Meetng Report May 2017


Everton Fans’ Forum meeting


Thursday 25 May, 2017


The Brain Labone Lounge


Forum members – Nick Mernock (NM), Robert Eagleton (REa), Ruth Eardley (RE), Lisa Vaughan (LV), Steve Jones (SJ), Peter Dodd (PD), Jeanette Salmon (JS), Mark Cartman (MC), Bill Carr (BC), Lewis Owen (LO), Kevin Smith (KS), Louis Reed Foster (LRF), Gary Evans (GE). Tom Moore (TM),

Club representatives – Richard Kenyon (RK), Scott Mcleod (SMc), Mo Maghazachi (MM), Niall O’Donnell (NOD), Alan Bowen (AB), Michelle Kirk (MK)


Rachel Meikle (RM), Gill Derbyshire (GD), Christine Prior (CP), Ian Ball (IB), Annemharie Harper (AH),

Actions from Previous meeting  

ACTION: CP to check room availability for event on Tuesday 12 June for the Fans’ Forum Quiz.

RESPONSE: CP has confirmed that the People’s Lounge has been booked for the quiz night and has sent details to the Forum ahead of the meeting.


Stadium Operations Update

AB (Head of Stadium Operations) took the Forum on a tour of the stadium to show the works being undertaken ahead of the 2017/18 season.

As part of the tour AB showed Forum members the positions of the new accessible seating in the Main Stand and Gwladys Street. AB explained that the new seating in the Main stand, on platforms either side of the Directors box, will be serviced by new turnstiles and two sets of lifts.

The seats in GT1 in the Gwladys Street will be serviced by new turnstiles. Both areas of seating will have improved accessible ground bar facilities.


Europa League ticket prices

PD enquired about possible ticket prices ahead of the Club’s qualifying round fixtures for the Europa League in July and if Everton were to qualify for the group stages would the Club consider selling the three homes games as part of a discounted bundle. RK informed the group that internal discussions have taken place but no final decision has been made on pricing. RK also confirmed the Club would be open to looking at a bundle option should the Club qualify to the group stages of the Europa League.  


New Kit

LV questioned why an Everton Ladies representative was not part of the 2017/18 kit launch. SMc explained that this was due to logistics of the filming and that efforts were made to involve Everton Ladies. RK explained that Everton Ladies are involved in the broader range and feature prominently in the various sports and leisure wear.

Children’s Kit

MC suggested that as children’s kits can’t carry the Club’s new main partner SportPesa, that they could maybe use EitC branding instead.

RK explained that SportPesa / Everton do have the option of donating the shirt sponsorship to charity for one game a season, and this could potentially be used by EitC.

RK also explained that research suggested that if the children’s shirts are not the same as the players, then parents and children surveyed have indicated they would prefer them to be plain.

ACTION: RK to investigate the possibility of EitC being the charity sponsor for 2017/18.

Sleeve Sponsor

Members of the group queried if the Club will have a sleeve sponsor on the 2017/18 kit. RK explained that discussions remain ongoing but will not able to confirm anything.



LRF explained his disappointment that the only vegetarian food sold at Goodison Park is cheese and onion pies. At the recent Watford fixture all the cheese and onion pies in the Gwladys Street were sold out half an hour into the game.

RK said the Club will take up the issue with Sodexo.

ACTION: GD to discuss vegetarian food options with Sodexo.

The group asked whether Chang will continue to be sold next season or whether there will be a new partner? RK informed the group that is nothing has been  confirmed at this stage and supporters will know ahead of the new season.


Fans’ Forum Quiz

RE confirmed that the next Fans’ Forum quiz will take place on Tuesday 13 June in the People’s Club. RE advised a donation of £10 will be accepted for each team consisting of up to 6 people. NOD confirmed that CP has organised raffle prizes for the event and that participants from the Sligo to Goodison Supporters’ Club Cycle will be in attendance.



SMc informed the group that the Club are seeking to revamp the current Official Membership scheme by offering enhanced benefits following the analysis of surveys carried out by the Fans’ Forum, Online Fans’ Panel and benchmarking against other sports institutions.

SMc explained how current Foreverton members and non-members were also surveyed providing similar results. The top three improvements were an enhanced welcome pack, redeemable cashback and to be able to input on wider Club initiatives.

The group discussed the current and potential Season Ticket holder benefits. SMc explained that Season Ticket and Hospitality members will become ‘Season Ticket’ and ‘Lounge’ members of the new scheme. One of the benefits of an Official Member is the chance to join the Season Ticket waiting list for the 2018/19 season. SMc confirmed that supporters will not have to be an Official Member to be on the waiting list but that priority will be given to Official Members to purchase any unrenewed tickets at the end of the 2017/18 season.

The group also discussed pricing of the membership and the various age categories. The Forum concluded that most supporters would not mind a slight increase in price as long as the benefits delivered are enhanced.



Away Tickets

RE explained that there have been a lot of complaints of people purchasing away tickets for credits. Twitter users have contacted the Forum letting them know about repeat offenders.

RK stated the Club will look into this ahead of the new season.

ACTION: RK/SMc to investigate with Fan Centre staff of supporters purchasing tickets for credits.

Bike Storage

MM explained that the Club do offer 10 bike storage facilities in Park End next to the Active Centre, if for some reason this is not accessible then supporters can inform the nearest steward.

Tours of Finch Farm

Supporters have been in touch with members of the Forum to suggest the Club should operate tours of USM Finch Farm, especially in the closed season and international breaks.

RK explained that tours of USM Finch Farm were currently being investigated alongside a number of potential activities.

Early kick-off on concourse TVs

RK confirmed that we can show early kick-offs on the concourse TVs.


Everton Book

JS explained that the working group of Forum members and MM met a few weeks ago to discuss the blueprint.

MM updated the group that Sport Media are willing to meet and discuss the project, map out a business case and check on the legality of the initial idea.

ACTION: JS to send dates to MM for the working group to meet with Sport Media.




Holy Trinity Statue

RK explained that the casting process has now started and group are on course for the project to be completed in August/September.

However, RK informed the group that the site is still to be determined as discussions with planners continue.  

ACTION: Holy Trinity Statue to be added to the June agenda for the group to discuss location and reveal event.

Consultation with Shareholders

NM explained that he met with representatives of the Shareholders Association and the group agreed that two Fans’ Forum members will meet bi-monthly with the Shareholders Association. .

Four Pillars

Members of the Forum asked for an update on the Four Pillars strategy. RK

explained that the Four Pillars have now evolved and briefly updated the group on the changes.  

ACTION: Four Pillars to be added to the next meeting agenda and RK to give full update.

Goodison Granites

SJ explained that the material at the bottom of the Goodison Granites had been damaged.

ACTION: GD to speak to the Stadium Operations team regarding damage to the framework of the Goodison Granites.

Supporters’ Club Tournament

SJ thanked the Club for arranging the Supporters’ Club Tournament, SJ praised the Club for how the day was run and complemented the staff who facilitated the tournament on the day.

SMc confirmed the tournament is something that the Club are hoping to facilitate on an annual basis and will work with the Supporters’ Club Committee to make the event even bigger next season.