Meeting Report September 2017



Everton Fans’ Forum meeting


Thursday 7 September 2017


Brian Labone Lounge, Goodison Park


Forum members – Nick Mernock (NM), Robert Eagleton (REA), Lisa Vaughan (LV), Peter Dodd (PD), Bill Carr (BC), Gary Evans (GE), Kevin Smith (KS), Annemharie Richards (AR), Lewis Owen (LO), Steve Jones (SJ), Ian Ball (IB), Tom Moore (TM), Louis Reed- Foster (LRF), Mark Cartman (MC).

Club representatives – Richard Kenyon (RK), Mo Maghazachi (MM), Christine Prior (CP), Gill Derbyshire (GD), Michelle Mitchell (MM)


Jeanette Salmon (JS), Ruth Eardley (RE), Scott Mcleod (SMc)

Actions from Previous meeting  

ACTION: NM to set up separate meeting to discuss recruitment with Forum members to identify process for 2017/18.

RESPONSE: CP to arrange meeting with Forum members to discuss the next steps for recruitment.

ACTION: Events group and quiz meeting to be set-up by NOD.

RESPONSE: Meeting has taken place and item is on the agenda to be discussed.

ACTION: Club to provide updated statistics at the next Forum meeting on prices of the tickets sold on StubHub.

RESPONSE: GD shared update statistics on the sale of tickets on Stubhub, including average pricing of match ticket and volume of sales. GD confirmed the Club regularly monitor the sale of tickets on Stubhub and are across the concerns raised by the Forum members.

ACTION: Forum members to promote Bradley Lowery Charity Match.


RESPONSE: Forum members asked if the amount of money raised from the game was going to be shared with the public. MM confirmed that the monies raised is currently being reconciled.

RE stated that from a supporter experience there were issues on the day with queues for food and drinks, there was also no stock available of most items as they sold out really fast. 

ACTION: SMc to invite Social Media Manager to do a session with the Forum members on expanding their social media presence.

RESPONSE: AH was unable to attend the meeting but asked for the Forum to get in touch with him should they wish to set a meeting up or need any advice in expanding their presence across social media platforms.

ACTION: NOD to speak to Partnerships about Fanatics attending a future meeting.

RESPONSE: CP confirmed she has sent across the meeting dates to the Everton Account Manager at Fanatics and will confirm once she knows which meeting they are attending.


The Holy Trinity Statue

RK confirmed that the work on the Sculptures is progressing well and the Club are currently working through issues identified with the location that is preferred.

RK confirmed he will keep the Forum members up to date with progress on the project.


Club Communication

Forum members raised concerns over the new Ticketing System that was introduced in the closed season.  Forum members raised issues they have experienced with the system when buying tickets online and as members of the Auto Cup Scheme. RE expanded and raised issues that supporters have shared with the Forum on social media, including purchasing tickets through the Friends and Family option online, accessing information on credits and booking coach travel online. In addition, SJ who is a member of the Croston Blues Supporters’ Club informed the group that supporters clubs are no longer receiving itemized receipts so arranging tickets to their members is difficult for Supporters’ Club secretaries.

The Forum stated that it has been a frustrating time for supporters as they are being advised to call the Fan Centre with issues however the lines are extremely busy. SJ offered positive feedback for Steven who is the Supporters’ Club contact and other members stated when they do get through the phone lines the advisor in the Fan Centre is always friendly.

CP asked the Forum members to send across their personal issues to her direct so these can be collated and sent across to the Matt Kendall, Head of Ticketing.

ACTION: MK to be invited to the next Forum meeting to give feedback on ticketing issues raise by the Forum members.


Hajduk Split Fixture

PD stated that the recent UEFA away fixture against Hajduk Split was the biggest test in terms of difficulties for Evertonians travelling to watch the team. PD shared his experience from the game and travel to the stadium, with coaches provided by police being small and one breaking down after the game. Also, the FanZone that supporters were advised to meet at wasn’t accommodating for the volume of supporters who travelled to the game.  SJ also commented that supporters were being breathalyzed and fined on entry to the stadium and in the area; this was happening to supporters who were causing no trouble.

GD explained that the reports from the group are something that the Club has been made aware of and put in their post-match report to UEFA. GD informed the group that the Club opted to communicate direct with the supporters who had travelled via text message as any information shared on social media could have been traced by opposition supporters and the Club did not want Evertonians to be targeted.

The group raised concerns for future UEFA away fixtures for supporter safety and ease travelling to the stadium on the matchday. The Forum asked for the Club to proactively share information earlier in the build up to the game.


Alan Ball Benefit Game

MM asked for the Forum to support promoting the Alan Ball Charity match that will be taking place on Saturday 7 October. MM explained the game is being looked after by a testimonial committee that is separate from the Club.

MM confirmed that ticket prices for the game are £5 for juniors, £10 for concessions and £15 for adults and there is also a gala dinner event that supporters can purchase tickets for.



CP asked for volunteers to be involved in the video content the Forum wanted to produce alongside the recruitment process. The videos will be used to aid supporters through the application process, share the work of the Forum and promote the recruitment process.

The group spoke about working to continue ensuring that the Forum remains representative of the Fanbase and that key areas are represented once departing members leave.

ACTION: CP to meet with NM to sign off recruitment plan and timeline.


Fans’ Forum Consultation meeting

NM informed the Forum that he was invited to be a part of a fan consultation group with other supporters’ groups to share information and provide feedback to each other on supporter issues.

NM updated the group of the discussions at the meeting he attended and who was present.

The group continued to discuss the issue of away tickets being resold online and supporters being able to get on the ladder to build credits.


Irish Festival Event

MC shared information on the upcoming Irish-themed Everton event that the group are hosting at Goodison Park in October.

MC is collating all the logistical information and once signed off they will ask supporters to claim tickets through EventBrite.

The Club confirmed they are happy to support the event and will provide the group with items to raffle and giveaways for supporters on the day.