Supporters Club Terms and Conditions

Official Terms and Conditions for the 2018/19 season



The branch will ensure that each and every individual branch member (the “member”):

1.1 Shall at all times conduct him/herself in a responsible manner and shall not at any time behave in any manner that is sexist, racist, violent, sectarian, homophobic or otherwise discriminatory whilst attending, or travelling to and/or from, football fixtures and events involving Everton.

1.2 Shall not bring Everton and any of its properties, and/or its contractual partners (whether commercial or otherwise) into disrepute, or behave in a manner that is (directly or indirectly) prejudicial, libellous, defamatory or slanderous in nature.

1.3 Shall not resell, or attempt to resell, match tickets purchased from Everton or any other Club. Members are reminded that the terms and conditions that relate to the sale of tickets specifically prohibit resale unless done so via an authorised Official Partner of Everton.

1.4 Shall not subject any member of staff, player or Club official to any personal abuse, either in private or the public domain.


2.1 The branch shall maintain a register of its members (including full contact details) and shall ensure that the register is updated throughout the duration of its official affiliation to Everton. The Club require each branch to complete a spreadsheet (in template format supplied by Everton) containing details of each registered member.

2.2 Provided to Everton by Monday 10 September 2018 and updated with new/removed members as and when necessary.

2.3 Branches will not be eligible to access home or away tickets, or benefits, without having completed the affiliation process in full.

2.4 When applying for tickets or benefits, applications per individual branch cannot exceed the number of members affiliated.

2.5 Everton shall at all times ensure that all information provided by the branch is kept strictly confidential and used only in accordance with all relevant legislation.

2.6 In line with the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the Club requires that all Supporters’ Club secretaries/chairpersons have obtained the necessary consent from each and every one of their members to share their personal data with the Club as part of the Supporters’ Club affiliation process.

2.7 It is the sole responsibility of the Supporters’ Club secretary/chairperson to ensure their members are aware of this new process and that they will be eligible to be contacted by the Club once their information is shared. We strongly recommend each Supporters’ Club evidences their process for sharing supporter information to protect their branch from breach of GDPR.

2.8 All members lists must be submitted in Excel format, in order to be processed. Branches can email Niall.O’ for a blank members list template.



3.1 Supporters’ Clubs will only be able to access home and away match tickets if they have completed the necessary elements of the affiliation process, as set out in the benefits of affiliation section.

3.2 A group sales ticket offer will be made available to Supporters’ Clubs for four Premier League fixtures. The fixtures will be selected at the discretion of the Club. Access to the group sales ticket offer is subject to a minimum number of match ticket purchasers and data collection. The offer is subject to availability.

3.3 The item of signed Everton merchandise available to each branch for fundraising purposes is at the discretion of Everton. It is the responsibility of the branch to apply for the merchandise, and this must be requested by Monday 1 April 2019. Applications should be sent to Niall.O’ or Niall O’Donnell, 7th Floor, Royal Liver Building, Pier Head, Liverpool Waterfront, Liverpool, L3 1HU.

3.4 The item of signed merchandise for every 200 home match tickets sold is at the discretion of the Club. It is the responsibility of the branch to apply for the merchandise, and this must be requested by Monday 1 April 2019. Allocations should be send to Niall.O’ or Niall O’Donnell, 7th Floor, Royal Liver Building, Pier Head, Liverpool Waterfront, Liverpool, L3 1HU.

3.5 Two members can be nominated to represent each branch in the official Supporters’ Club flag parade. The branch secretary is responsible for confirming the names of the nominated members, along with any additional details requested by Everton.

3.6 A limited number of branches will be visited by the official Everton Football Club Supporters’ Club Tour and the branches will be chosen at Everton’s discretion.

3.7 A limited number of representatives from each branch will be able to attend the Supporters’ Club End of Season Event. The branch Secretary is responsible for confirming the names of nominated members. Events will be held on dates determined by Everton and attendance is subject to availability.

3.8 A limited number of representatives from each branch will be invited to attend Supporters’ Clubs tours of USM Finch Farm and Goodison Park, if selected as one of their benefits. The branch Secretary is responsible for confirming the names of nominated members and tours will take place on a date determined by Everton. A maximum number of members for each Supporters’ Club will apply.  

3.9 Supporters’ Clubs can apply for a place in the Supporters’ Club Tournament. Places will be drawn randomly from those who register an interest. The Tournament will be held on a date determined by Everton.  The branch secretary is responsible for confirming the names of the members who will form the team, along with any additional details requested by Everton.

3.10 Supporters’ Clubs can only select a maximum of one benefit from each of the three categories outlined in the Supporters’ Club Affiliation guide. All benefits must be submitted by Monday 10 September 2018. Any benefits selected after this date are at the discretion of Everton

3.11 If selected, home meal deal vouchers and away meal deal vouchers will be given on a fixture determined by the Club.  

3.12 Only Junior members will be entitled to receive the earphones or Christmas card including signed player photographs, as part of the benefits, if selected.

3.13 In order to be eligible to receive a birthday message from a first-team player, the branch Secretary is responsible for submitting a valid customer number and/or email for each member, within their members list.

