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Online Condolence Book - Dave Hickson

Online Condolence Book - Dave Hickson

Everton invites fans to leave messages of condolence for the late Dave Hickson here.

The Blues legend passed away on Monday following a short illness. He was 83.

The Club will open books of condolence at Goodison Park later this week and those fans unable to travel to the stadium can leave messages below.

The Club will pass the messages to Dave's family.

gordon staffordfirst saw dave play against spurs (1959 I was 11) I got his autograph many times out side the players entrance.he always had a kind word with us kids always pleasant. thanks dave rip

Thursday 5th September 07:45 Report Comment

John SuckleyEverton Legend and true gentleman, one of football's true greats. Rest in Peace Dave.

Thursday 25th July 22:29 Report Comment

Judith ClarkA True Blue Legend. My mum and dad's favourite - my dad always said that my mum would leave home for Davie! I met him at a charity match at Ellesmere Port, he was lovely. King of Goodison Park.

Thursday 25th July 17:44 Report Comment

Thomas John ProutSad sad news. Saw you play and met you and Mrs H at Awards Dinner a few years ago. Lovely people. Only sorry not to have booked the Goodison Tour before it was too late. God Bless.

Thursday 25th July 12:50 Report Comment

Lucy CawleyI am so sorry to hear that dave hickson passed away

Thursday 25th July 12:35 Report Comment

John WebsterGoodison won't be the same without you Davie, you made a lot a people's day just by being there, RIP

Thursday 25th July 10:33 Report Comment

Alan HuxleySo sad a true Gent met Dave a few times at Goodison Always had time for a chat R,I,P,

Thursday 25th July 08:43 Report Comment

Wing LiDave made me and my family a cup of tea when we took the tour of Goodison in 2006. I will miss this gentleman and Everton legend. Wing and family

Thursday 25th July 04:32 Report Comment

danny nicholsona real gent - always had time for a chat. Loved listening to your thoughts on the team and the stories of when you played.

Wednesday 24th July 21:06 Report Comment

Francis BloorWhat a legend i grew up watching you it was a pleasure to see you play .A true gentleman always took time to talk to people.Will surely be sadly missed.R.I.P. DAVE

Wednesday 24th July 20:56 Report Comment

Deian Lye-VellaMany thanks for that tour of Goodison back in 2007. Seeing you reminisce and talk about your time at the club was priceless. I'll never forget it.

Wednesday 24th July 15:42 Report Comment

Lesley McNultyMatchdays at Goodison won't be the same without you, God Bless You. xxx

Wednesday 24th July 13:12 Report Comment

Doug PriceHe was my childhood hero and he will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace and have a knock about with Dixie!

Wednesday 24th July 09:51 Report Comment

Michael ThomasA true Everton legend and a lovely guy. You was my dad's hero. RIP Dave.

Tuesday 23rd July 21:30 Report Comment

William PolandNamed my son Dave.My missus loved you,and so did I..( Scouse humour ) RIP,my hero!

Tuesday 23rd July 10:49 Report Comment

rob mckennaStill follow the blues here in CANADA.Dave was my idol through my younger years and I was privileged to meet him 2years ago.-a day to remember A truly nice Man.Good Night and God Bless Dave

Monday 22nd July 21:28 Report Comment

David RobertsRIP Dave, a Gentleman, an Evertonian and a Legend. Thanks for all the memories. My condolences and deepest sympathies to the Hickson Family.

Monday 22nd July 14:33 Report Comment

anthony tullyJust got back from Holiday heared sad news what a man in every sense of the word will be sadly missed. My hero and will always be R.I.P

Sunday 21st July 22:07 Report Comment

Michael MaloneR.I. P Dave. One of the best. Outstanding in your day. God bless and keep you.

Sunday 21st July 19:58 Report Comment

Steve RookeR.I.P Dave, You will be missed by the whole Everton Family that expands around the globe. Your spirit will always remain at Goodison and we will always be with you.........Goodnight and God Bless.

Sunday 21st July 14:51 Report Comment

gordon peersMy hero from the fifties.Rest in peace Dave. Gordon Peers.

Saturday 20th July 21:07 Report Comment

JOHNNY S-HELGESENRest in Peace Dave..Johnny frome Norway

Friday 19th July 21:44 Report Comment

Bryan O'MalleyEpitome of being an Evertonian. Great loss to us all.

Friday 19th July 15:08 Report Comment

Bryan O'MalleyThe epitome of being an Evertonian. Gave me autograph in shop car park in Great Sutton a few years ago. Great loss to us all.

Friday 19th July 15:03 Report Comment

Lisa Marie powellGoodbye to one of the nicest men I ever had the privilege to meet. You was so welcoming to me and my family on the stadium tours all them years ago. R.I.P Dave Hickson

Friday 19th July 11:54 Report Comment

Paul GalwayDid stadium tour with Dave 10 years ago.Absolute gentleman.True Everton legend.R.I.P.Dave-say hello to Dixie,Bally and all the other legends in Blue Heaven.COYB.

Thursday 18th July 14:33 Report Comment

Paul GalwayDave showed my wife and I around Goodison Park 10 years ago.Absolute gentleman.Real "old school".Will be greatly missed by all Evertonians.R.I.P Dave.

Thursday 18th July 14:23 Report Comment

Lee MortonAll hail the Cannonball Kid, absolute respect for my dad's first Everton hero. A true legend, forever missed x

Thursday 18th July 12:39 Report Comment

Jim AtkinsonR.I.P. to a True Blue Gent

Wednesday 17th July 21:39 Report Comment

Peter KelbrickMr Hickson was a true gentleman. He was my dad's friend and I remember going to the match with them both. He was a modest man and a true Everton hero.

Wednesday 17th July 21:37 Report Comment

Michael FearonDave Hickson - a hero on and off the field. I saw you play and was inspired.

Wednesday 17th July 21:26 Report Comment

Brian JacksonGoodbye Davie.You have joined a great team in heaven. Thanks for the memories.

Wednesday 17th July 13:42 Report Comment

stephen gracerip davie

Tuesday 16th July 19:34 Report Comment

Kevin Duggangood bye mr hickson a true mr merseyside

Tuesday 16th July 16:41 Report Comment

Thomas ReganEverton Legend

Tuesday 16th July 13:50 Report Comment

cyril doddBye Dave, Thanks for all those good goals.

Tuesday 16th July 06:12 Report Comment

john terence pickersgillSad loss of a true Evertonian,never saw him play but met him at EFP do's and on the stadium tours,a proper gent.Gone but not forgotten.RIP.

