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Robert Elstone Blog

Robert Elstone, 15th July 2011 - 15:20

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A few Evertonians continue to bombard local and national media imploring them to ‘expose the inadequacies and errors of the Board and management of the Club'. Confident that the claims have no foundation; confident that from ‘top to bottom' everyone in the Club is working hard and pulling in the right direction; confident that despite the loudness of those shouting it's not a majority view, we have kept our counsel and got on with our jobs.

Despite the ‘kitchen sink' being thrown into the criticisms, claims beefed up by errors and speculation, the central issue is transfer activity and allied to that, where does all the money go?  The latter is easy to answer.  It goes to Finch Farm; as simple as that. It goes on youth development.  It goes on scouting, medical and coaching.  It goes on players.  For the past decade, the Club has bought and invested all it has had available, and sometimes more, on the first team squad. And it's there to see.  On the back of the programme for next month's Tottenham game will be an expensively assembled squad of players earning a wage bill that's hard to fund.

As for this summer, the squeeze on money is harder than ever.  Something we've been saying for a long time. Despite that, there isn't a day that goes by without the Manager and Chairman discussing players coming and yes, players going. At the same time, there isn't a day that goes by without discussions of how we can sell more season tickets, do new sponsorship deals or get better terms, or loan more money from our bank.  Everybody is ‘flat to the floor' looking for improvements, looking for money, looking for players.

Three areas of criticism hurt most because they're not true - a lack of strategy, no communication and poor commercial performance

All of these have been addressed by me in the past, but for the record, I'll go again.

We have a singular objective and that's to win football matches at the highest level possible.  We have a Chairman who as much as any Chairman in the Premier League pursues that objective.  A Chairman who is at the heart of everything I described above and yet takes no remuneration in any shape or form from the Club. Our strategy to achieve this goal is on three levels - firstly, an ongoing and prioritised search for new investment and a new stadium and we are active on both of these challenging fronts; secondly to out-perform our rivals developing, and buying and selling players - a strategy supported by this Board's investment in Finch Farm and the high-quality individuals working alongside the Manager; and, thirdly - a focus on profitability and growth and I've outlined in the past how we are working on four complementary initiatives designed to serve our fans better, grow the fan base, and its loyalty, and ultimately fill Goodison.

We communicate with our fans every single day of every single week.  Last night, senior managers attended our Fans Forum - a representative group of fans with a free agenda to raise and discuss whatever they want.  I can reel off again, Supporters' Club visits, meetings with the shareholders' association, meetings with individual fans, an award winning website, and award winning Community scheme that talks to Evertonians in schools and in workplaces on a daily basis and much, much more.  As for what's left? Should I or the Chairman meet fans whose top priority is to see him out of office and me out of a job? Likewise, should we answer those questions that appear on all the lists of those lobbying the press so strongly - how much is the Club up for sale for? Have we made an offer for player x? How much did we turn down for player y? We think not.

And commercial weakness? When I joined six years ago, we had a retail operation losing £500,000 per season and a main sponsor deal with Chang earning the Club around £1m per season.  We had a relatively modest ‘family' of second-tier partners.  Rolling forward to 2011/12, we are entering into year three of a ten year detail with Kitbag that has transformed a loss of £500,000 into £30m+ of profit over a ten year period, we will move into the eighth year of our Chang partnership valued at around £10m over the next three year term, and have secured lucrative deals on betting, travel partner, our credit card and others, without forgetting to mention last summer's £1m trip to Australia.  And a small point of detail, almost every other Club records retail turnover in its income line.  Everton doesn't, it records the guaranteed profit from Kitbag.  Our £80m turnover would be higher if we mirrored the rest of the Premier League (likewise, our wage turnover ratio would be better).

As for the only other commercial area we control - matchdays - attendances have hovered between 36,000 and 37,000 which means all seats other than restricted views are sold. And we have managed to increase prices modestly but sensibly over recent years.  Of course, we need to sell-out more regularly.  Likewise we need to increase that average attendance.  Our corporate numbers can also be improved.  Something like 9% of our corporate capacity goes unsold and again, we need to work harder and better.  We're acutely aware that 2,000 empty seats, 19 times a season equates to almost £1m - the value of only two live Sky games, but value we need to chase and secure.

