Unsy Focused On Staying

David Unsworth is confident that his contractual situation can be sorted out before the end of the season - though his primary focus at present is returning to the first team.

The 30-year-old Blues defender has been the subject of widespread speculation suggesting his Everton career was drawing to a close after he rejected the offer of a new one-year contract.

But Unsy wants to continue at the club where he has spent all but one season of his career and believes that an agreement can ulitimately be reached between the interested parties.

However, he is putting all contract talk on hold for the time being as he bids to return to the first team squad following a three-game absence.

He exclsuively told evertonfc.com: "I'm confident that everything can be sorted to everyone's satisfaction without a shadow of a doubt, but the biggest thing to me is getting back in the first team.

"The only way that I can make the situation change is by getting back into the side and playing football well. It's the only thing I can do and it's the only thing I will do."

Unsworth has made over 250 Premiership appearances for the Blues since his debut against Tottenham in 1992 and intends on making more over the next few years if given the chance.

He wants to extend his stay at the club he joined as a schoolboy by at least another couple of years and that is the sole reason he rejected the new contract - not because he was asked to take a cut in wages.

Unsy added: "The situation is very simple. The club offered me one year deal and having just turning 30 I turned that down. The issue has never been about the pay-cut.

"I thought that maybe there could be a chance of another couple of years hopefully if I get back in the team and play well and that's how it stands at the moment.

"I want to reiterate the fact that not at one point was there ever any major discussions about the financial aspects of it. The only issue here for me, as always having played for Everton, is that I want to stay as long as I could.

"I've been offered a year and at the moment we've declined that and that's the way it stays. I continue to do what I'm doing, which is try and get my place back and train as hard as I can and work a bit harder to try and get that opportunity again."

The club have already insisted that there will be no further offer to Unsworth and despite that the Blues' record penalty scorer admits he has still not even contemplated saying a final goodbye to Goodison.

"Never at one point have I thought about moving on," he said. "These things, 99% of the time, are out of your hands. I left the club once before I knew very little about it, these things happen very quickly - it certainly did for me.

"There is always talk of leaving the club or going somewhere else and at the end of the day you've got to decide. But when a club says they don't want you or they want to sell you, that picture is very black and white.

"You don't want to stay where you're not wanted. That happened to me once before and I was given the opportunity to come back here again which I grabbed and never at one point did I ever think that I'd come back and leave again."

He continued: "The only way I can answer anything now is to answer it on the football pitch and I'd like to think that hopefully another opportunity will come my way to get back into the team and I can take it and then we can see where that takes me.

"We're all adults, there's no bickering, no animosity, I speak to the gaffer everyday, there's no problem there and I will continue to give my best for Everton Football Club."

Moyes echoed Unsy's sentiments by adding: "David's turned down an offer of an extension to his contract which he's entitled to do so we've no problems and we'll continue using Unsy as we have been doing throughout the season."

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