Monday 15th July 19:39 Report Comment

Linda MiddleditchMy father was a true blue and always talked about the time Davie injured his head and came back out and scored a goal. They don't make footballers like him any more. A true footballing legend

Monday 15th July 19:27 Report Comment

JOHN MUNRORIP Dave Hickson a True Blue, my first Everton Hero

Monday 15th July 12:18 Report Comment

gaz parryRIP Sir, a true blue and gentleman

Sunday 14th July 22:37 Report Comment

Eddie CurrieA wonderful Evertonian and a proper old-school gentleman. Proud to have met you and so sad to lose you. God bless.

Sunday 14th July 21:40 Report Comment

stephen cowellGood night and god bless to true Everton legend and gentleman. You maybe gone but never forgotten. Rest in peace.

Sunday 14th July 20:06 Report Comment

Mats FredrikssonA true legend. RIP

Sunday 14th July 18:15 Report Comment

Christine VerinderYou were a gentleman & a legend May your soul RIP xx

Sunday 14th July 16:47 Report Comment

moira gibbonsThanks for the memories, Dave, you'll always be a legend forthe Toffees. RIP. xx

Sunday 14th July 15:57 Report Comment

Gerald McLoughlinI was not around to see you play but heard great things about you,God bless you,thanks for all you did for EVERTON

Sunday 14th July 09:53 Report Comment

frank bewleysadl loss r.i.p. davie you were my dads hero.

Saturday 13th July 19:54 Report Comment

Dominic VirgoR.I.P Dave Hickson another legend sadly gone but will never be forgotten and will be missed greatly around Goodison.

Saturday 13th July 15:08 Report Comment

Nick TremarcoMr. Hickson, RIP, to your family my condolences and heartfelt warmth,|I was so lucky to met you at a function at Goodison and you and I spoke about our team, what an evening. Gentleman to the end.

Saturday 13th July 00:58 Report Comment

v maclove to his family and friends. A big player for my dad.

Saturday 13th July 00:23 Report Comment

Gary ShelleyGoodbye LEGEND, my Dads favourite player and a true gentleman. God Bless.

Friday 12th July 22:55 Report Comment

michael collinsnever got to see you play dave but met you a few times , the stories i heard from people who did tells me you were a great everton player TRUE GENTLEMAN AND EVERTONIAN R.I.P DAVE

Friday 12th July 21:33 Report Comment

Phillip McferranR I P Dave Hickson The Cannonball Kid. Loyal Blue To The End.

Friday 12th July 17:23 Report Comment

Chris WhitbyRIP the Cannonball Kid a favourite of my dad and grandad

Friday 12th July 15:24 Report Comment

Bernie CrillyThe Everton end in Heaven must be a truly magnificent sight. RIP Dave "The Cannonball Kid" Hickson

Friday 12th July 13:49 Report Comment

Bernie CrillyThe Everton end in Heaven must be a truly magnificent sight. RIP Dave Hickson

Friday 12th July 13:18 Report Comment

Brian PierpointDave Hickson an Everton football legend and a real gentleman who's achievements on and off the field will never be forgotten. RIP Dave.

Friday 12th July 10:41 Report Comment

Dave CockramDave Hickson not just a Everton great but a great person and great friend, I will miss going the game with you and our quick halves of Guinness, Goodnight pal reunited with Pat.

Friday 12th July 07:04 Report Comment

Colin WilkinsonDave made me an Evertonian for life. What a man!

Friday 12th July 01:13 Report Comment

Chris MuirR.I.P. Dave , Goodison won't be the same without you,God Bless

Thursday 11th July 21:17 Report Comment

Keith TomlinAn Evertonian in every sense of the word. Rest in peace Mr Hickson.

Thursday 11th July 21:11 Report Comment

john dawsonNever saw you play Davie but my dad ,grandad and uncle , all named Bill, all spoke in awe of you. R.I.P.

Thursday 11th July 20:53 Report Comment

Ian StruthDave you will be very sadly missed gutted you went to heaven but you are still at goodison a true battler who would put even the hardest rugby players to gasp in ore A true legend GOD BLESS

Thursday 11th July 20:29 Report Comment

anthony hoarerip mr hickson another everton legend departs. from one true blue to another.god bless you

Thursday 11th July 19:19 Report Comment

Paul ConatzerRIP, Dave, you wore the royal blue with pride,

Thursday 11th July 18:59 Report Comment

john atkinsonGod bless you and your family Dave ,you will take your place amongst the other legends up there

Thursday 11th July 18:19 Report Comment

martin wagstaffMy boyhood hero -standing behind the Gladys Street goal idolising the legend that was Dave Hickson

Thursday 11th July 17:41 Report Comment

Robert FrazerDave Hickson will always mean so much to my family, Mum and Dad in particular. A true blue and gentleman.

Thursday 11th July 15:33 Report Comment

thomas mcewanR.I.P. Dave. a true blue and a real gentleman

Thursday 11th July 15:19 Report Comment

Mike DoranRIP Davie condolenses to your family, your love for Everton was always obvious. I still have programs you signed from 59-60 always proud you wore Blue. Mike. Indiana USA

Thursday 11th July 15:04 Report Comment

Paul KeatingRest In Peace Mr. Hickson. You were loved.

Thursday 11th July 12:52 Report Comment

Pat CushionThanks Davey for all the great memories, you was the first (Centre Forward ) I seen at Goodison Park , that made me support the MIGHTY BLUE,S . GOD BLESS . RIP .

Thursday 11th July 12:08 Report Comment

Brian CooneyNever had the pleasure of seeing you play but knew the legend of the Cannon Ball Kid . - In your case the Legend was the Reality. A truly great Evertonian. RIP

Thursday 11th July 11:29 Report Comment

Tom FlemingCan't write this without tears in my eyes. Still my No.1 Everton hero after all these years. Thanks for all the memories Dave. RIP.

Thursday 11th July 10:28 Report Comment

peter foggR.I.P dave i had the pleasure of knowing you.You were a true gentleman

Thursday 11th July 06:10 Report Comment

kevin johnsonOnce a blue always a blue legend rip dave

Wednesday 10th July 23:00 Report Comment

Alastair DaviesHad the pleasure of meeting Dave when he hosted a stadium tour I was on a number of years ago. An absolute gent and the pictures of that day are even more poignant now! RIP Dave.

Wednesday 10th July 22:19 Report Comment

John paul AustinRIP Davie your a true legend a gentleman and lion hearted evertonian who will never be forgotten but always be missed xx

Wednesday 10th July 21:51 Report Comment

John paul AustinGod bless you Davie wish I had the words to say how much true legends mean to all the blues family you will never be forgotten RIP lad with us forever xx

Wednesday 10th July 21:47 Report Comment

MARTIN O NEILLI was sad to hear of the passing of a great friend and Everton legend Dave Hickson. I personally will miss you at matchs. R.I.P.