Overall, marks out of ten? I'm not sure. I do know it's improved, it's improving, but it is always tasked to bring in more and bring it in quicker.  What I also know is so much of that success is based on relationships.  Chang wouldn't be with us for 10 years if we weren't delivering for them.  Kitbag wouldn't offer us that deal if they didn't believe in the Club and the people at the Club. I hate to blow our trumpet but others do it for us. People like us; people rate us; people appreciate what we're doing. Hand on heart, I bump into more people saying keep up the good work than ‘there's the door'.

The lasting message? There's a lot of hard work behind the scenes, not being played out in public.  The focus of all that hard work is the first team squad. And, whilst we are not blessed with a transfer ‘war chest' and we're acutely aware as custodians the long-term security of the Club is paramount, there is no lack of ambition nor endeavour anywhere in the Club.

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Mike BakerGreat blog, great job, Robert. As you say, please keep up the good work!

Thursday 21st July 13:54 Report Comment

thomas ainsworthThe club seems to be run on it's own financial turnover.Have the board ever thought of throwing some of their own cash into the club?WE do,every season.

Monday 18th July 20:24 Report Comment

Andre Elsheard it all before ..... surely with all the "hard work behind the scenes" we should have seen some results by now?

Monday 18th July 06:52 Report Comment

Allan HainesRobert,dont the board realise they have created more questions than answers. Why after 11 years of looking for investment 24/7, 2 failed ground moves, the embarassment of Fortress Sports fund and the NTL fiasco the chairman, who is supposed to be a true blue, doesnt appoint someone else to do what he has spectacularly failed to do is beyond me. If he is not capable of ruuning the club in line with NSNO then appoint someone who can. I have a motto in my business that "There are no excuses". Failure is not an option. So please stop the patronising and arrogance and listen. You never know you might learn something.

Monday 18th July 02:28 Report Comment

JOHN ROBERTSThey say love is BLIND! judging by the few comments on here it must be true!! Mr Elstone every year says get your season ticket early to help the manager with funds new players to improve the squad!! and its get earlier n earlier each season for re newals wonder why!!?? they made us a joke e.g. Everton interested in N'zogbia but no offer!!?? whats that all about??? P.R?? THE SILENCE from BILL is deafening!!?? were are you BILL? still in Turkey negoiating yobo s transfer??

Monday 18th July 02:04 Report Comment

Michael BeaverHaving read the comments posted I suspect thatbonlybthenpositive posts in support of the clubs board are being allowed. As such I expect this postbto be deleted. There is no excuse for the failure of this board to supply any fundsvto the manager for 3 summer transfer windows. No prospect of any signings this summer, same last summer bar a couple of youngsters for nominal fees. And two summers ago yes we spent, but only the money that came in from the lescott sale. We are not greedy supporters, we understand that money is tight. We do not expect the club to waste 100 m like that lot across the park. However some sort of transfer pot should be provided by the board -that is their responsibility and they are failing dramatically. I'm afraid Robert, your response smacks of total contempt for the supporters.

Sunday 17th July 10:31 Report Comment

simon Jacksonim sorry but we are only going were the manager takes us, this has nothing to do with the board, we have been lucky with a great manger who has had little money over the years, but has got the best out of players from lower leagues or players that didnt preform else were, we need a owner with money, dosent have to be a billionaire just one with money for the odd player, instead of watching all the good players going else were

Saturday 16th July 22:41 Report Comment

callum lapsleyFeed the Yak and he will get FAT!! Great squad, great manager,great captain,cannot wait for the season to start with a fit squad,If we bring in one quality forward and winger it could bring us top 4!IMWT

Saturday 16th July 20:57 Report Comment

Robert SabinaszPeople, you need to realise you are only thinking short term. We could be in trouble in the long term, I congratulate and thank Kenwright and Elstone for the job they have done, but we are seriously in trouble in the long term (4-5yrs), our debt is rising, our wage bill is very high, our stadium is still a major problem, and something needs to be done, it seems like the current board are taking it day by day, fact is, we need to focus on the long term as well, we need a plan heading into the future, and I for one would like to hear what Kenwright and/or Elstone have to say about it.

