my time, but this is up there with the strangest. Eric Knowles (Google him, he's the fella off Antiques Roadshow) is hosting the auction. He's good though. Very good. A signed Andres Iniesta shirt goes for over £1000...

22:31: Jill Scott: "I'm made up that my team-mates voted for me. It was a fantastic achievement for the girls winning the FA Cup and I know we're going to move forward from here."

22:29: ...Jill Scott! On the scoresheet yesterday but an integral part of Mo Marley's side all season long.

22:27: One of the biggest cheers of the evening so far as the Everton Ladies and the FA Women's Cup are welcomed up on stage to highlights of yesterday's dramatic victory over Arsenal. A few croaky voices suggest they may have enjoyed celebrating last night, but who can blame them? The Everton Ladies Player of the Season is...

22:24: Love it, Helen. Thank you very much. Glad you're enjoying it. Remember it's your blog though. Keep those messages coming in and we'll get as many as we can up on here. More predictions would be great. We've got the Ladies, Reserve and Academy awards to coming up.

[FB] Helen Siân Davies: I wish I was there, but, this blog is definitely the greatest blog online right now! So, thank you for that. Baines for Player of the Season! [/FB] 

22:22: Few people can disagree with that choice. Let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter.

22:21: And it's Jack Rodwell!

Next up it's the Shareholders' Young Player of the Year. And it's Leighton Baines on stage to present it...

22:18: The Female Disability Player of the Year Award goes to Danielle Evans. Danielle, 17, has been a stalwart of the Ladies Disability team this season and rightly deserves her huge cheer.

22:16: Not sure, Simon. But it came as a surprise to me too. If I get a chance to sample some, you'll be the first to know!

[FB] Simon Currie: Chang Whiskey? Sounds lovely, is it a single malt?[/FB]

22:13: Jonathan richly deserves this award. He is the star striker for the Everton Foundation's all-conquering blind team and recently racked up an incredible 18 goals in one four-game tournament. Brilliant work.  

22:11: We're a little behind schedule but we've finally arrived at the crunch end of the evening. Goodison greats Derek Temple and Duncan McKenzie are on stage to present the Male Disability Player of the Year to Jonathan Gribbin

22:07: Merchant Taylor's Senior Girls' Choir are on the stage performing 'It's A Grand Old Team' and the whole Cathedral is singing along. Quite a noise in this phenomenal building.

[FB]Pauline Sneade: I bet Big Blue Bill had a tear in his eye when "He ain't heavy, he's my brother" was playing. But a band of brothers they are. Let's hope we can keep them all for next season![/FB]

22:04: I like you Mark. But, unfortunately, there's no food for the web team as yet. There was an incident with some profiteroles and some expensive camera kit last year. That might have something to do with it.

[FB] Mark Jones Wait a minute, did YOU not get to eat the food? You're one of the few people there who is actually working - surely you deserve the meal more than the rest of them. Outrageous![/FB]

22:00: 10 o'clock and the whisky's out. It's a special bottle of Chang's very own version of the spirit and it's being presented as a gift from our main sponsors to manager David Moyes.

21:58: Unfortunately Yasmin, Dan couldn't be here this evening. Perhaps he's following this blog though?

[TW] YasminAtton: Is Dan Gosling there? If so how is he recovering, he has been truly missed on the pitch.[/TW]

21:54: Apologies, in all the excitement I didn't get around to finishing the menu. Pudding, or dessert as it's known when you're wearing a suit, was a choice of chocolate tart, Black Forest gateau, toffee and chocolate pot or Everton mint and toffee ice cream. Oh, and a cheeseboard too. Standard.

[FB] Mark Jones: I started watching football in 1985 when I was five-years old. Even though I'm from Manchester I fell in love with Everton and one of the biggest reasons for that was Trevor Steven. Along with Gary Lineker he was my favourite player for both Everton and England - a total legend and a worthy recipient of his award tonight. Thanks for the memories Trev![/FB]

21:52: A quick release is negotiated and on with the evening we go...

21:51: Perhaps the funniest thing that will happen all night long -
Jack Rodwell and Yakubu are locked in a chapel somewhere in the Cathedral. Rumours abound that Tim Cahill may have something to do with it!

21:48: We've just had a familiar face on the screens here - Landon Donovan has sent over a message especially to be played out on the evening. He says he hopes to come back and visit soon. We hope so too.

Great shout, Simon. We'll get our web boffins on to it and have it available as a wallpaper later this week.

[FB] Simon Currie: Any chance of that picture of the cathedral decked out in Everton colours available to download? It looks awesome.[/FB]

[FB] Tom Jones: Baines for Player of the Season and Rodders for Young Player.[/FB]

21:40: Joseph Yobo and Leighton Baines just popped by our table in between courses and, as expected, the steak was top drawer.  

21:36: Okay, the starter was Fruits de Mer. Sounds posh but I was born bv the sea and even I know that means some form of seafood. I'm not a big fan of the stuff myself but I'm reliably informed it was delicious. The main course was a sure-fire winner - fillet steak. Though I'm not sure exactly what fondant potatoes are? It was served with 'Chang' chutney. Now that sounds interesting.   

21:34: What's that, Chloe wants to hear the menu? She's not the only one actually, so here goes...

[FB] Chloe Delaney: I wonder what the boys are eating? [/FB]

21:30: Fan of the Year James Lyon: "It's a family thing. When I was born in 1973 most of the family were Reds. It's 80/20 Blue now, so we are getting there!"

21:26: And the winner is... James Lyon. James is the chairman of Rice Lane Supporters' Club - no mean feat when you consider he was born into a family of Reds! Well done, James!

21:25: Time for the next award and it's a slight change in the schedule. It's the Fan of the Year and Diniyar Bilyaletdinov and John Heitinga are on stage to present it.