Wednesday 10th July 20:42 Report Comment

Bill MountyDave, you took me on the Stadium tour where I was priveleged to have met you - a true gent and Evertonian who will be sadly missed by all Evertonians. RIP. Bill Westcountry Blues Bath

Wednesday 10th July 20:14 Report Comment

Amanda thomasR.I.P Dave Hickson, one of the biggest legends to play for this club, a true hero and role model for all. He'll be missed a lot and thoughts go to his family and friends

Wednesday 10th July 20:08 Report Comment

gerard CannonMy dad's all time favourite player. A true legend.

Wednesday 10th July 19:04 Report Comment

Ali KintehOne Of The Greatest Evertonians Ever Is Now In Blue Heaven. R.I.P Sir

Wednesday 10th July 18:00 Report Comment

steven woanrest in peace dave hickson. I had the pleasure of meeting you once. you was great company but an even greater man. good night god bless.

Wednesday 10th July 17:48 Report Comment

Joe O'ReillyHad the pleasure of meeting Dave on many occasions.A true gentleman who loved to talk about Everton, and always had a welcome for us Irish Toffees.Rest in Peace Mr. Everton.

Wednesday 10th July 16:52 Report Comment

Vivienne WardDave Hickson,, Mr Everton. He symbolised all that is good about Everton Football club. He did our stadium tour and glowed with pride as he guided us round. He will be sadly missed .

Wednesday 10th July 16:46 Report Comment

Frank LambertI will never forget the memory of Dave scoring Everton's winning goal against Man Utd (1953 5th round cup tie) with a blood soaked sponge held to his head. A lion on the field, a lamb off it!

Wednesday 10th July 16:37 Report Comment

Susan GriffinNever saw you play Dave but would see every home game in the lounges. Great ambassador for our club and a true gentleman. RIP in the Blue garden above with Bally, Labby and fellow Blues.

Wednesday 10th July 16:07 Report Comment

Mike PotterR.I.P Dave pleasure to meet the guy. Great Evertonian

Wednesday 10th July 15:57 Report Comment

kevin woodRest in Peace Dave Hickson, a true gentleman off the pitch and a lion on it. Wrexham Branch Everton Supporters' Club.

Wednesday 10th July 15:40 Report Comment

norman elliottrip dave. you gave me and my mate many happy hours from the gladys street end. we never tired of watching you. a true blue till the end. dont let the club forhet him bill. norman elliott

Wednesday 10th July 15:04 Report Comment

Paula WrayRest In Peace, you were my beloved Dad's favourite player. On his behalf- thank you.

Wednesday 10th July 14:12 Report Comment

bernie millwardlegends is used far to often these days but dave hickson is a legend & will be missed around goodison pk on match days NSNO

Wednesday 10th July 14:08 Report Comment

Colin PallotAs a 68 year old exiled blue it was a pleasure to have witnessed an Everton great. And sagging school made it even better in the days before floodlights when we were kids. Dave RIP Colin P

Wednesday 10th July 14:05 Report Comment

Peter WallaceDave was a true Merseyside Legend, he will be missed by many especialy on match day's and always remembered fondly. Love to his family. Good night and god bless.

Wednesday 10th July 13:59 Report Comment

matthew williamsRIP Dave Hickson never got the chance to see him play but well respected when he was at goodison what a legend!

Wednesday 10th July 13:58 Report Comment

kevin clarkeWill Miss seeing You and having a Chat on Ellesmere Port Market a True Gent x

Wednesday 10th July 13:45 Report Comment

Jonathan HindNever saw him play live, but you can see in clips what a great player he was. Gone but never forgotten. You're in our hearts, you're in our soul.

Wednesday 10th July 13:37 Report Comment

Paul CushionDave, you have been a fantastic man in your life on Earth. How proud we are that you were chosen to be an Evertonian. A true Son of St. Domingo. R.I.P mate

Wednesday 10th July 13:08 Report Comment

Denis MulcahyLegends like Dave, make you proud to support Everton. Rest in Peace.

Wednesday 10th July 12:46 Report Comment

Steve TooleI saw you play towards the end of your career but your skill was still there to see. You were my Dad's favourite player and I'm sure he'll be waiting at the Pearly Gates to shake your hand.

Wednesday 10th July 11:58 Report Comment

Dave BowenR.I.P Dave, from me and my Dad. Dave & Gerry Bowen.

Wednesday 10th July 11:53 Report Comment

Jim SmithRIP,cannonball kid,a true legend.

Wednesday 10th July 12:16 Report Comment

John SwinburnYou were my idol when I watched you play when I was a young lad, As the years passed you became a true gent and Everton Hero to us all, Rest in Peace,

Wednesday 10th July 11:50 Report Comment

Bill MurphyA true Blue and a true Gentleman. Always made time for everyone he met. A brilliant Ambassador for Everton Football Club. It was a pleasure to meet him.

Wednesday 10th July 11:49 Report Comment

peter mayA lovely man to speak to. A lovely man to see. A dapper gent, so smart Who loved Everton with all his heart. Goodnight and God Bless you Dave. Once a Blue...

Wednesday 10th July 10:55 Report Comment

Chris WrightHaving spend many hours with Dave we came to appreciate his witty repartee and ongoing banter. A pleasure to work with, we hope our film shows his greatness.

Wednesday 10th July 10:54 Report Comment

Frank CollierHad the pleasure of meeting Dave on a number of occasions. A true gentleman and a true blue. Rest in Peace

Wednesday 10th July 10:24 Report Comment

Andrew BeesleyDave Hickson you where a true gentleman, fantastic player and a true Everton Legend. You will always be rembered by your royal blue famaily R.I.P

Wednesday 10th July 10:23 Report Comment

Christine JonesR I P Dave,You gave your all on every Occasion now it's time to Rest. Love Martin & Chris Jones.

Wednesday 10th July 09:56 Report Comment

Gregg JordanRest in peace Dave, a true club legend.

Wednesday 10th July 09:36 Report Comment

Clive PrenticeI used to see Dave every home game in the Alex Young suite - lovey person always willing to have a word and have a photo shoot - would have loved to have seen him play real time - RIP Dave

Wednesday 10th July 09:27 Report Comment

PHILIP ENNISNever did see you play (I was a 1yr old when you retired from football), but Dad often spoke about how good a footballer you were. RIP Dave

Wednesday 10th July 09:20 Report Comment

james fargherR.I.P Dave Hickson

Wednesday 10th July 09:13 Report Comment

Max CarlyleRIP Dave, played football for the reserves with my grandad, he always says what a nice bloke his was and that he taught him to head a ball! True Everton legend, sleep tight x

Wednesday 10th July 10:16 Report Comment

Frank BurrowsRest in peace. A great guy, a fabulous player with a heart of a lion. A great blue !!