Saturday 16th July 17:18 Report Comment

Scott MckennaThe fact that comments have been DELETED from those who are genuinely concerned by what is happening completely destroys any credibility this article has. So much for open communication transparency with the fans! The reason I havent renewed this season is becuase there has been no net spend for years. This is not good enough. Being outspent by Wolves, Stoke, Bolton, Blackburn and even teams in the Championship. If the board actually show a bit of intent then you might see some of those previous season ticket holders (like myself) renewing again

Saturday 16th July 13:15 Report Comment

Callum ShawIm just tired of the same old same old. Player comes back from a long injury 'new signing' we have a small squad and need to bulk up. If a few key players are out we seem to fall to pieces. Yes we have a strong first team and some exciting youngsters but this doesn't get European football. Look at the teams that finished above us. Strength in depth. Yes we all know we dont have a big pot of money but having a bench full of players renowned for playing in the reserves isnt the way to run a club. Lets see if we can go toe to toe with a club VERY similar to ours and try get N'zogbia. I think i could put money on us not signing him and the transfer money we would have offered will vanish into thin air. COYB

Saturday 16th July 13:12 Report Comment

John RafteryWell said Robert. Everton Football Club is in good hands and it is high time the negative minority ranting on websites and the dreadful radio phone-ins got behind the club or move on. Spending money we have not got or cannot afford to pay back in the future is the road to ruin. I recall there was an abundance of transfer activity during the 1990s and where did it get us? One FA Cup and a series of relegation battles. Is that what we want? I don't think so.

Saturday 16th July 12:41 Report Comment

carl turnerSorry Rob I`m with the discontented half of the fans....Why is Tesco still going to Kirkby and were not? The Kirkby side of the appeal was against Tesco full stop not Everton moving there?

Saturday 16th July 12:33 Report Comment

robert mcgolpinWhy are peoples comments and questions being removed by the club, im guessing only people who show support to this blog can post comments.... The Peoples Club.. Ha, for the people who point to the times before Kenwright that is no excuse for the shambles that has followed, yes he took us from hard times but that is not a free excusable pass for 11 years. Evertonians have had to put up with mediocrity for far too long just because the last board were worse does not mean that this one is amazing. We want to know what the plan is for the future not where the money is going, we want to know how we plan on movingtheclub forward with a number of players now hitting 30 representing no resale value and will need replacing in the coming years, what is the plan? Or do we not have one and just keep our fingers crossed someone buys us

Saturday 16th July 12:27 Report Comment

Ronjit MukherjeeSome fair points there. But the fact that no reason is given for not publicizing the clubs sale price (other than "I think not") is a shame.

Saturday 16th July 12:20 Report Comment

Linda HillUnsold restricted view seats? My suggestion is if you cant sell them at a small discounted price then sell them at half price, as half of something is better than half of nothing. COYB

Saturday 16th July 12:08 Report Comment

Rob NewtonMr Elstone, try as you may to 'fight your corner', the situation Everton Football Club find themselves in speaks for itself. Everton have made poor commercial decision after poor commercial decision, going back far longer than your own employment at the Club; we are now paying the price for those poor decisions. Obviously we appreciate the executive team are unlikely to put their own position of trust in jeopardy by admitting to the many mistakes made - particularly with regards to the stadium issue - however a little humility or transparency would garner you far more respect than the blatant, condescending attack on what you rather naively claim to be a noisy minority, published in this blog.

Saturday 16th July 12:02 Report Comment

mel flintBill kenwright and Robert Elstone David Moyes are the best thing that's happened to Everton fc in many years .it was fantastic to see nearly all the first team fit and playing last night also it was great to see the yak score in a blue shirt . The key to everton finishing top 6 is keeping the first team fit we have got some top class youngsters coming in to the first team.we know we can beat any of the top 4 teams on are day .so lets get behind team and management .once a blue always a blue.

Saturday 16th July 11:41 Report Comment

Michael JansenI think that many of the fans undermine the work done at the club and that they're not giving the staff enough credit. A football club is not only a team and a family. It's a business. And its a difficult business to run. And compared to many other clubs I think that Everton is doing exceptionaly Well done Mr. Elstone. I look forward to seeing further improvement in the club that we all love. COYB

Saturday 16th July 11:30 Report Comment

ALAN MORRISI also think we need to remember where the club was when Bill Kenwright took over and at a time when noone else was interested. Remember also the relegation dog fights of the 90's. We need to be patient and trust in Moyes, Kenwright AND Elstone. Maybe us silent majority should say more? Bill Kenwright recognises his limitations and is honest and transparent about this and the search for new owners, but these do have to be the right owners. Do we really want to sacrifice our souls in search of glory? Other clubs clearly have and few have have succeeded.