End of Season Awards Image Gallery - Click here

21:20: I'm probably obliged to say at this point that other brands of gravy are available.

[FB] Joanne 'Tim Cahill' Gaskell: Steven Pienaar's goal against Arsenal has got to be Goal of the Season. I was there that day and to see him run half the length of the pitch, under pressure, with the weather conditions as they were - it was just pure class to chip it over Almunia. That goal is sure to be the winner.[/FB]

This year's meal time entertainment is a pianist and a blooming good one he is too. Though I must say, I didn't expect to hear what I can only describe as 'the music from the Bisto advert' at any point this evening. But there you go...

21:15: There's a big discussion over taking place on Facebook and Twitter over the Goal of the Season and Player of the Season. Add your comment now and the best will be posted right here.

[FB] Danny Withinshaw: Young Player for me is Fellaini. It's hard to even think that Fellaini is classified as a Young Player, his maturity in the game is as strong as all other senior players.[/FB]

[TW] judemunkey: Bily for best goal. At the game I sat down just as he hit it as I thought it'd gone straight at Van der Sar. It just swerved so much![/TW]

21:00: The sound of knives and forks is still filling Liverpool Cathedral but we're not far away now from finding out the evening's big winners. We've already mentioned the Goal of the Season and Trevor Steven has already been named the 2010 Everton Giant. The next awards will be the Male and Female Disability Player of the Season and they will be followed by the Shareholders' Young Player of the Season. There will be another 10 gongs handed out after that though, including the big one - the 2009/10 Player of the Season.

[FB] Mark Jones: Best player - Pienaar. Best young player - Fellaini.[/FB]

20:45: Hungry and I've just broken my glasses. Perfect tee up for a joke about a certain linesman, but I shall refrain on this occasion. Anyone who followed our live blog this time last year will know I got quite irrate about the flowery use of language on the menu. Anyway, it sparked quite an in-depth debate among you fans and we all pretty much forgot the Awards were going on. If anyone genuinely wants to hear what Moyes and the boys are eating this year, let me know via Facebook or Twitter. It will mean me going in search of a menu though...

[FB]Steven Cade: Pienaar has been probably the most influencial player this term in the absence of Arteta. Although Fellaini was right up there until he got injured. Baines has been immense for us too. How good is it to be reeling off names of players who really have done well? It gives me massive hope for next year![/FB]

20:42: Okay, that's it for the awards and speechs temporarily as dinner is being served. On that note, I'm pretty hungry... 

20:35: Bill Kenwright concludes his speech by introducing a video tribute to the Everton squad, played to a song he choose personally - He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother by The Hollies. Very fitting indeed.

[TW] Katie619: Bilyaletdinov is the Goal of the Season winner for me. The goalkeeper didn't even move! [/TW]

20:27: Bill Kenwright: "That game against Tottenham Hotspur was the turning point. I believe at 5.55pm that day our season turned around. Tim Howard made the most incredible save, he was courageous and he gave us hope once more. We went on from there and Evertonians saw the type of football we have dreamed of for years."

20:25: Everton chairman Bill Kenwright is on stage. He has thanked David Moyes for his efforts in driving the Club forward and the players for their hard work and commitment over the past few months.

[FB] Carl Nancollas: I think Steven Pienaar for Player of the Season.[/FB]

20:19: A more than worthy winner for our first of the night. Thursday marks the 25th anniversary our 1985 league title triumph so it's fitting it should go to one of Howard Kendall's great side. Unfortunately, Trevor couldn't be with us this evening so another legend of that great side, Graeme Sharp, recieves it on his behalf.

20:17: And the winner is... Trevor Steven.

 Right, we're ready for the first award of the evening - the Everton Giant. This award is given each year to a legend from the Club's illustrious past. Joining the likes of Dixie Dean, Alan Ball and Howard Kendall on this prestigious Roll of Honour is...


20:06: Three stunning but quite different goals to choose from there. Who do you think will end up taking the prize? Let us know via Facebook or Twitter and your comment may be published right here.

20:04: Another big award tonight will be the Goal of the Season. You have been voting from our shortlist of 10 for the past few weeks and the top three will be put to a text vote here at the Cathedral this evening. The three contenders are Steven Pienaar's cheeky chip at Arsenal, Diniyar Bilyaletdinov's equaliser against Manchester United and Jack Rodwell's thunderbolt against Sigma Olomouc.

20:00: Everybody is in, the David Moyes and his first-team players have been welcomed to rapturous applause. We must mention the Everton Ladies who are here with us this evening following their FA Cup triumph yesterday. The Ladies Player of the Year will be just one of the accolades handed out this evening.

19:55: Our host for the evening, Steve Rider, has just taken to the stage. David Moyes and his men are shortly to be welcomed to the event.

19.44: We've just returned from the mixed zone where the hot topic has been Everton Ladies' FA Women's Cup victory yesterday. Victor Anichebe was very complimentary of Natasha Dowie's winning goal while Steven Pienaar said he watched it and home and shouted at the television cheering the Blues on! More from the mixed zone coming shortly...

19:31: We will do if we catch up with him for a chat!

[FB]Liam Smith Ask Tim Howard, whether he thinks his penalty save against spurs at home was the turning point in our fortunes turning around.[/FB]

19:25: Marouane Fellaini has just spoken to evertontv about his injury, look out for that tomorrow!

19:22: The bulk of the squad are here now, as well as legends Ian Snodin and Graeme Sharp.

19:15: A few more players arriving and mingling with the fans outside the cathedral. Just spotted Duncan McKenzie checking out the main room.

18:55: First player in and it's Carlo Nash. Not too long now before proceedings get underway.

18:42: The last few finishing touches are being put to the fabulous-looking Liverpool Cathedral.

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