Wednesday 10th July 09:09 Report Comment

Laurence WhelanHad the pleasure of meeting Dave on two occasions, came across as a true gentleman, thoughts go out to his family at this time.

Wednesday 10th July 09:09 Report Comment

Jack BrownA true blue legend AND a very, very nice man. God bless Dave Higson. A sad loss but forever in our hearts. Jack and Andy B.

Wednesday 10th July 08:54 Report Comment

robert blackRIP Davie, Wonderful man, Goodison will be a sadder place without him, Come on Bill rename the park end, THE DAVE HICKSON stand! NSNO

Wednesday 10th July 08:27 Report Comment

michael murrayA true Evertonian joining gods great squad in heaven may you rest in gentle peace .

Wednesday 10th July 08:00 Report Comment

S JoryR.I.P. legend. You were a true gentleman and your memories stay. We will miss you. Special thoughts to your family and close friends on this day. Thank you Dave.

Wednesday 10th July 07:46 Report Comment

Andy IrvineDave Hickson was my big hero when I first started supporting Everton. Biggest memory was his goal to beat Aston Villa in 6th round FA Cup 1953. Never to be forgotten, Dave Sic transit gloria mundi.

Wednesday 10th July 04:17 Report Comment

bill morrisdave, thank you for all the memories I had the pleasure of seeing you play for my beloved everton on many occasions, they dont make them like you anymore dave. rest in peace. bill Australia.

Wednesday 10th July 02:32 Report Comment

Mike DoranHi Bill hope you are ok if you want drop me an email Richie is not too good had a bad accident, would love to hear from you. Mike

Thursday 11th July 15:13 Report Comment

Alan AllisterLike Bill I watched Dave when I was seven sixty three years ago.He was my idol always and in my eyes the best centre forward ever.Thanks for the memories Dave.

Wednesday 10th July 02:31 Report Comment

Kenneth FinchNot old enough to have seen Dave play but listened to what others told me. A true Evertonian best described by Bill Kenwright's tribute.

Wednesday 10th July 02:13 Report Comment

edward beattieDave,you were,you are and you always will be my one true hero.Truly the greatest Evertonian of them all.You will be remembered for as long as EFC exists R.I.P.Dave

Wednesday 10th July 00:38 Report Comment

Patrick ByrneAs a very young Evertonian from the USA, taking a tour of Goodison Park with Dave Hickson put the optimum in NSNO. I was saddended to hear of his passing. RIP.

Tuesday 9th July 23:19 Report Comment

David TaylorR.I.P Dave 'the cannonball kid' Hickson 'I'd break every bone for my teams, but I'd die for Everton' true legend Everton will never ever forget you

Tuesday 9th July 22:58 Report Comment

Martin McKennaR.I.P Dave, a true gentleman

Tuesday 9th July 22:44 Report Comment

wayne horsleyGood night dave ,Thanks for all the joys you have gave us over the years, True legend

Tuesday 9th July 22:40 Report Comment

Stephen WeightmanThe epitome of a gentleman The epitome of an Evertonian Thank you for giving so much to Everton.

Tuesday 9th July 22:23 Report Comment

Paul CondonR.I.P Dave, a true Everton legend.

Tuesday 9th July 22:16 Report Comment

maria parkerR.I.P. Dave a true everton legend it was lovely talking to you on the phone a couple of months ago about you and john willie thoughts to your family at this sad time Xxx maria parker

Tuesday 9th July 21:52 Report Comment

Robert PayneHappy days standing on the Paddock in my youth watching Dave Hickson; my hero. I still have my scrapbook of this great Evertionan. Thanks for the memories Dave, may you RIP

Tuesday 9th July 21:52 Report Comment

andrew webbYou will always be missed by all blues fans. RIP cannonball kid,

Tuesday 9th July 21:44 Report Comment

ian hayesDeepest sympathy to Daves family a true gentleman and a true LEGNEND Rest in Peace Sir

Tuesday 9th July 21:41 Report Comment

louis tait taitrest in peace Dave a true gentleman an legend nil satis nisi optimum Dave hickson Everton forever .

Tuesday 9th July 21:37 Report Comment

louis tait taitrest in peace Dave a true gentleman an legend nil satis nisi optimum Dave hickson Everton forever .

Tuesday 9th July 21:35 Report Comment

R.I.P Dave Hickson."the cannonball kid" true blue evertonian,up there in the top balcony now along with Dixie,Lawton,Bally,Westy and Labone and the rest of the goodison greats....

Tuesday 9th July 21:33 Report Comment

R.I.P Dave Hickson "the cannonball kid" true blue Evertonian.up there in the top balcony now with Dixie,Lawton,Bally,Westy and Labone etc and the rest of the goodison greats that have gone before.

Tuesday 9th July 21:22 Report Comment

Robert DaviesDave Hickson was a people's player for the people's club. Goodbye Dave. R.I.P

Tuesday 9th July 21:20 Report Comment

mark lavertyR.I.P Mr Hickson

Tuesday 9th July 21:16 Report Comment

Thomas David RobertsA true great; a true gent and a true Blue. We will miss you Dave. RIP and all my sympathy to your family and friends. God Bless.

Tuesday 9th July 20:54 Report Comment

Jonathan ScallyA truly great evertonian and an even greater gentlemen, I'm sure Bally and labby were waiting at heavens gates to welcome you in.

Tuesday 9th July 20:52 Report Comment

RIP Dave Hickson, a legend of a footballer and a true gentleman. That quote will forever describe how we all feel about this club.

Tuesday 9th July 20:33 Report Comment

stanley JonesDave Thanks for your company in the Winslow after many games you will be missed

Tuesday 9th July 20:24 Report Comment

Kevin MercerYou were what this club is all about. Passion, bravery, true footballing talent. Something gets into your blood as an Evertonian, it's ephemeral, vital and is so so special. You had that Dave.

Tuesday 9th July 20:21 Report Comment

ian barrettsimply a true legend you will be sadly missed everton through and through goodbye dave

Tuesday 9th July 19:32 Report Comment

Sam WalkerA magnificent player and a magnificent ambassador for the club. Warm, humble and charming, a true loss. Rest in peace.

Tuesday 9th July 19:26 Report Comment

alan lewisMy boyhood hero. I had the pleasure of seeing him play, and the honour of meeting him. A true Evertonian RIP Dave.

Tuesday 9th July 19:19 Report Comment

alan scarisbrickhe was my boyhood hero a truly roy of the rovers rest in peace DAVE

Tuesday 9th July 18:49 Report Comment

Jim BurnsGoodbye Mr Hickson... Thank you for those precious minutes and chat after we beat City at Goodison last season....say hi to my Dad up were a hero to him . RIP and God Bless.

