Fan Services


One of the Club's primary objectives each season is to ensure that everyone who attends first team fixtures at Goodison Park has a pleasant and memorable matchday experience. 

To further improve the experience for all supporters attending matches at Goodison Park, we have a dedicated Fan Based Services team which is available first hand for all supporters. There is also an Events Team that will be organising all our Fan Zone / matchday Hub activity which includes arranging themed matches to create memorable days for fans.

To that end, we will work tirelessly to ensure that the stadium and immediate environment is always clean, tidy and as comfortable as possible. The health and safety of both supporters and matchday staff is of paramount importance to us and we shall ensure that all floors and surfaces are free from trip-hazards and that whenever we do encounter unforeseen problems - for example spillages and breakages - clean-up work will be commenced and completed as quickly as is practicable. 

Should you need to contact Fan Based Services at any point during your match day experience please contact: 0151 530 5261 
Goodison Park is a "smoke-free" zone (this includes electronic cigarettes and other electronic smoking devices) and we will not tolerate breaches of the regulations which govern this ruling. Indeed, anyone caught smoking inside the stadium may be ejected and will face the possibility of being banned from attending matches. 

The safety of those who attend games at Goodison Park stands at the very top of our priority list. We aim to ensure that those who wish to follow Everton can do so in a friendly and threat-free environment. We employ a comprehensive safety management structure which includes contingency plans designed to deal quickly and effectively with any exceptional circumstances which may arise. 

For supporters who do experience difficulties when visiting Goodison Park, problems can be reported by texting “HELP” to 60030 giving brief details and location of the problem.


The Club is committed to providing an exceptional service to all its fans and customers. 

In order to adhere to the Club's motto 'Nil Satis Nisi Optimum' meaning ‘nothing but the best is good enough', all staff are focused on providing the best service possible and conducting themselves in a manner that reflects this. 

Everton is a responsible employer committed to equal opportunities for all. In striving for continuous improvement, the training and development of staff is essential to us. In addition to in-house training, Everton provides appropriate support to employees who wish to pursue an educational/professional course of study. Formal performance reviews, in place since 2005/06, support staff by encouraging them to maximise their potential and identify areas in which progress can be made. 


We also have a positive approach to complaints/feedback and whilst our main aim is to quickly resolve them for our fans, we welcome feedback as an ideal opportunity to identify ways and areas in which we can improve our service. We aim to continue to ensure that customer service is at the forefront of everything we do. The Fan Based Service Department will help us to fulfil this commitment. 

We have a dedicated customer service team which aims to respond proactively to all complaints as quickly as possible in a direct manner. Wherever possible, we try to contact the customer by telephone to discuss the complaint in detail and to provide a more personal service. In order to be an approachable and open organisation, a dedicated email address serves this purpose and it is possible to phone, fax or write to the Club.

Call: 0151 556 1878, Email:, Tweet: @efc_fanservices or alternatively visit our website (clicking on ‘Contact Us’) or write to: The Fan Based Service Department, Everton Football Club, Goodison Park, Liverpool, L4 4EL. 

  • Initial acknowledgement of contact within 7 days. 
  • Final response time within 28 days.


Fan Based Services manage this function on behalf of the Club. If you have a charity and wish to make a request for a donation, click here

In order for your request to be considered you must include the following details: 

  • The registered name and number of the charity you would like to help with fundraising.
  • The date and location of your event.
  • The name and address that you wish your donation to be sent to if your application is successful. 

Please note: Requests will only be considered if they have been submitted via the above process. The Club endeavours to assist with all requests within a 40-mile radius of Goodison Park. Due to the sheer volume of requests it is not always possible to assist every application. All those who do apply are assured that all applications are very carefully and sympathetically considered. However, at all times donations remain entirely at the discretion of the Club.