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The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (2011) requires website operators to provide information about the cookies that it uses on its website(s) and in some instances to obtain the consent of website users to the use of those cookies. Like many other web site operators Everton uses cookies for a variety of purposes and it is our intention to use cookies in a fair and reasonable manner, and in such a way as to be un-intrusive with regard to your privacy. The purpose of this policy is to provide clear and comprehensive information to web site users about the types of cookies Everton uses, the steps that we have take to comply with the law, and the impact of the cookies that we use on your privacy.


Cookies are small text files that a website places on the hard disk of a website user’s computer. The cookie file contains a small amount of information set by the web page server. Cookies are used for a variety of purposes such as remembering settings that personalise your web browsing experience. For example, you may want a website to remember your location so that you get a local weather forecast whenever you browse that website. Or you might want a website to remember you so that you don’t have to log in every time you visit it. This functionality is achieved by the website placing a cookie on your computer containing some data that the website recognises as your settings or preferences when your computer visits it.

Cookies are not computer programs, they cannot be used to disseminate viruses they cannot be executed as code and they have no intelligence – they are simply small pieces of text containing information which allows the web site to identify a user's computer.


Cookies essentially fulfil four main purposes. It is possible for a single cookie to fulfil more than one purpose. These purposes are:

  1. Cookies that are necessary to provide a service requested by the user (e.g. a cookie that is set to enable a shopping basket to be compiled in a web shop) called "strictly necessary cookies";
  2. Cookies which are designed to improve how a website works by collecting anonymous data about topics like how visitors use a website (e.g. which pages visitors go to most often) called “performance cookies”;
  3. Cookies that remember the choices you make when you visit a webpage such as language, name, location, and font size to enhance website functionality called "functionality cookies";
  4. Cookies that store information about a user’s browsing behaviour and are then used to tailor content which are called “targeting or advertising cookies”. These types of cookies can be used to target users with banner advertising that the web site operator thinks may be of interest to the user based on the user’s browsing habits recorded in the cookie. These cookies are often placed by advertising networks and often share information with third parties such as advertisers.


Examples of the cookies that Everton uses on its website are shown in the table below. The precise cookies may vary from time to time.

Strictly necessary cookies

The cookies below allow to function correctly. With each cookie is a description of its function and when it is set.

This cookie is set when you first visit our website. It determines which web server your visit is handled by and ensures your visit continues on this server.
This cookie is set when you first visit our website in your current browsing session.  This cookie is unset when you close your browser.
This cookie is set when you log in to our website. It is essential for us to determine that you are logged in to the website.
This cookie is set on log in to our website.  It is used to verify your login status.
This cookie is set on log in to our website. It is essential to allows us to identify you when you interact with the website. (i.e. post a comment).
This cookie is set on log in to our website. We use this to display your name when you are logged in. (i.e. in the login bar).
This cookie is set on log in to our website. The contents of this cookie are used to show your e-mail address to yourself when you are logged in and want to leave a comment.
This cookie is set on log in to our website.  It is used to verify your login status.
This cookie is set on log in to our website. We use this as an indicator to whether you have a YourEverton profile.
This cookie is set on log in to our website. It gives us an indication as to whether your a season ticket holder.
This cookie is set on log in to our website.  If you're a YourEverton user, it will highlight how many unread notifications you have.


This cookie is set on log in to our website.  It is required for sign-on between and evertontv.

This cookie is set on log in to our website.  It is required for sign-on between and evertontv.
This cookie is set on log in to our website.  It is required for sign-on between and evertontv.
This cookie is set when you visit the Blueroom at
This cookie is set when you visit the Blueroom at

Functionality cookies

We use functionality cookies to remember any preferences you have made during your visit to

This cookie is set when you are on a smartphone device and you choose to view the full desktop website rather than the mobile optimised version.
When you visit on a smartphone, we promote the availablility of an application for your mobile device. This is displayed in a pop-up window. This cookie is used to remember your preference and to stop the pop-up window from being displayed again during your visit.

Performance cookies

Performance cookies helps us understand how visitors use, allowing us to improve the website in terms of appearance and content.

Google Analytics
This is a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. Google Analytics sets a cookie in order to evaluate use of those services and compile a report for us. Click here to learn more and manage the cookies set by Google Analytics.

Targeting or advertising cookies

A number of services are used by our advertising partner to deliver display advertising based off your browsing activity over a period of time. For example, the banner at the top of might display products have looked at on another website. You can learn more about online advertising cookies, and manage which companies collect and use behavioural cookies, at your online choices.

Examples of additional online behavioural cookies set when you visit
We use the AddThis service to provide sharing functionality across AddThis use the cookies they set to provide targeted advertising. You can opt-out of personally identifiable information being collected by clicking here.
LiveRail provide video advertising on (i.e. the video advertisement shown before you watch a video on You can opt-out of any LiveRail behavioural advertising products (advertisements for products and services in which you might be interested based on your visits) here.
ADTECH can be used by our advertising partner to deliver targeted display advertising. You can opt-out of this on the ADTECH website here.

Social Networks

On we make use of social plugins and sharing functionality provided by social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. These social networks might install a cookie on your device when you visit You can learn more about the cookie policy adopted by these companies at the following links:


The majority of web browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari etc.) will allow you to manage the cookies you accept via your browser settings.

Depending on your browser, further information can be obtained via the following links:

Mobile phone users may have to refer to their handset manual for details on how to manage cookies using their mobile browser.


For more information about, privacy or cookies please contact us at:

Data Manager
Everton Football Club
Goodison Park
Liverpool L4 4EL
Tel: 0871 663 1878*



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