Tuesday 9th July 18:42 Report Comment

mark stanfordRIP Dave cannonball kid Hickson.. Top man Top blue gbnf :-'(' forever in our hearts

Tuesday 9th July 18:40 Report Comment

Ajay GopalswamyNever seen you play, never seen you in person. But THAT statement says it all for me - a true Blue, if ever there was one! R.I.P.

Tuesday 9th July 18:34 Report Comment

james churchSo sad to were truely one of the greats r.i.p

Tuesday 9th July 18:09 Report Comment

Ray AthertonWhat a courageous player Davie was an example to us junior evertonians in the late 1950,s. a real hero. R I P Dave. condolences to his family.

Tuesday 9th July 17:51 Report Comment

veronica chartyou were our hero Dave as teenages we shouted for you every Saturday still have the pic taken with you on my last visit to goodison with my grandchildren regards to his family

Tuesday 9th July 17:30 Report Comment


Tuesday 9th July 17:25 Report Comment

James ConnollyA fine man, a gentle man, and an Everton Legend. RIP Davie.

Tuesday 9th July 17:21 Report Comment

Mike WoodRIP Legend, A truly lovely man and a special player.

Tuesday 9th July 17:18 Report Comment

RONALD ELLAMSSaw Dave in the1950's A great player and a true blue Wish there were more like him

Tuesday 9th July 17:15 Report Comment

andy yatesRip dave I'm sure you will be talking football with the other blue legends. Thoughts go to the family.

Tuesday 9th July 17:12 Report Comment

Andrew HicksonSo sorry to hear of your great loss, may all the messages of support bring comfort to your family at this sad time. R.I.P. Dave

Tuesday 9th July 17:11 Report Comment

Gary Jervisrip davie so so sad to loose you what a legand you were r.i.p.

Tuesday 9th July 16:39 Report Comment

Barry HughesEverton's team in Heaven just got a superstar. RIP Dave. Once a Blue, always a Blue. Never will you be forgotten. Rest in peace, brother.

Tuesday 9th July 16:32 Report Comment

John McDonoughYou will be sadly missed you was a star god bless

Tuesday 9th July 16:28 Report Comment

Richard HiggsGoodbye Dave, Now you have gone to join the other greats that wore the blue of Everton. A true gentleman R.I.P.

Tuesday 9th July 16:11 Report Comment

jade readAlthough I never got to see you play for the toffees my dad met and saw you many of times. You are forever an everton legend. RIP the 'cannibal kid'.

Tuesday 9th July 15:56 Report Comment

RONALD ELLAMSSaw Dave in the 1950's Great player A true blue through and through

Tuesday 9th July 17:11 Report Comment

wiliam williamsR.I.P. Dave,once a blue always a blue, legends and true Evertonions are never forgotten. Thank you Dave

Tuesday 9th July 15:40 Report Comment

Sam PeelDave RIP, a true blue and a gent.

Tuesday 9th July 15:40 Report Comment

Alan BaillieDave, Say hello to all the Everton Greats for me in our BLUE Heaven. RIP mate and give Bally a hug from me.

Tuesday 9th July 15:35 Report Comment

Anthony WainwrightThough I never saw you play my Dad did and he rated you as one of our legends alongside Dixie, Labby and Bally. I met you a few times and what a lovely gentleman you were RIP the Cannonball Kid.

Tuesday 9th July 15:33 Report Comment

Kevin ThompsonRIP Legend and a true gentleman.

Tuesday 9th July 15:31 Report Comment

Tom SloanThank you for all those wonderfull years in the 50s & 60s. Dave gave me great inspiration during my formative years. All my love to his family during this sad time xo.

Tuesday 9th July 15:21 Report Comment

Deepest sympathy to Daves family, he was a true gentleman who gave his all for the club ... last of a generation and a hero worthy of the name.

Tuesday 9th July 15:16 Report Comment

Gareth DaviesA true Everton legend. RIP Dave.

Tuesday 9th July 15:13 Report Comment

Peter HarcourtThanks Dave , it was because of you that I became an Evertonian.

Tuesday 9th July 15:08 Report Comment

Peter DuttonAnother LEGEND up there in the sky's above,. R.I.P Dave Hickson you always had time for us Evertonians. you will be sorely missed but you will never be forgotten.

Tuesday 9th July 15:01 Report Comment

madison hughesTrue Everton legend and such a lovely down to earth man. RIP DAVE xx

Tuesday 9th July 14:40 Report Comment

geoff bevanA true BLUE LEGEND. He gave 110% on the pitch, as he was kind and gentle off it.

Tuesday 9th July 14:36 Report Comment

John BentThey broke the mould after they made you Dave. God bless.

Tuesday 9th July 14:22 Report Comment

Martin ThwaiteVery sad for Dave's family and the wider "Everton Family". A true Everton Great and a Toffee Legend. Rest in Peace Dave.

Tuesday 9th July 14:09 Report Comment

Joanna OldhamA true Everton Legend and a fine gentleman.

Tuesday 9th July 13:56 Report Comment

Pauline BentTrue gentleman and my Mums favourite. She cried with the news yesterday. The photograph with her and Dave on a stadium tour a few years ago a treasured possession on her mantel piece . God Bless you.

Tuesday 9th July 13:50 Report Comment

Chris BentMy Mum's hero. So sad he passed away 24 hours before her 92nd birthday. "There will never be another like you" is her tribute this morning. R.I.P Dave.

Tuesday 9th July 13:44 Report Comment

john mcmillanHey Davie," you don't pick Everton, you're born Everton". R.I.P pal, Blue thru and thru

Tuesday 9th July 13:43 Report Comment

David BriscoeRIP Dave. You were a true gentleman and a true Blue.

Tuesday 9th July 13:42 Report Comment

Thomas CoultonMet Dave on a stadium tour, great man, great evertonian.

Tuesday 9th July 13:39 Report Comment

Michael AgiusR.I.P Dave Hickson, was and will always be an Everton Legend.

Tuesday 9th July 13:39 Report Comment

STEPHEN MOONIEdave a true blue r.i.p

Tuesday 9th July 13:37 Report Comment

Bernard HalliganFrom Canada, RIP Dave, you played for and were part of the greatest football team on the planet. Gone but never forgotten.

Tuesday 9th July 13:35 Report Comment

Hayley WilliamsDave, you were a true gentleman and i had the pleasure of meeting you on numerous occasions.The grandad of Everton, the epitomy of Nil Satis Nisi Optimum. Rest in peace xx

Tuesday 9th July 13:34 Report Comment

Alan BowersAnother true Everton legend leaves us, you may be gone now Dave but will never be forgotten. R.I.P.

