Meeting Report - November 2016

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Everton Fans’ Forum meeting


Thursday 24th November


Brian Labone Lounge, Goodison Park


Forum members – Nick Mernock (NM), Robert Eagleton (REA), Ruth Eardley (RE), Lisa Vaughan (LV), Peter Dodd (PD), Bill Carr (BC), Jason Howard (JH), Gary Evans (GE), Kevin Smith (KS), Annemharie Harper (AH), Jeanette Salmon (JS)

Club representatives – Richard Kenyon (RK), Mo Maghazachi (MM), Christine Prior (CP), Rachel Meikle (RM), Chris Bailes (CB)


Scott McLeod (SMc), Gill Derbyshire (GD)

Actions from Previous meeting  

ACTION: CP to arrange Fans’ Forum tour of the new Community Hub building ahead of the facilities opening in coming weeks.

RESPONSE: CP is currently coordinating dates with EitC representatives and will update the Forum with available dates shortly.

Note: RK informed the group that the feedback he received from the Forum regarding the Club values at the previous meeting is progressing and he will make the Forum aware of any changes. RK thanked the Forum for taking part in the session.



NM Introduces Chris Bailes, Head of Partner Business from Fanatics to the group.

CB informed the group that once they have moved offices the group are all invited to visit Fanatics again and informed the group that Fanatics are still currently working through all their feedback and ideas such as product times, kids kits etc.

CB took the group through sales figures for the season so far and highlighted both peaks and dips in the sales patterns. CB asked the group from a supporter point of view if they think there are any particular factors that they feel will influence sales patterns. The group felt that this may be affected by team performance and the dates of fixtures, as it helps when there are a lot of home games so international breaks may have had an effect.

CB informed the group how Fanatics are going to be working on consulting younger supporters via focus groups to discuss product range. The group then had a discussion around certain teenage age groups being hard to buy for due to sizing and products availability. RE suggested the re-launch of the ‘My First Everton’ book for younger fans to introduce them to being an Evertonian.  

The group and CB discussed the 2016/17 merchandise and new potential ideas for merchandise ranges in the future. The group discussed that there is more variety and more merchandise to choose from that previous years however they would encourage fan involvement to shape products available in store. Forum members commented how the later opening times are very helpful coming into the Christmas period.




NM updated the group on a meeting he has recently attending regarding the Fans’ Supporting Foodbanks project. NM informed members that the Forum representatives who volunteer at the Foodbank on a matchday will be provided with training to support them in being able to answer question supporters may have regarding the Foodbank operation,

The appropriate paperwork in relation to Liability insurance and safety licensing for the food bank van to be at the ground each game has been received and a joint agreement is also being produced between the Club and Fans’ Supporting Foodbanks for ongoing collections

NM updated the group that there will be another foodbank meeting next week at Chapel Street where there will be talks with Liverpool Football Club over working together to promote a large collection on the evening of the Merseyside derby.

The group then discussed that due to the success of the foodbanks, familiar faces are starting to be noticed and it would be nice to thank fans who regularly donate to the foodbank on a match day with a small gesture.



Christmas Activity

CP updated the group on the progress with the 2016 Blue Crimbo campaign. CP informed the group that the Engagement team has started to pre-record activity that will be shared on Club channels from Monday 12 December. The Forum offered their support to the campaign and stated they were happy to volunteer at any activity when needed.  



NM thanked the Fans’ Forum members who worked on the recruitment interview process and informed the group that a set number of consistent questions were used at the interviews. The questions were based around skills, new ideas and initiatives that may benefit the fanbase and continuing communication with all supporters.

The next stage of the recruitment process is now the fan to vote. CP informed the group that all of the shortlisted candidates profiles are now ready to go live



RE updated the group on the latest Twitter questions/enquiries the Fans’ Forum account has received since the last meeting.

  • E-Cigarettes – RM, CP and RK updated that E-Cigarettes are not allowed in the stadium, and stewards are encouraged to take a proactive approach to stopping any forms of smoking.
  • Fixtures Lists - MM, CP and RM updated the group that fixtures lists are not sent out with season tickets as the fixture dates and times are likely to change. The order of games will not change unless there are certain circumstances such as cup games.
  • Card only tills – Fan-Based Services team to investigate if this is possible on the stadium kiosks
  • Why was there no Players’ Parade for the Swansea fixture – RM told the group that this only happened for the last game and that it should be back to normal for the next fixture.
  • Hot water in toilets - CP updated to the group she has spoken to Alan Bowen over this issue and that hot water is available in female toilets and that men are provided with hand sanitizers for all the male toilets.
  • Gate Protectors – RE updated the group that there has been a lot of feedback from the Park End fans about the noise of the steel exit gates banging in the bad weather, Fans are concerned that this will cause an accident on a matchday. RM stated she will investigate with the Stadium Operations team.
  • StubHub –  The Forum informed the Club that supporters are raising concerns on social media regarding the ticketing platform StubHub.



The group discussed matchday atmosphere. Members commented on the effort that was made by a supporter to use a megaphone at the game and whilst this may not be suitable at every game, the effort was appreciated. 

Other ideas the group mentioned included on screen content with current and former players displaying their passion for Everton.

RE suggested going out on social media via Twitter with a poll to see what ideas fans have. BK and AH suggested that the songs for home games might be due an update ahead of kick-off. The Forum members felt a lot of fan chants were around players or the previous manager.   


Season Ticket Pricing

RK asked the group their thoughts on Season Ticket pricing and ideas for next season. The group discussed the positives and potential changes to 2015/16 and the main message the group expressed was season tickets remained affordability for supporters.



CP to confirm the date of the next Christmas meeting in December.  


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