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David Moyes press conference

Watch today's press conference in full as Moyes discusses his time at Everton and

Andrew KleinWhat's he asked at 23:30? To which his answer is "I have to be honest and say no"? I couldn't hear the question.

Saturday 11th May 14:10 Report Comment

adam williamsimwt!!! goodbye and thankyou!

Saturday 11th May 14:02 Report Comment

Gary LewisThanks Moysie I too will be watching your future career with interest and sincerest best wishes. Forever a Blue legend and welcome at goodison whatever.

Saturday 11th May 13:57 Report Comment

Shane HollandYou Sir, are a remarkable human being and an inspiration to us all.

Saturday 11th May 06:12 Report Comment

Richard PorterYou can walk through the front Door at Everton anytime and if I see you in the street I'll give you a big hug If you don't mind go well David we will miss you

Saturday 11th May 04:16 Report Comment

john leeit have been a pleasure to have had a man like moysie . he has given me as evertonian the hope and dreams of everton football club

Saturday 11th May 02:09 Report Comment

Simon ReedKeep sending us those Man Utd rejects!

Saturday 11th May 02:06 Report Comment

Dan Sandersonwhat about Hiddink

Saturday 11th May 01:26 Report Comment

Jeanette MartinThank you David Moyes you are a legend. x

Friday 10th May 21:37 Report Comment

susan pattersonSad day for Everton to see David Moyes go. I do hope some day he comes back to us. We wish you well I just wish that it was not Man United

Friday 10th May 21:18 Report Comment

True legend! It feels like my girlfriend has left me and no one will be good enough to fill the void. Life goes on and so will EFC. COYB

Friday 10th May 21:04 Report Comment


Friday 10th May 21:02 Report Comment

Paul AylingA great Man and a fatastic manager, gutted he is leaving but lets hope we can continue what he started with the squad of players

Friday 10th May 20:37 Report Comment

roy jonesAll the best David. I'll be following the remainder of your career with interest,

Friday 10th May 19:41 Report Comment

John ParkerThanks, Moysie ! And may the West Ham game tomorrow be your last ever victory at Goodison (unless you come back some day).

Friday 10th May 19:29 Report Comment

Chris Hurford-GreenSad too see him leave. He's done a great job and should go with ever Evertonians blessing. Lets hope BK finds a suitable replacement.

Friday 10th May 19:03 Report Comment

Fred SmythThanks for the memories and good luck with your future, although when you do come back next season do us a favour and 'rest ' a few player's eh ;)

Friday 10th May 18:48 Report Comment

Peter SwansonGet big slavin bilic in next bill....

Friday 10th May 18:47 Report Comment

Fred SmythThanks for the memories and good luck with the future, although when you do come back do us a favour and ' rest ' a few player's ;)

Friday 10th May 18:38 Report Comment

wayne gilliveryou are a diamond geezer, im happy for you and your career move. you will be missed, a excellent manager leaving us, who hasnt been sacked... not many can say that these days..

Friday 10th May 18:28 Report Comment

james arnoldThanks for everything you have done for our great club. You have made it a real pleasure to watch Everton over the last few years

Friday 10th May 18:19 Report Comment

Todd CarrollAll The Best David

Friday 10th May 18:04 Report Comment

lynne byrnegood luck for the future david, you spoke from the heart, your interview made me cry xx

Friday 10th May 17:50 Report Comment

roy kellythanks moysey, top man, BIG DUNC, NEXT MANAGER

Friday 10th May 17:45 Report Comment

mitch moodyoh i love him. sad to see him go. thanks davey. love ya work mate

Friday 10th May 17:44 Report Comment

Paul WildeIf this club means so much to you, Keep your hands off our players,

Friday 10th May 17:42 Report Comment

Thanks Moysie! 11 years of stability is what we needed. Now COYB onwards and upwards.

Friday 10th May 17:21 Report Comment


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