Saturday 16th July 11:04 Report Comment

Simon Cheonggreat work rob. youth dwvelopement is v important here. without fund is not an issue, more importantly, we keep churning out great young players n put them in our 25 men 1st team squad. im sure we can put trust in them. they r the light to d end of the tunnel. personally, i am more excited to see how many youngsters from our academy coming thru d ranks n play 1st team, more than who we buy every season, paying ridiculous $. play our young lads, let them haf a Go n Goal at teams, they wont disappoint. Coyb!

Saturday 16th July 07:01 Report Comment

Peter MatthewsI think fans are extremely grateful that the club has come so far from the dark days of Peter Johnson's chairmanship. The stability of the past decade has seen us progress from a team of cart horses to a very good footballing side. But where we have seen yearly progress, even if it was based on one big signing per summer, we now live in fear that progress has stalled. That the thus far successful stewardship of Mr Kenwright is unravelling, because whilst he is no doubt a wealthy man, he is not wealthy enough to match up to the super rich owners elsewhere. So the fans are concerned that this team that has taken 10 years to assemble could now fall apart without the new additions required to fill the gaps left by players leaving or no longer good enough for the team. Everton were a very long time in the wilderness; perennial relegation fodder, yet these fans stuck with them through thin and thinner. Now we think that we are so close to having the best everton team for a generation, yet it seems without investment the only way is backwards to the dark days of the 90's.

Saturday 16th July 00:59 Report Comment

Jason KingI am very happy with the way things are right now. I believe we have the right people looking after our club, yes we are not loaded and cannot spend £30m on a player but we have a v. good squad that is on its day a match for anyone. We could sell the club to sombody who could be another Gillet and Hicks, and say they will do this and that but not deliver and have us in a right mess. Although I do agree with people wanting to now exactley what we are up for sale for? All in all we are stable and 1 or 2 good additions could see us having a strong season ahead. In Moyes and KENWRIGHT I trust.

Friday 15th July 23:10 Report Comment

Jason FieldProud to be blue , Proud of what we are, what we have, and what's coming through................. If we keep on saying what if !! We'll miss what a great club we're part of ! All we ask as fans is take a chance on the young talent more often and as for the seniors, give us our heart and soul in EVERY game please.................

Friday 15th July 21:51 Report Comment

Salvatore SantoroThe EFC board must be doing something right. For the last 8 years we have done really well on a tight budget. So we may have to sell before we buy but I would rather develop our team from within than spend millions we do not have.I recall Leeds Utd. They chased a dream and they are still recovering. Sir Alex's fortunes at Man Utd blossomed when he blooded a trio of home grown talent. The players we had last season can do a job this season and if we need to bring back Yobo and Yakubu, then why not? They are outstanding players who will do us proud and provide cover in both defence and attack. If we play to the Yak's strengths, we may find him a valuable asset and he could be worth a few million more next season. Life is not fair but we can be proud of our position. With luck and some guile we may even surprise a few big spenders again next season.

Friday 15th July 21:18 Report Comment

Barry DavidI just wish all these detractors would look back to when we had Peter Johnson and were fighting relegation and look at the fine squad we have now. I have been watching Everton since the 50's, having seen Tommy Ring, Bobby Collins then Roy Vernon, Alex Young, then the fantastic Kendal, Ball and Harvey. We have a good Chaiman, Manager and team so BACK THEM !!

Friday 15th July 20:49 Report Comment

andrew haweswhy are we constantly shouting about the need for outside investment?? is phillip greene and other board members not multi,multi millionaires or as some report billionaires??sorry but if after all these years they cannot come up with 20 million to buy a striker to push an already talented squad to the next level then why are they at the club??or why should we spend hard earned money attending games?? bill is doing his best but it seems to me its these board members that are stopping progress and investment from elsewhere!!

Friday 15th July 20:44 Report Comment

Michael Vernon-LilleyAbout time fans started understanding our situation and appreciate what we have rather than shouting about what we dont or might not have. The board is running the club as best as is possible. Interest payments are high...lets borrow more money to fund more players on more wages, then we can look forward to more interest and more financial restraints..........err no! Support BK and thanks Mr Elstone

Friday 15th July 20:28 Report Comment

Jamie ClarkeCan I just ask why you wouldn't put in the public domain how much the club is up for sale for? Surely putting the price on something you are selling is the thing to do. The club could be up for sale for £300bn, but that is unrealistic, so, what is the actual price? Surely as paying fans, we should know how much the club is up for sale for, so we can determine if our money is being used in the right way and the club has the right strategy moving forward. You may well have a strategy, but so did Sheffield Wednesday and they are in league 1 now. They were run by directors stuck in the 70's.

