Meeting Report - September 2016



Everton FansForum meeting




Joe Mercer Lounge, Goodison Park


Forum members – Nick Mernock (NM), Robert Eagleton (REA), Ruth Eardley (RE), Lisa Vaughan (LV), Peter Dodd (PD), Bill Carr (BC), Jason Howard (JH), Annemharie Harper (AH), Jeanette Sammon (JS), Lewis Owen (LO), Steve Jones (SJ), Gary Evans (GE), Kevin Smith (KS),

Club representatives – Mo Maghazachi (MM), Christine Prior (CP), Rachel Meikle (RM), Richard Kenyon (RK), Scott McLeod (SMc), Richard Kenyon (RK), Matt Roche (MR)


Gill Derbyshire (GD)

Actions from Previous meeting  

ACTION: RK to inform FansForum members of Norwich City ticket pricing before announced on

RESPONSE: RK informed the group ahead of announcement. The group were pleased with the ticket pricing for the fixture.

ACTION: SMc to arrange Food Bank push notification via the Everton app ahead of the Stoke fixture.

RESPONSE: SMc arranged the Food Bank push notification via the app. The Forum asked for this to be done ahead of future fixture as they saw an increase of food donations for the Stoke fixture.

ACTION: GD to liaise with relevant departments and arrange for representatives to display the Food Bank banner at a future home fixture.

RESPONSE: NM informed the group that a separate meeting in relation to Food Banks has taken place where this action will continue to be discussed.

ACTION: GD to discuss potential solutions with regards to selling away tickets on social media with relevant staff members ahead of the next meeting.

RESPONSE: CP informed the group that conversations have begun internally. To find a solution to the issue is difficult as this can be beyond the Club's control however CP and GD will continue to investigate the issue. 

ACTION: CP to set up meeting with Tom Murphy, Colin Harvey and FansForum representatives.

RESPONSE: Group met with Colin Harvey and Tom Murphy on Monday 19 September.

ACTION: CP to arrange date for the FansForum to meet with the Chairman and Farhad Moshiri.

RESPONSE: Item on the agenda to be discussed.

ACTION: CP to circulate Four Pillars strategy document to the FansForum members.

RESPONSE: Item on the agenda to be discussed.

ACTION: CP to organise a separate meeting with the FansForum to go through plans for the next phase of artwork.

RESPONSE: Item on the agenda to be discussed.

ACTION: CP to arrange Events meeting with the FansForum to finalise details for the quiz and plan the nextFansForum Presentsevening.

RESPONSE: Fans’ Forum quiz night and Presents evening have both taken place. The group will meet again to discuss the upcoming Halloween event.


Fan Engagement Award nomination

SMc informed the group that the Club have been shortlisted for the Best Fan Engagement award at the Stadium Business Awards that will take place in November. As a part of the Club's entry, the work of the Fans’ Forum was noted throughout the submission.

SMc praised the group for their work so far this season and the Forum congratulated the Club on the nomination.



NM welcomed Tim Perry (TP) the Head of Retail at Fanatics to the meeting.

TP updated the group on success of both stores to date, stating that both stores have surpassed where expected to be at this stage in terms of growth. TP went through stock availably for home, away and third kits, stating the third kit is the best seller and Fanatics have experienced some difficulty with stock levels for infant kits due to its popularity.

LV raised issues with the baby wear fashion lines and pricing between sizes and having to buy smaller kits together when they may need different size shirts and shorts for their children. AH asked if discounts can be given to supporters buying several kits per season as it can become expensive for large families.TP thanked LV and AH for their feedback and stated it would be useful information to take back to the Fanatics team. TP invited LV to meet with him in store to talk through the comments and any additional feedback that can help shape future decisions.

ACTION: CP to share LV details with TP to arrange meeting to discuss childrens retail products.

The group thanked TP and the team for changing the store hours that were suggested by the Forum at their meeting with Fanatics in the summer, however these still need to be amended on the website.

ACTION:  SMc to check store opening hours on and amend if needed.

