Message From Bill Kenwright

Dear Fellow Evertonians,

The Everton Former-Players' Foundation is a registered charity set up to help Goodison greats through occasional hard times, whether physical or financial.

Charity, unfortunately, sounds like a begging bowl by another name. Believe me it's not. Just think of those you have worshipped over the years. The boys in blue who have brought us a mixture of triumph and despair, happiness and tears, but always, and at all times, the camaraderie, and what my mate Tommy calls "the privilege" of supporting the Blues. Think of charity, then, as a thank-you from all of us True Blues for the gift of the magic these man have brought to our lives and a thousand sunny, or bleak, Saturdays.

As a patron of the Foundation, I see on a day-to-day basis what the organisation is already achieving in meeting the medical needs of some of Goodison's heroes. Many of whom never even dreamed of the big pay day that seems to be an ever-present in football nowadays - and probably even sadder many of whom obviously missed that day by relatively few years. Whatever their age, these lads are still "our boys", and believe me they are still blue through and through.

I ask you to join with me in supporting a cause that is close to the heart of all of us with the Royal-Blue blood of our beloved team in our veins. A cash donation from you will be an acknowledgement of the debt that we owe to these giants of our past. You can make a donation, however small and in whatever currency, to the Everton Former-Players' Foundation as follows.

Send a cheque made payable to Everton Former-Players' Association to this address:

19, Oakham Drive
CH46 6FF
United Kingdom 

The Foundation is a registered charity (#1080101) accountable to the Charities Commission.

Every penny is gratefully received and put to very good use. Please give as generously as you can.

Keep the faith.

Bill Kenwright
Chairman, Everton Football Club