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Elements Of The Crest

Throughout history, the Everton crest has taken many different forms but a set of key elements have featured from day one.

To gain a greater understanding of each element's historical significance- and also the practical design considerations around each one - they have been analysed individually. This will allow supporters to give greater consideration to which elements they feel are most important.

The elements below all made up the crest which was used up until 2013. These elements have all, at some point, been part of one or more previous versions of the crest.

Everton - the name of our great club.
1878 - the year the club was born.
Nil Satis Nisi Optimum - our latin motto which first appeared on a crest in 1938.
The shield - the traditional design feature which also dates back to 1938.
The wreaths - another item first included in 1938, wreaths date back to Roman times when they were awarded as a sign of success.
The tower - situated in the heart of Everton, the tower has been the mainstay of club crests over the last 75 years.

Crest Elements


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