Tuesday 9th July 13:30 Report Comment

Karen ChambersLegend DAVE HICKSON. R.I.P. Thank you - A true blue.

Tuesday 9th July 13:29 Report Comment

alex lyonRIP Davie, You where a true LEGEND, i was even named after you. You will always be remembered. Goodnight sir NSNO

Tuesday 9th July 13:28 Report Comment

ricky knowlesThanks Dave, RIP lad

Tuesday 9th July 13:26 Report Comment

marjorie joneswhat agiant of a man .so sad one of the true greats

Tuesday 9th July 13:25 Report Comment

david barrone of the greats dave you will be sadly missed r.i.p. my friend true gent

Tuesday 9th July 13:23 Report Comment

nicole devaleraLegend. Is an overused word but not in your case Davie, match days at Goodison. Won't be the same without you.

Tuesday 9th July 13:18 Report Comment

simon shielA true blue evertonian and a legend,its a really sad day for all Evertonians and a great loss. Sincere condolences to the Hickson family. Rest in peace the Cannonball Kid.

Tuesday 9th July 12:57 Report Comment

neil garnerSuch Sad news the cannonball kid is gone I met him on a Goodison Tour and he was great my sympathies go to all his loved one Rest in Peace Dave

Tuesday 9th July 12:54 Report Comment

flack brianMy boyhood hero from when I began supporting in February 1952. We share great memories of those days and our love of this great club. May your soul rest in peace.

Tuesday 9th July 12:53 Report Comment

ian michaelsDave will be sadly missed, I met him once when he took me around on the stadium tour. He was a great footballer and a ambassador for the club. R.I.P Dave god bless

Tuesday 9th July 12:49 Report Comment

Ethan DaltonDave Hickson was way before my time, but I've heard all about him from my Dad and seen footage of him playing: he really was a true Blue. Goodbye Dave, you'll always be missed, but always remembered

Tuesday 9th July 12:37 Report Comment

Anthony TowersA true legend of the game. RIP the Cannonball Kid. God Bless

Tuesday 9th July 12:28 Report Comment

Kris HutchinsonRIP, Dave. A true Everton legend.

Tuesday 9th July 12:25 Report Comment

John BeeA warrior on the pitch and a true gentleman off it. God bless Davey. RIP.

Tuesday 9th July 12:22 Report Comment

Jonathan ElandI met Dave on a tour of Goodison Park a few years back. What a wonderfully nice gentleman its a real shame he is no longer with us. I will never forget that day and he made it very special

Tuesday 9th July 12:22 Report Comment

Tony RunacusA true blue & a true gentleman always went out of his way to come & say hello every home game to our table in the alex young suite will be sadly missed good night god bless the cannon ball kid!

Tuesday 9th July 12:20 Report Comment

Gary ThompsonR I p To a true blue legend

Tuesday 9th July 12:17 Report Comment

Paul O'ConnorGod Bless Dave, My Dad said you were the best, he is always right!! Thoughts with your family, Goodnight God bless and rest in peace. POC

Tuesday 9th July 12:17 Report Comment

Keith JonesA terrific Evertonian - glad to have met you. Just about the perfect role model for all everton fans, players and official - RIP

Tuesday 9th July 11:51 Report Comment

Gary McCarthyFortunate enough to meet Dave a couple of times and he was a true blue. RIP Dave.

Tuesday 9th July 11:48 Report Comment

Brian MageeMy Dad watched Dave play in the 50s, and my son and I enjoyed his company several times in the various lounges. A true gentleman, enthusiastic, warm and generous with his time. We will miss you Dave.

Tuesday 9th July 11:45 Report Comment

Raymond McNallySo sad at Dave's passing, what a man what a centre forward full of guts and fight, join up with all the ex, evertonions up there and with Pat and your best mate Stan Wilkenson, R.I.P.

Tuesday 9th July 11:32 Report Comment

John HandsMy boyhood hero with the DNA of Everton running through him. RIP Dave.

Tuesday 9th July 11:29 Report Comment

Kris ParmenterFarewell to a true legend from when football was still a game for men.

Tuesday 9th July 11:28 Report Comment

Simon PaulDave always has a smile, always a kind word, and was always 100% behind Everton. An inspirational man who I had the privilege of spending time with over the last ten years. Sweet dreams Dave.

Tuesday 9th July 11:13 Report Comment

Michael HaganA true legend, will be greatly missed at Goodison. Thanks for the memories Davie. R.I.P

Tuesday 9th July 11:00 Report Comment

Tracy PerryGutted to hear the sad news of Dave's passing. Thinking of all the family at this sad time. R.I.P Dave x

Tuesday 9th July 10:46 Report Comment

keith eversLegend DAVE HICKSON. R.I.P. Thank you

Tuesday 9th July 10:38 Report Comment

john fosterRIP to a true blue legend ,you showed the real meaning to the saying once a blue always a blue GBNF

Tuesday 9th July 10:34 Report Comment

William GildeaWhat a terrible loss of a true Everton Great, you will be sadly missed there was only one Cannon Ball Kid.

Tuesday 9th July 10:17 Report Comment

Stephen WainwrightThough he had lived long The "Cannonball kid" has gone at last. No more he'll hear the Gwladys Street Roar. Though fleet as Dixie in his youthful prime, He has yielded to the hand of time R.I.P

Tuesday 9th July 10:13 Report Comment

Kev KellySad Sad News, took me on a stadium tour a few years back now and he was a true gentleman had time for everyone, Thought are with his family, RIP DAVE

Tuesday 9th July 10:07 Report Comment

luke aspeyRIP Dave Hickson! Everton Legend

Tuesday 9th July 10:02 Report Comment

derek john teevangreat player,great man,will be missed.R.I.P.

Tuesday 9th July 09:49 Report Comment

David RoundA true legend a true Evertonian a true Gentleman good night God bless nil satis nisi optimum R.I.P. Dave Hickson

Tuesday 9th July 09:48 Report Comment

paul joseph jonesR.I.P Davey Hickson. True Evertonian the likes of we will never see again

Tuesday 9th July 09:27 Report Comment

Matthew KeenanA true Everton legend and a proper footballer. Im proud to say he played for us. RIP

Tuesday 9th July 09:21 Report Comment

derek john teevanr.i.p. dave great man,will be missed by everyone

Tuesday 9th July 08:59 Report Comment

STEPHEN HUGHESI am 63 & was brought up to the skills of Hicko. I went on to work on matchdays & was lucky to bump into him regularly, he always had time to talk about the club and players past & present

Tuesday 9th July 07:54 Report Comment

martin lloydfootballer,legend,Evertonian,most of all a gentleman,a sad loss to the Everton family,you will never be forgotton..

