Meeting Report - November 2015

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Fans’ Forum


Thursday 26 November,2015


The Brian Labone Lounge


Forum members – Nick Mernock (NM), Robert Eagleton (REA), Ruth Eardley (RE), Lisa Vaughan (LV), Dorothy Carlin (DC), Peter Dodd (PD), Steve Jones (SJ), Bill Carr (BC), Kevin Smith (KS), Andrew Collier (AC), Mike Rice (MR).

Club representatives – Brian Doogan (BD), Mo Maghazachi (MM,) Christine Prior (CP), Gill Derbyshire (GD), Alan Bowen (AB).


Gary Evans, Dorothy Carlin, Richard Kenyon, Christopher Clarke.

Matters arising from last meeting

ACTION: CP to re-open the Fans’ Panel to offer supporters the opportunity to take part in the survey.

RESPONSE: The survey was sent to the Fans’ Panel and the results will be discussed in agenda item 3.

ACTION: Project groups to be added to the agenda for the next meeting.

RESPONSE: Item on the agenda to be discussed.

ACTION: MM to arrange for Matt Kendall to do Fans’ Forum interview for website as well as an explanation on Away Cup credits.

RESPONSE: Article was posted on the Club website on Friday 20 November to clarify the situation. The Fans’ Forum will also have the opportunity to interview Head of Ticketing, Matt Kendall as a part of the communications project group.

ACTION: CP to discuss the use of Qjacker with Sodexo

RESPONSE: CP informed the group that Sodexo have a new general manager, Julie Tandy, who will be invited to a future meeting to discuss Sodexo related matters.


NM welcomed Alan Bowen (Head of Stadium Operations) to the meeting.


Stadium Accessibility

AB informed the group that the Premier League has agreed that all Clubs must achieve compliance with the Accessible Stadia guide by August 2017. This will result in a number of changes around Goodison Park over the next two years.

An architect has been hired by the Premier League to carry out an audit of all stadiums which will result in a list of recommendations for each club.

AB informed the group of some of the potential changes that will be implemented before 2017, including additional elevated wheelchair positions to various stands around the stadium, new lifts, accessible catering and toilet facilities. AB also stated that the audit will include improvements to all areas of the matchday experience for supporters with accessibility issues, for instance additional signage and audio facilities.

The Club will be setting up a working group with EDSA representatives and Club staff once the report is finalised.  


Fans’ Panel results

The group discussed the results of the recent Fans’ Panel survey regarding the Holy Trinity statue.

The most mentioned location for the new tribute is the Park End. Visibility and ease of access made this a popular choice and the Fan Zone and area outside the Park End reception are the most popular locations within the area.

89% of those who completed the survey said having a tribute in the form of a statue is the most desirable choice for fans and displaying the players in the classic image won an overall majority, with 81% of the votes.

88% of supporters who completed the survey agree with the idea of using a similar project to the Goodison Granites to support the tribute.

Realism, an iconic image and historic significance are the main factors that contribute towards the favourite statues and iconic monuments of supporters.

CP gave members a full report to review which gave an in-depth analysis of results and comments from those who completed the survey.

The group agreed that the results provide a good foundation for the project and all agreed this should and will be progressed as quickly as possible.


General meeting

A member of the Forum asked about the proposed new stadium and the Club’s stance on the matter following recent media reports. 

BD and MM explained that a new stadium at Walton Hall Park would be part of a major regeneration partnership with Liverpool City Council, aimed at regenerating North Liverpool. 

The Club has carried out a lot of work in this area and the detail of this was shared at the General Meeting and in some of the subsequent media reports.


Project group update

The Forum currently have seven project groups and continue to work with the Club across various areas. As work begins on the Holy Trinity tribute, the group discussed merging project groups that have a natural fit to allow members’ time to start new projects.

The group agreed that the branding and matchday experience group should be merged moving forward.

Members of the communications project group informed the wider forum that content for the Fans’ Forum section of has been drafted and will be uploaded to the new site in the new year.


Recruitment next steps

REA informed the group that letters have now been sent to those applicants who were unsuccessful on this occasion.

Emails have now been sent to candidates who have been shortlisted for the interview process. The interviews will commence over two days and the group confirmed the members of the Forum who will be conducting the interviews for the shortlisted candidates.


Date of next meeting

The next meeting will take place at Finch Farm on Wednesday 16 December.



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