TP asked the group if Fanatics were to open another Everton store what area would the Forum suggest the store is located. The group suggested Speke and Aintree retail park. Cheshire Oaks, Chester, Southport or Birkenhead areas.

TP thanked the Forum for the opportunity to attend and welcomed any further feedback from the group via email.


Loyalty scheme

NM welcomed Matt Roche, Head of Marketing to the meeting.

MR attended the meeting to discuss loyalty schemes with the Forum. MR explained the Club's history using loyalty schemes and the Forum members shared their thoughts on past ForEverton membership schemes.

The group discussed other loyalty schemes they frequently use for food outlets, supermarkets and other sporting organisations. The Forum liked the concept of an Everton Loyalty scheme that worked across all aspects of the Club, including retail, ticketing, events, matchday catering etc.

The Forum suggested the loyalty schemes that work for them are the companies that send you email updates with how many points you have, how you can earn additional points and what your points can be redeemed for.

The Forum stated that the loyalty schemes that work best are the ones that are kept simple with clear messaging and benefits that supporters will use.



Meeting with Chairman

The group discussed their availability to meet with Chairman Bill Kenwright and major shareholder Farhad Moshiri.

RK stated he will come back to the group with confirmation of dates and further suggestions.

ACTION: RK to confirm availability of Bill Kenwright and Farhad Moshiri to meet with the FansForum.



The group discussed the Fans’ Forum recruitment plan and timeline of activity.

The group discussed using blogs, video content, matchday activity and social media posts. MM discussed a series of other media opportunities for Forum member to promote the recruitment including radio interviews and meeting with other supporter groups. 


Four Pillars

CP distributed Four Pillars forms to the group and asked them to select options of Pillars and Pledges they would like to be involved in. CP will then share with the leaders of the Pillar who will be in touch with Forum members to be involved in additional Club projects moving forward.


The Everton App

SMc presented visuals of the new Club app to the group.

SMc explained the new app will be integrated with the main website and also have single sign-on for supporters. The app will also have a new improved push notification tool and will overall be more user-friendly.

SMc invited the Forum members to trial the app before its official release at the start of November.

ACTION: SMc to share details of how to trial the new Everton App with the FansForum members.


Halloween event

The group held an events project meeting in September to schedule Forum fan events until the end of 2016.

The next event scheduled is a Halloween party for the children in the Everton Youth Zone to take place on Tuesday 25 October. The Forum will be supported by EitC facilitating the event, providing entertainment, goody bags and activities for the children to take part in on the day.



RE informed the group that the three main topics of conversation on Twitter have been regarding a new stadium update, the sound system in the stadium and Sodexo.

RK informed the group that work on the new stadium is ongoing however this is progressing positively and when there is information to share the Club will do so via official channels.

SMc informed the group that the club have recalibrated the sound system in the stadium and have monitored sound levels in each area of concern. The matchday team are continuing to work on balancing the audio levels where this is practically possible. The Forum suggested to refrain from having half time entertainment that includes audio e.g. on pitch interviews until the quality has improved.

CP confirmed Sodexo will be attending the November meeting to answer any questions, however in the meantime CP can put a member of the Forum in touch with Elaine James (Ground Catering Manager) who will answer any supporter concerns who come through the Forum.


Branding Project/Meeting

CP shared new stadium branding artwork with the group for their feedback. The artwork has been designed using the feedback from supporters who took part in the Everton Moments campaign and the Forum members suggestions from previous meetings.

The group approved the additional artwork and SJ commented on how it has been one of the most enjoyable projects the Forum have worked on so far.

The additional branding will be added to gaps in Upper Bullens, Top Balcony and Main Stand ahead of the West Ham fixture.

CP informed the group the final phase of artwork will be for the Lower Gwladys Stand and the Club will continue to consult with the Junior Fans’ Forum with regards to artwork for the Family Enclosure. Fan images will also be added to the Top Balcony and Lower Bullens as a part of the final phase. CP informed the group the Forum may be able to gather more supporter images as additional space has been located for supporter images to be installed.

ACTION: CP to arrange meeting with the FansForum to discuss concourse branding for the Howard Kendall Gwladys Street.