Tuesday 9th July 07:24 Report Comment

John McHughA true blue and a true gentleman! RIP Davie, all true blues will miss you.

Tuesday 9th July 07:16 Report Comment

steve hurleyGone But Never Forgotten , i will miss having a Guinness with you and having a good chin wag ......RIP Dave

Tuesday 9th July 06:02 Report Comment

Richard Humphreymy first hero as a ten year old in the boys pen. to later meet and talk to him was a dream come true. what a player, what a gentleman.

Tuesday 9th July 04:28 Report Comment

Richard Humphreymy first hero as a ten year old in the boys pen. to later meet and talk to him was a dream come true. what a player, what a gentleman.

Tuesday 9th July 04:27 Report Comment

Jan NedretvedtMet Dave a few times. First time outside Goodison with his wife Pat. Last time at Wembley last year. Such a nice and friendly person. RIP EFC Legend

Tuesday 9th July 02:56 Report Comment

Steve LandyLEGEND.

Tuesday 9th July 02:22 Report Comment

Robert HenonWhy do I feel that the Ever, has been taken from our name ?...... RIP, Dave, and thanks, for the memories !

Tuesday 9th July 02:03 Report Comment

Elliot HighamRIP Dave Hickson - a TRUE LEGEND!! I remember when i met this Gentleman, he was very kind and down to Earth. He definitely was a TRUE BLUE!!

Tuesday 9th July 01:42 Report Comment

baryl barlowremember seeing Davie as a young girl playing his heart out for the blues very brave great hair great man my hero.RIP

Tuesday 9th July 01:21 Report Comment

Ciaran FarrellyThank you for all you done for our beloved Blues God bless Dave Hickson and his family RIP The Cannonball Kid

Tuesday 9th July 01:05 Report Comment

James AshfordR I P Dave Hickson An honour to have met the great Evertonian on his tour guide of Goodison Park. True gentleman with a fantastic love of The Blues.

Tuesday 9th July 00:59 Report Comment

Jeff WaltersNever seen my Dad so in awe of someone as the day he met you, Dave! You are a true blue legend and a true gentleman! R.I.P.

Tuesday 9th July 00:49 Report Comment

susan henryRIP one of the greats

Tuesday 9th July 00:45 Report Comment

anthony stanleyvery upset at this news, my dad knew him and said he was top drawer.

Tuesday 9th July 00:24 Report Comment

riley neilYou have a special place in my heart,after i got too meet you,along with Sharpy,on the evening we beat Charlton Ath a few years ago, Rest in peace,a true Gentleman,gone but not forgotten !

Monday 8th July 23:10 Report Comment

Kate MottramOnly time I've seen my Dad really excited meeting Dave Hickson on a stadium tour great day great man thankyou RIP xxxxx

Monday 8th July 23:00 Report Comment

andrew alcockA true legend, with blue blood and a blue heart. i met the great man on a tour and enjoyed every second . RIP Dave...nil satis nisi optimum you were one of the best

Monday 8th July 22:54 Report Comment


Monday 8th July 22:46 Report Comment

Paul WilliamsI never saw Dave as a player, but I met him a few years ago at Goodison. His enthusiasm shone through but what I remember most was he was a true gentleman. He will be sadly missed. RIP.

Monday 8th July 22:46 Report Comment

Bill HayesOff to see your Pat and she'll watch from the touch line as all you true legends have a kick around, God Bless RIP

Monday 8th July 22:45 Report Comment

Ladislav HegyiThank you Mr. Dave 'Cannonball Kid' Hickson.. R.I.P.

Monday 8th July 22:42 Report Comment

Tony HennessyI had the pleasure of meeting the great man and he was an absolute gentleman one of the very greatest blues RIP and thank you Dave

Monday 8th July 22:38 Report Comment

christopher barberA LEGEND AND A GREAT MAN

Monday 8th July 22:38 Report Comment

Lawrence GardinerI was too young to remember Dave as a player but knew what a true Evertonian he was. He was a lovely man by all accounts and my heart goes out to his family at this very sad time

Monday 8th July 22:36 Report Comment

Andrew HutchinsonDeepest sympathy to your family Dave. You helped make this club the great one it is today and was a fan favourite in two different millennia. RIP

Monday 8th July 22:28 Report Comment

Graeme HolmesRIP Everton Legend - never got to see you play but heard all about you from my Dad - True Evertonian

Monday 8th July 22:26 Report Comment

Ronny AardalRIP legend Hickson

Monday 8th July 22:24 Report Comment

Stephen RobinsonRIP Cannonball Kid. Enjoy playing alongside Dixie, Bally, Labby, Speedo and Westy up there.

Monday 8th July 22:16 Report Comment

John RuaneRIP Dave, although I never saw him play all the stories about him would make the hair on my neck stand up. A proper Everton legend - to so many different generations of Evertonians.

Monday 8th July 22:14 Report Comment

My late dad's hero, a great man,a great Evertonian.RIP.

Monday 8th July 22:10 Report Comment

peter dunnGod bless Dave a true Gent ,

Monday 8th July 22:07 Report Comment

Shelli WoodsGod rest you Dave. A true Everton legend and Giant at the club. At peace now, but always a part of the Everton family. RIP x

Monday 8th July 22:00 Report Comment

barry longfirst met Dave dad who introduced him to me on a bus at Secombe ferry, what a gent,he was, it was him who persuaded me to become a blue 60 years ago. R.I.P. mate

Monday 8th July 21:46 Report Comment

CHRIS ROBERT AARRESad to read Dave Hickson died today. My Goodison guided tours will never be the same again. RIP Cannonball Kid

Monday 8th July 21:35 Report Comment

Nigel Griffithsone and only , RIP Dave

Monday 8th July 21:33 Report Comment

keith goodwinRest in peace Dave Hickson a true blue through and through. You will be missed around Goodison Park.

Monday 8th July 21:31 Report Comment

Brian W. McCarthyDave I,ll never forget the goal against Man U in the 5th round in 1953 and you hook up wiith John Willie ap you,ll be sadly missed Brian McCArthy Willingboro N.J

Monday 8th July 21:26 Report Comment

mark skinnerVery sad to hear of the death of Dave Hickson, a true Everton legend. Hope we don't have to wait too long before Goodison is once again graced with his equal.

Monday 8th July 21:19 Report Comment

Joanne BloorSo sad to hear the loss of a truely lovely gentleman who myself and my son had the pleasure to meet at the Everton Store. An absolute legend. RIP Dave xxx

Monday 8th July 21:18 Report Comment

Harvey WilliamsRest in Peace Dave. A TRUE BLUE if ever there was one. A TRUE GENTLEMAN. Sadly missed.

