The Season Ticket Waiting List for 2019/20 is now open - and Evertonians eager to have the chance of securing a seat for next season are urged to sign up as early as possible.

All Season Ticket prices have been frozen for the fourth successive year as the Club continues its commitment to affordable football.

Having hit the Season Ticket cap for the last two seasons and Goodison sell-outs commonplace, demand for Season Tickets is growing year-on-year. As a result, joining the Waiting List is more important than ever.

The Waiting List will be ordered into four TIERS. Details of the TIERS are provided below.

It is possible for fans to upgrade to a higher TIER by joining the ‘We Are Everton’ Membership Scheme.
For those Season Ticket Members wanting to purchase an additional Season Ticket, you can also sign up the person you would like to purchase for as a ‘We Are Everton’ Member - further enhancing the chances of securing a seat for the 2019/20 campaign.
  • Supporters in TIER 1 will have first choice on Season Tickets that are not renewed. Fans in this group will have been Waiting List Members for Season Tickets for both the 2017/18 and 2018/19 seasons, opted in to the list for 2019/20 and a ‘We Are Everton’ Official Membership for the current campaign.
  • TIER 2 is made up of fans who are current 2018/19 ‘We Are Everton’ Official Members but who haven’t been on the Waiting List in previous seasons.
  • TIER 3 is made up of fans who have been on the Waiting List for the past two campaigns and opted in to the Waiting List for this season – but who are not Official Members. Fans in this group can move up to TIER 1 and enhance their chances of securing a Season Ticket for 2019/20 by purchasing an Official Membership.
  • TIER 4 is made up of new Waiting List Members who have not purchased an Official Membership. Supporters in this category can move up to TIER 2 by purchasing an Official Membership.
On top of moving up in TIERS, Official Members will also receive a welcome pack, priority for 2018/19 ticket sales, gain access to exclusive online video content and live streams for selected Under-23s matches, plus much more. For more information about Memberships - including how to purchase - click here.