Scot Driven By Rumour

Scot Gemmill's desire to succeed for Everton next season is being driven by David Moyes' continued search for midfield reinforcements.

With just over two weeks until the Premiership curtain raiser, the Blues star, like Evertonians everywhere, continues to wonder whether or not there will be any new faces at the club before the start of the season.

Speculation is rife in the newspapers everyday linking another name with Moyes and for many that could have an unsettling effect as the pre-season preparations begin to gather real pace.

Gemmill doesn't feel unsettled as such, though he does admit to taking things personally even though he knows new arrivals will ultimately benefit the team.

"I can only speak for myself and being unsettled is probably not the right word, but it is certainly not nice to read a club is trying to fill your position," he told

"I can't help but take that personally, though in a way it should drive you on to try and do better."

Gemmill made 12 starts for the Blues last term due mainly to the strong competition for places that has emerged under Moyes and his coaching staff.

Without the addition of new players he still faces an immense struggle to be picked week in, week out and knows only he can affect any decision the manager may make.

"I knew before I signed for Everton it would be tough to play on a regular basis," he added.

"You can't expect to go to a big club with a strong tradition and not have that sort of competition.

"It is only the players who suffer, everybody else benefits, the club, the supporters and hopefully in the end the team.

"I think all you can ask for is a level playing field. The manager seems to be honest with everybody and picks his team fairly.

"It is basically up to the individual to see what you can do to try and get into the team."

After last year's massively improved campaign Gemmill is chomping at the bit to be back involved and is concentrating on being part of a side that can move on to the next level.

"The season is only a couple of weeks away and everyone is starting to feel excited," Gemmill continued.

"I only played a dozen games last year but it's a fresh start and I am determined to get into the team.

"I think everybody knows the expectation levels have gone up since doing very well last year.

"We wouldn't be being fair to ourselves if we didn't raise the bar this time around.

"Last year we tentatively spoke about Europe, this time it's a real possibility."

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