Monday 8th July 21:17 Report Comment

Colin FosterYou were my idol and my hero Davie. I'll never forget you. I'm sorry that I never met you. Thanks you Dave and may you rest in peace.

Monday 8th July 21:15 Report Comment

Hearing the stories of Dave Hickson and above all what a genuinely nice person he was makes you proud to be an evertonian

Monday 8th July 21:14 Report Comment

Dan SorensenVery sad. RIP Dave Hickson. My thoughts are with your family. COYB!

Monday 8th July 21:11 Report Comment

Sheila WhiteLovely man fantastic player with a blue heart

Monday 8th July 21:07 Report Comment

He was everything that was best about the people's game and so much that is lost

Monday 8th July 21:02 Report Comment

David McBrideGoodnight & God Bless Dave you we're a hero in my dad's eyes and say hello to him for me. Sad Blue Xxxxxx

Monday 8th July 20:59 Report Comment


Monday 8th July 20:56 Report Comment

Neil ForsterI had the pleasure of meeting Dave a few times you could not wish to meet a nicer person who always had time to talk to supporters. RIP Dave

Monday 8th July 20:51 Report Comment

Tony FarrellAn icon, a hero from a time when the club was struggling. And that hair style... Great memories, real sadness. Rest in peace

Monday 8th July 20:46 Report Comment

ian clarkeToday we have lost a working class hero, a footballing giant, a true gentleman and an Everton legend , Goodnight Davey sleep well x

Monday 8th July 20:46 Report Comment

Phil ThomasRIP Dave, true legend and great person

Monday 8th July 20:44 Report Comment

alan gillibrandMy Dad told me of his gutts and bravery ,i met him and he was a gentleman and a massive Evertonian R.I.P Dave.

Monday 8th July 20:39 Report Comment

Mark RileyReally sad day for all Evertonians. But what fantastic memories he leaves with us. A true gentleman. A true Blue.

Monday 8th July 20:39 Report Comment

robert mercuryR.I.P dave, you are in the heavens now and can have long chats with dixie and some of our other blues that have sadly passed away, you will be remembered forever xx

Monday 8th July 20:37 Report Comment

Debbie LloydDave Hickson, once a legend always a legend. You'll go straight into the first team up there, rest in peace and look down on the Blues, try and bring us some luck xxxx

Monday 8th July 20:37 Report Comment

Andrew PRest in Peace, Dave. When the word "legend" is thrown around it can sometimes lose value. Dave Hickson was a legend. An Everton legend.

Monday 8th July 20:30 Report Comment

lee quinceyso sad our thought are with you and your family. I had the great privalige of meeting Dave on one of the Goodison Park tours and he was a true gent he will be missed. A true Everton Legend. x

Monday 8th July 20:27 Report Comment

JAMIE mcfarlaneif only some players off todays game where like dave rip true legend

Monday 8th July 20:26 Report Comment


Monday 8th July 20:25 Report Comment

michael dolanRIP a true blue legend

Monday 8th July 20:24 Report Comment

Tom SouthI only ever met Mr. Hickson on a Goodison tour, so I'm just one of thousands of us who can say we 'met' him, but my late dad told me all about him and was a big, big fan. Rest in peace NSNO

Monday 8th July 20:23 Report Comment

Gerard HenesyA true blue Legend. Dave will be missed by all who hold Everton in their hearts

Monday 8th July 20:08 Report Comment

Paul DixonA true gent who was loved on both sides of Stanley Park and the Mersey - no mean feat. A Blue with a hint of Red and a bit of White.

Monday 8th July 20:07 Report Comment

Jonathan McmahonI remember Dave taking my son and I for a Goodison tour a few years back, absolute pleasure to have met him. RIP Dave and my sincerest condolences to your family.

Monday 8th July 20:03 Report Comment

Phil WilsonRemember a wonderful goodison tour when Dave took me and my children round Goodison Park,he made the day special,a true gentleman and true Everton legend.Rip Dave you will be sorely missed

Monday 8th July 20:02 Report Comment

nigel morganRIP Dave Hickson You will always be a true Everton Legend.

Monday 8th July 19:59 Report Comment

Being the same age as the Chairman I would echo all of his comments,A TRUE EVERTON together with his beloved Pat. R.I.P. Dave.

Monday 8th July 19:58 Report Comment

Costas ConstantinouA True Evertonian, RIP

Monday 8th July 19:56 Report Comment

john vintenR I P the legend dave hickson , u will be missed by thousands , still ive got your picture on my wall at home , thanks for the tour many years ago ,

Monday 8th July 19:53 Report Comment

stephen needley"LEGEND" Dave took me and my wife round Goodison a few years back.. Beautiful guy..

Monday 8th July 19:52 Report Comment

Dave, you were and are, a legend. I was 9 years old when I watched my first Everton game back in 1959 and I have never forgotten that day. RIP Dave and sincere condolences to your family.

Monday 8th July 19:51 Report Comment

lorraine marshallR.I.P Dave Hickson a true Everton legend

Monday 8th July 19:50 Report Comment

Joe HayesDave Hickson, a true legend, an Everton hero and a proper gentleman, you'll be having a kick about with the rest of the Everton legends up there. R.I.P The Cannonball kid you'll never be forgotten.

Monday 8th July 19:42 Report Comment

Daniel MillerYou were a true giant and a gentleman. Thank you Dave.

Monday 8th July 19:42 Report Comment

peter andrewtrue blue and merseyside football hero only seen him play for the rovers but he was my dads hero

Monday 8th July 19:39 Report Comment

Bryan CulshawDave Hickson was my dad's idol and a proper Evertonian. Thankyou and RIP Sir.

Monday 8th July 19:36 Report Comment

An Evertonian, a great player and a fine man. Will be sorely missed

Monday 8th July 19:33 Report Comment

james mchalei never seen you play,but i have seen you at goodison,always with a smile and always chatting to some one.a true blue and a gentleman, all of us on merseyside will miss you,R.I.P. dave.

Monday 8th July 19:33 Report Comment

Peter SouthernSo sad yes a true Gent met Dave a few times at Goodison on Different ocations Always had time for a chat R,I,P,

Monday 8th July 19:29 Report Comment

Peter DorganDave Hickson was and always will be my hero at Everton. May God have mercy on his soul. R.I.P

Monday 8th July 19:24 Report Comment

Natalie CollinsA true gentleman, evertonian and legend. It was a pleasure to meet you and listen to stories of when you were a player. Rest in Peace Sir.

Monday 8th July 19:23 Report Comment

Alec WalkerGoodbye Davie, gone to the Hall of Warriors. "Bravest of the brave" I was there fron your first game and I thought you won promotion for us. You were the true Evertonian.

Monday 8th July 19:23 Report Comment


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