Transfers &Amp; Kirkby Not Linked

by Matthew Gamble

Everton have rejected suggestions that their transfer policy is affected by the Kirkby Project.

It had been suggested in some quarters that David Moyes' transfer fund would be dependent on whether or not plans for a new stadium in Kirkby were called-in for inquiry by the Government.

But the Toffees have declared that this is simply not the case.

"This is completely untrue," said Ian Ross, Head of Public Relations & External Affairs at Everton.

"These are absolutely separate issues. They always have been and they always will be.

"The Government's decision (on the Kirkby project) won't have any impact on the manager's transfer budget."

On Monday, the Government Office for the North West requested additional time to consider the proposal.

A decision had been expected this week.

1 July 2008

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