3.13 The USM Finch Farm Kids’ Training Day will be held on a date determined by Everton. Attendance is subject to availability.


4.1 The branch and each member acknowledge and agree that the Trade Marks and Logos set out in the schedule (the “Trade Marks and Logos”) and all intellectual property rights subsisting therein (including copyright) are the exclusive property of, or owned and controlled by, Everton.

4.2 The branch shall be permitted to use the Trade Marks and Logos for non-commercial purposes only and in the form stipulated by Everton. Generally, Everton views any merchandising activity, which would generate a profit over and above any mark-up, needed to cover administrative costs, as commercial in nature. For the purpose of this paragraph, Everton shall in its absolute discretion reasonably determine whether any such use is non-commercial or otherwise.

4.3 The branch shall obtain the prior written approval of Everton (such approval to be given or withheld at the absolute discretion of Everton) in relation to:

  Any and all branch merchandise and/or products which feature any Trade Mark or Logo

  The manner and position in which the Trade Marks and Logos are attached to branch merchandise and/or products;The branch shall not permit any person to, modify, alter or otherwise amend any of the Trade Marks and Logos.


4.4 The use of the Trade Marks and Logos by the branch pursuant to paragraph 1.2 shall at all times be in keeping with, and seek to maintain, their distinctiveness and reputation as determined by Everton, and the branch shall forthwith cease any use not consistent therewith as Everton may in its absolute discretion require.

4.5 The branch shall not register or procure the registration of any of the Trade Marks and Logos or any similar mark as a Trade Mark for any class of goods in any country in the world.

4.6 The branch agrees to promptly enter into any registered use agreement and execute any other document as may be necessary to record the branch as a registered user of any of the Trade Marks and Logos or to otherwise give effect to, and to carry out the terms of these articles in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

4.7 The branch shall be liable for any and all liability, loss, damages, costs, legal costs, professional and other expenses of any nature whatsoever incurred or suffered by Everton whether direct or consequential (including without limitation any economic loss or other loss of profits, business or goodwill) arising out of any dispute or contractual, tortuous or other claims or proceedings brought by or against Everton by reason of the use of any of the Trade Marks and Logos by the branch.

4.8 The branch agrees that neither Everton nor its agents will be in any shape or form liable for any debts, liabilities or other expenses incurred by the branch.



“Trade Marks and Logos” include;

  Everton Football ClubTM, Everton FCTM, EvertonTM, EFCTM, Goodison ParkTM,  Nil Satis Nisi OptimumTM, The ToffeesTM,

  Everton in the CommunityTM

  The official Everton crest, or any element thereof

For full list of all domestic Trade Mark or Registrations in the name of Everton Football Club please visit and search ‘Everton Football Club’.


This information should be read in conjunction with the Ticket Terms and Conditions, available on request from the Park End Box Office, or online at

5.1 As the Chairman/Branch Secretary of the Supporters’ Club it is your responsibility to ensure each member of your Supporters’ Club is aware that all tickets acquired are subject to the Ticket Terms and Conditions and Ground Regulations.

5.2 The Chairman/Branch Secretary is also responsible for ensuring that all your members are aware that any tickets purchased through the Supporters’ Club will not be recorded on their individual customer number unless provided at the time the application is placed.

5.3 The Chairman/branch Secretary should also note that purchase history will not be added to any individuals’ record retrospectively under any circumstances.

5.4 All bookings should be submitted on the Official branch booking forms via post, fax or email to

5.5 Home Tickets go on sale one calendar month prior to the fixture, so all bookings should be submitted as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Reservations will not be kept in the event of a home sell-out.

5.6 Ticket requests should be completed as completed lists to assist with both administration and grouped seating preferences. Any requests made in addition to previously submitted ticket orders may not be situated within the same area.

5.7 Tickets for all away match fixtures will be sold in line with the match by match ticket criteria. All away match tickets will only be sold to members who are 2018/19 Season Ticket Holders. Supporters’ Clubs should not submit any non-season ticket holder customer numbers on away ticket applications as this may result in the application becoming void.

5.8 Each Supporters’ Club is responsible for keeping a log of away tickets issued to each member, duplicate away tickets will only be produced when details are confirmed by the Supporters’ Club secretary.

5.9 Away tickets must be paid for and collected at the very latest, five days prior to the fixture being played. Any tickets not collected by this time will be re-sold. If the fixture is sold out any tickets requested must be paid for by the Supporters’ Club secretary. Failure to comply may result in future ticket allocations being refused or withdrawn.


6.1 Match Tickets, home or away and Season Tickets are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged.

6.2 To avoid doubt, no refunds will be made in respect of matches not attended, postponed, abandoned or rescheduled to accommodate live television coverage, or in any circumstance where the Club has cancelled a Season Ticket as a result of the holder’s conduct.



7.1 Everton reserves the right to reject any application to join the official Supporters’ Club network.

7.2 Any breach in these conditions will result in Supporters’ Clubs losing affiliated status.


8.1 Everton reserves the right to revise and update these terms and conditions at their own discretion.



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