Stubhub FAQs

by Daniel Alston @efc_danalston

What is StubHub?

StubHub is the world's largest ticket marketplace, providing fans with a safe, convenient place to get tickets to the concerts, theatre and sporting events they want to see, and an easy way to sell their tickets when they can't go. Every order is covered by our FanProtect™ Guarantee. StubHub launched in the United Kingdom in December 2011 and is the official ticket marketplace of Everton.

Who can sell Everton tickets on

Any current Everton season ticket holder can sell tickets for Everton Barclays Premier League home matches on

How do I list my Everton tickets for sale on

Listing your extra tickets for sale on is easy and we'll walk you through each step of the process. To get started, you'll just select the match – or matches – you're selling tickets for. Please have your club customer number handy, as you'll need to enter it so we can verify your ticket info with the club. Then, you'll price your tickets and set up your payment and contact info.

If your tickets sell, we'll send your ticket info to the club so they can remove the match tickets from your season ticket card and issue paper tickets for the buyer to pick up at the stadium. We'll transfer the balance of your payment (after deducting our service fee) to your PayPal account 5 to 8 business days after the match takes place.

If your tickets don't sell, they'll remain on your season ticket card and you won't incur any charges.

What if I change my mind after I list my tickets?

If your tickets haven't sold, you can always remove your listing if you change your mind.

How should I price my tickets?

When you list your tickets for sale on, you are free to set your price and can adjust it any time before they sell. Everton and StubHub will not dictate pricing for your tickets.

What are the fees for buying and selling tickets on StubHub UK?

You'll pay a buyer service fee when you buy tickets on This includes delivery and VAT, where applicable.

There are no fees to list your tickets on If your tickets sell, we'll deduct a seller service fee (which includes VAT, where applicable) out of the total ticket sale price and then pay you the balance.

When will I be able to list my Everton tickets on StubHub?

You may list your tickets at any time.

How much can I list my Season Ticket seat for?

Season Ticket Members can set the price for their seat for any home fixtures that they can’t attend. The Club reserves the right to implement a maximum ‘Buyer Sees’ price for all Season Ticket Members’ listings.

How will buyers get the tickets I sell?

If your tickets sell, we'll send your ticket info to the club so they can remove the match tickets from your season ticket card and issue paper tickets for the buyer to pick up at the stadium. The buyer will need to provide identification at the stadium so we can ensure that the right fan gets the right ticket.

How do I know who's buying my ticket?

When you sell your tickets on, we send the buyer's information directly to Everton. Before issuing the tickets, the club performs the same checks on StubHub buyers as they do for any ticket purchaser.

In the very unlikely event that an unruly fan buys or uses your tickets, the club will not penalise you or cancel your account.

How many Everton tickets can I buy or sell?

You can buy or sell as many tickets to Everton home matches as you want.

What about junior tickets and other ticket classes?

Everton has different ticket classes such as junior tickets and wheelchair user tickets - and supporters must use the correct ticket for entry. Keep in mind that even though juniors are defined as ages 11-15, anyone under 16 can enter with a junior ticket, and so on.

When you list a ticket for sale on StubHub, the ticket class is automatically included in your listing.

When you buy an Everton ticket on StubHub, we'll show you the ticket class so you can make sure you're buying the right ticket. For example, if you're buying a junior ticket, the person using that ticket will need to be under the age of 16. For more information about ticket classes, take a look at the table below.

Are there any guarantees for StubHub buyers and sellers?

We back every order with our FanProtectTM Guarantee, so you can buy and sell Everton tickets with confidence.

When you buy tickets on StubHub, we guarantee:

  • You'll get the tickets you ordered in time for the event and they'll be valid for entry
  • If any of the above does not occur, we'll locate comparable replacement tickets or provide you with a refund
  • You'll get a refund if your event is cancelled and not rescheduled
  • Sellers will never contact you directly

When you sell tickets on StubHub, we guarantee:

  • It's free to list your tickets
  • You'll get paid for all sales you complete as promised in your listing
  • You set your price and can adjust it any time before your tickets sell
  • You don't have to worry about communicating with buyers - that's our job
  • How will I get Everton tickets I buy on
  • You'll pick up your tickets at the Bullens Road box office on the day of the match. Make sure you bring your photo ID and StubHub order number or receipt.

Do I need to be a season ticket holder to buy Everton tickets on

No - anyone with a StubHub account can buy tickets to Everton home matches on However, the club, along with law enforcement, has measures in place to ensure that unwelcome elements are kept away from the stadium. The club, at all times, retains the right to deny access to any ticket holder.

Will I be able to buy tickets to Everton's away matches?

No, you'll only be able to buy tickets to Everton's home matches on

Will the tickets be in the Everton supporters' section?

Yes, the tickets you buy on will always be in the Everton supporters' section.

What if the match I've bought tickets for is postponed?

If a match is postponed or rescheduled, we'll send you an email with the new date and your tickets will be ready for you to pick up at the stadium on the new date.