That Goal 20 Years On

Today marks the 20th Anniversary of Graeme Sharp's thunderbolt winner against Liverpool at Anfield.

That goal, in front of 45,545, set the Blues up for their most successful season to date and has gone down in Goodison folklaw as one of the best-ever.

But Sharpy, the modest man he is, admits he is surprised that people are still talking about it two decades later.

"I didn't really think that 20 years after I scored it people would still be talking about that goal," he told

"I think because it was a spectacular goal and because it was the only goal of the game that's why it is remembered. Everybody knows it was the first time we'd won over there for 13-years or so and it was the year when we went on to win the Championship, so there's a lot of things attached to the goal. It's great to be remembered for the goal but hopefully I'll be remembered for a few other things as well."

Graeme Sharp scores THAT goal

Sharp remembers the goal like it was yesterday and admits that Howard Kendall's training regime the week before the match paid dividends on the day.

"At that time the footballs that we used were Adidas Tangos," he said. "I remember that Liverpool were one of the first clubs to use them. At Goodison we didn't use them, I think we were using Mitre but when we knew we were playing Liverpool Howard got a sack of Adidas Tango balls so we could train with them and get used to the ball the week prior to the fixture.

"They were a little bit lighter than the Mitre balls and we always knew that if you hit them well they did move in the air. We knew if we got shots on target then it would be difficult for the goalkeeper.

"It was just a long hopeful ball from Gary Stevens that I managed to control with my left foot. I was never going to beat Mark Lawrenson for pace so it was a race between myself and Mark I managed to get one side of him, control it with my left foot and the ball just sat up invitingly. It was one of those things when I thought 'why not?' I knew that if I connected well with the ball and got it on target it would have a chance. Bruce was off his line, I managed to connect properly with it and it sailed over his head and into the corner."

You can download the video screensaver of THAT goal by clicking here.

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