Friday 15th July 19:50 Report Comment

John DaviesI find it incredibly sad as a supporter of the club to see so much discontent within it's fan base. Our financial struggles only stand to highlight how corrupt 'our beautiful game' has become.

Friday 15th July 19:42 Report Comment

alan burrowsAlthough it's going to be another frustrating Summer for all us Blues fans,we do have a Chairman who really does have this club in his heart and deep down i think he's doing the best he can.If we can keep all our players fit ,even without any new faces, we can beat any team,so get behind the team and as ever the Bues will prevail.

Friday 15th July 19:33 Report Comment

Stephen McNallyI think its unfair to point the finger at Robert Elstone and Bill Kenwright for Evertons inability to compete at the top end of the table. The club had suffered badly before Kenwright took the reigns and although we can't compete financially with the top clubs, we at least have stability and a much stronger squad as a result. People flag up clubs that are exceptions to the rule, such as; Man. city and Chelsea but how many other clubs have benefitted from new ownership? It is sad that Everton are not in a position to challenge for the top honours, but its extremely difficult to achieve without a billionaire owner or turnover comparable with Manchester Uniteds. I understand the supporters want to see a successful Everton side, but If they stand back and reflect, I'm sure they understand Kenwright, Elstone, Moyes and all the staff want success too. Good luck to the toffees for 2011 - 2012 NIL SATIS NISI OPTIMUM.

Friday 15th July 19:28 Report Comment

Carl StewartEverton is like a movie, you watch it once great, you watch it twice ok, you watch it three times and fall asleep half way through. I think the same principle goes for the current squad which never gets freshened up with quality. Once you learn that and do something about it then your seats may be filled.

Friday 15th July 19:12 Report Comment

Daniel MillerVery brave Robert. Nothing is perfect but until those who wish to criticise have a greater appreciation of the wider picture instead of trying to compare Everton's lack of transfer activity with the handful of PL clubs that are spending (basically Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool and the clubs receiving the largesse of Liverpool's spending) then nothing will change. There have been mistakes in the past - which many continue to repeat - but the strategy of late has been extremely prudent and I applaud you for that.

Friday 15th July 18:55 Report Comment

Billy Kellyciaran barker: take a bow, very well said,lets hope it hits home.

Friday 15th July 18:37 Report Comment

Austin TiernanI could pick holes in that blog all day, but the bit i like best is where it says to continue to out-perform our rivals. Please tell us who these rivals are? Because if its man utd, chelsea, Arsenal, man city, liverpool or spurs, its not happening. If its westham blackpool and birmingham, continue on, your doing a great job.

Friday 15th July 18:31 Report Comment

Joe BlackYou and Bill and the rest of the board have a lot to answer for.

Friday 15th July 18:19 Report Comment

arthur jonesThe reason I have not renewed my season ticket for 2011/12 is because the club have not paid a significant fee for a player for nearly 2 years . As a matchgoing fan of over 40 years I find this unacceptable , detrimental to the manager and players and ultimately to the fans who are the lifeblood of the club . The fact that Mr Elstone feels it neccesary to respond to the fans in huis blog indicates that the criticism is stinging more than he'll admit to . If he thinks the critics are in the minority , I think he may soon have to review his thoughts

Friday 15th July 17:42 Report Comment

dave coxI see mr Elstone is taking acting lessons from Bill, however they are less convincing. We need fress players with fresh ideas not the same old excuses. I for one have stopped putting my hand in my pocket to watch the team until the board wakes up and smells the coffee

Friday 15th July 17:33 Report Comment

Alec WalkerI was wondering whether we had ever approached Peel Holdings for support. They have a particular interest in the area and are about to spend a great deal of money on the North Docks scheme, a new stadium would fit in there very well.

Friday 15th July 17:30 Report Comment

Neil RobertsWell said Robert, as disheartening as the current situation is we all need to get real.

Friday 15th July 17:25 Report Comment

Stephen NellGood day, Mr Elstone. Thank you very much for communicating with the fans. I would just like to know whether any funds are available for David Moyes to strengthen the squad, or is it a case of having to sell to buy a new player as the wage bill is already very high? I take my support of Everton very seriously as I travelled from South Africa at the end of 2009 to come and watch the derby against Liverpool. I am keen to know how we will take that 'next step' to allow us to compete against the top sides. Why is it that Liverpool appear to be commercially stronger than Everton, even though Everton have a very strong fan base? I would also like to see Bill Kenwright chat to us on the website more. I know people tend to want to take out their frustrations on the chairman, but Mr Kenwright has done a heck of a lot for Everton and really loves the club. Best wishes.

