Wright Wait

David Moyes was today waiting to discover whether the World's leading knee specialist can find the exact problem that has plagued Richard Wright's season.

The Blues goalkeeper has been in London having a consultation with Dr Richard Steadman in an attempt to find out why he is in such discomfort when he kicks the ball.

Numerous scans have so far failed to indicate the root of Wright's problem and the Blues' medical team will wait for the latest diagnosis before deciding on the next course of action.

"He has had every form of scan imaginable, including one which is taken while he is actually in the act of kicking a ball - which is when he feels the pain," said boss David Moyes.

"Nothing has shown up so far, and there is a possibility that he may just have to try and play on with the pain.

"Obviously, we want to avoid that, which is why he visited Richard Steadman today. We will see what he has to say and then take things from there."

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