Friday 15th July 17:22 Report Comment

Swelter TheChefThis blog could have been posted this time last year, or the year before that or the year before that, and it will probably be posted again in some format next year, with just the numbers only slightly changed. The club is at a standstill and is treading water. It is very admirable that neary everything the club makes goes back into the club or to the bank, but lets face it, it has to because we cannot depend on the board to make any personal investment into the club, even to give Mr Moyes seed money to spend. At the moment plan A seems to be 'hope we make some money selling the talent we nurture'. As usual there doesn't appear to be a plan B.

Friday 15th July 17:10 Report Comment

Paul BalcombeVery interesting ,especially the part about increasing our revenue.Do you know how to fill empty seats ? Give something for the supporters to be excited enough about to crave these spare places.

Friday 15th July 16:59 Report Comment

Milin Chandra Well said Robert Elstone, but you still won't quieten the critics! Unfortunately they don't seem to be happy unless they're moaning, even after match results that go our way!! Sometimes it makes me ashamed to be associated with them - but then I think, NO, I am bigger than them & EVERTON FC are bigger than them, so it's best to just ignore them!!

Friday 15th July 16:59 Report Comment

david kennedyUnconvincing response, Robert. Everton fans have a perfect right to question the stagnation that's taking place off pitch and which has translated on-pitch over the past two seasons. You might be working hard, but the truth is that without major investment via a takeover this club will rapidly decline.

Friday 15th July 16:57 Report Comment

Guy Millsi am soorry maybe just stupid but And commercial weakness? When I joined six years ago, we had a retail operation losing £500,000 per season and a main sponsor deal with Chang earning the Club around £1m per season. We had a relatively modest ‘family' of second-tier partners. Rolling forward to 2011/12, we are entering into year three of a ten year detail with Kitbag that has transformed a loss of £500,000 into £30m+ of profit over a ten year period, we will move into the eighth year of our Chang partnership valued at around £10m over the next three year term, and have secured lucrative deals on betting, travel partner, our credit card and others, without forgetting to mention last summer's £1m trip to Australia. And a small point of detail, almost every other Club records retail turnover in its income line. Everton doesn't, it records the guaranteed profit from Kitbag. Our £80m turnover would be higher if we mirrored the rest of the Premier League (likewise, our wage turnover ratio would be better). and As for this summer, the squeeze on money is harder than ever. contradict themselves. All we want is honesty not political speak

Friday 15th July 16:56 Report Comment

g fellaIf you want to sell more season tickets, then have a direct debit option that doesnt just last to June or whatever it was, I was prepared to RENEW mine but missed the direct debit window, and i cant afford £580 in one go, so no season ticket for me this year, so yes the criticism you receive for poor commercial performance is justified, isnt it the Peoples Club, well the majority of the People that go the match dont have near 600 quid in one lump sum, im fully prepared to pay the full amount but i havnt got it in one go, take a look at the community where we are based and step into the real world, have a direct debit option that can be started now and upto the opening day

Friday 15th July 16:56 Report Comment

john smithyou have had years now to do your job.. to find investment, a new stadium, to take this club to a higher level, you have not done any of this!.. and you have a cheek to complain when the fans, the people who care about the club, question you on why you have not done your job!

Friday 15th July 16:39 Report Comment

Hugh DanielsMr Elstone, what is the financial strategy for attacking the 40 million debt, and the crippling cost of servicing that debt every year?

Friday 15th July 16:39 Report Comment

Jon SummerWell done Robert for coming on here and explaining, where the money goes and what we do to improve and invest in the youth and first team squads. I for one and I'm sure the majority of True Blue EVERTONIANS are behind youse all and these idiots on facebook and other such websites, hang their heads, washing our laundry in public they should be ashamed of them selves. Yes they have aright to say what they think, but not in the way they are going about it. I'm sure they'll be picking holes and spin doctoring this as I type. Keep up the good work to all true Blues and lets hope Mr Moyes can work he's magic again and have an even better season this time, Blue Till Death

Friday 15th July 16:35 Report Comment

Edward GeorgeWell said Mr Elstone, I'm sick of these 'supporters' who constantly moan about the lack of funds, transfer activity etc. If they look at our actual playing squad and see what they are capable of. Not to mention we have in my opinion the best manager in the league. I'm looking forward to the new season whether some players leave or some come in, we should all be proud to be Evertonians and not keep questioning the motives of the board!

Friday 15th July 16:34 Report Comment

graham griffithsnot good enough

Friday 15th July 16:30 Report Comment

Philip ScottFrustrating as it is, I accept that announcing transfers when agreed probably gives good value. Regarding attendances, perhaps we should move back to Anfield Road - if LFC build a new stadium - as we cannot get one built for us to entice a big money buyer (West Ham next after Man City?)! Marks out of 10 - probably 6, but only because the primary objectives (Premier League champions, regular European football) are not yet in reach.

Friday 15th July 16:29 Report Comment

Mark JamesWell said!!! Wish you had been so brutal and honest earlier - reading the rubbish on the 'so-called' supporter run websites is depressing. Looking forward to tonight;s game at Bury - hope the lads have your fire in their belly. And, for what it is worth - well done all concerned and keep up the good work. We may be a slow ship but we are steady.

Friday 15th July 16:27 Report Comment

Anthony kellyNot a very good response.what the fans want to know why have there been 2 failed ground moves? Why has the Park end project stalled? Why is there still a gaping hole in the wall behind the Park end? Why are we the only top flight club not to upgrade our ground? I wont even go into the rumours about Sir Phillip Green,or the banning of the AGM'S. If you are going to reply to the mounting criticism I think you should address everything raised by the supporters and not just cherry pick.

Friday 15th July 16:25 Report Comment

Brian DavidsonFine Robert, all your points are valid. BUT the main problem which you did not address is why are we being left behind our rivals. Look at all the money they are spending. Why can't we find investment? Why are we being left behind in the transfer market? This is exactly what the MAJORITY of Evertonians are worrying about.

Friday 15th July 16:24 Report Comment

Anthony BushellIt's well publicised that BK doesn't have any money, but what about the other board members? Are they bereft of funds aswell? If you stand still in PL football, you’re going backwards. Can’t (or won’t) they provide anything to buy even one proven PL quality player? Noone’s suggesting they should be throwing good money after bad, but as you’ve alluded to, we have a decent squad, the general feeling is that we're close to the next level, we need 2 or 3 additions to take us there. In business, you have to speculate. A viable revenue stream for the club would be regular Champions League, but the fans don't see any evidence, other than the manager’s attitude that we're actively pushing for that. Moyes is amazing, but we fear that the writing is on the wall if we can't actively back him in the transfer market every year. We want him to be OUR Alex Ferguson, but we are becoming frustrated, and worried. The vitriol of a few should not distract you from the general feelings Evertonians. We love our club, we want the best for it, always.

Friday 15th July 16:17 Report Comment

Ingvar GretarssonHard work?? So Robert, any idea about when all this HARD work will pay off?

Friday 15th July 16:15 Report Comment

Ajamu MutumwaI am a supporter of the board and won't get into a feeding frenzy, but even I think that it is time for the Board to appoint a high profile non executive member to the board with the specific remit to sell the club or achieve significant investment within the next year while providing supporters with regular updates. .

Friday 15th July 15:55 Report Comment

jonathan randlesRobert The main reason people speculate as to what is going on is your lack of involvment with the fans!. we simply don't know if we have the ability to buy people or not, kids for the future are great but we need the here and now to be addressed. please answer one question for Are Everton looking to add to the first team playing squad a player or two that is of better quality than we currently have! or are we just in the market for frees and loans to make up the numbers.

Friday 15th July 15:55 Report Comment

steven rileywell said, good to have a CEO who is open and honest, unlike the previous

Friday 15th July 15:41 Report Comment

Mark JonesThe critical fans are being unrealistic and unreasonable. Our club is exceptionally well run....can you name any other club that has had the same kind of stability as we have over the past ten years? We can't gamble the clubs long term future by pursuing short term success, buying players with money we haven't got would only take us down the Leeds route.

Friday 15th July 15:36 Report Comment

Alex Brown"how much is the Club up for sale for?" Sick of us asking this question? Well answer it then!

Friday 15th July 15:33 Report Comment

Robert NewellGood point well put me thinks. But I don't think you have to answer the critics. Time spent answering the moaners is time wasted. Keep up the good work.

Friday 15th July 15:32 Report Comment


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