Meeting Report - March 2016



Everton Fans’ Forum meeting


Thursday 31 March 2016


Brian Labone Lounge, Goodison Park


Forum members – Nick Mernock (NM), Robert Eagleton (REA), Ruth Eardley (RE), Lisa Vaughan (LV), Peter Dodd (PD), Bill Carr (BC), Jason Howard (JH), Gary Evans (GE), Kevin Smith (KS), Anne-Marie Harper (AH), Jeanette Sammon (JS), Lewis Owen (LO), Steve Jones (SJ)

Club representatives – Mo Maghazachi (MM), Alistair James (AJ)


Mike Rice (MR) Gill Derbyshire (GD) Richard Kenyon (RK)

Actions from Previous meeting  

ACTION: NM to circulate further details to members and seek ratification of nominations for Fans’ Forum members to represent areas of the stadium.

RESPONSE: NM distributed a spreadsheet which referenced the points of contact for each stand. On approval NM will draft a story for the website to make fans aware of which Forum representative will be their main point of contact.

Sodexo: JH informed the group he undertook the Sodexo mystery shop and will submit his report to the wider group at the next meeting.

Holy Trinity Tribute: Investigation work and costings have been done, planning and legal issues currently being scoped. Artist has been invited to attend April meeting.  


Mass Participation Event 

AJ explained to the group that the Club are considering a mass participation event aimed at engaging fans, especially young fans and families, as well as raising awareness of the Club.

The group were informed that locations across the City were being considered including a City Centre location. 

AJ informed the group that initial thoughts included a two day event and the Club would be looking to involve the Fans’ Forum to help develop fun and interactive elements of the event.

The group discussed ideas on branding the event as well as the various activities and opportunities for different internal Club stakeholders i.e. EitC, Ladies Football, Everton Collection and Everton Heritage Society. 

ACTION: AJ will attend the next meeting to provide an update on progress and work with events project group on ideas. 



NM met with representatives from Fans Supporting Foodbanks to finalise the Club’s and Fans’ Forum support of the initiative.  The Club has agreed to provide space for collection points at the Matchday Hub and possibly in the Fanzone (space permitting).

Fans’ Forum members will support the initiative and staff the collection point at the Matchday Hub as well as work with the Club communications staff to promote the Fans Supporting Foodbanks initiative to fans coming to the home games. 

The group agreed the collection point staffing will work on a rota basis meaning Forum members will be on hand prior to the games. 

The Club will put the first collection points in ahead of the Southampton fixture.

ACTION: NM will liaise with Fans Supporting Foodbanks to confirm logistics and support.


The Everton Collection

SJ asked the Club about an update on the Everton Collection and how the Forum can help the Club showcase the memorabilia for fans.

The Forum discussed the opportunities available around the city to display various elements of the collection including opportunities at Goodison Park.

ACTION: MM to find out contact from the Club for the Everton Collection.

ACTION: SJ to draft letter on behalf of the Fans’ Forum.


FA Cup Semi-Final

KS wanted to raise an issue about hospitality members not being allowed to pick their own seats for the Club’s semi-final at Wembley. This is something Season Ticket holders have been able to do. MM explained that all hospitality members were guaranteed a ticket for the game and to do so the Club reserved a specific number of blocks ensuring members could be sat together.   

ACTION: MM to ask Club’s new Head of Hospitality to get in touch with KS to explain the situation further.  MM will also invite Oliver Wright to a future meeting to update the Forum about the Club’s plans for hospitality for the coming season. 

SJ has been contacted by a number of fans who were not Season Tickets holders but have been to a number of home and away games about the possibility of them getting tickets for the Club’s semi-final fixture.  MM explained that in the event that tickets remain available after the sales period for Season Ticket holders the Club

will make a further announcement as per the initial semi-final ticket criteria announcement.  

ACTION: MM to let Fans’ Forum know of any announcement which will allow individual members to let fans know who have contacted them.

REA asked why the Club are charging £6.45 for postage of tickets.  MM explained the Club are guaranteeing the best possible delivery service for fans and therefore tickets are subject to the Special Delivery Postage charge.  

JH has also taken a number enquiries from fans in relation to our coach operator and prices for the semi-final.  MM explained that the decision to use the coach operator ensured that fans get the best value for money. With the increase in demand alongside the increased costs of running a return journey to Wembley (parking, requirement of stewards etc) the Club have structured a deal with a supplier aimed at providing value for money. 

In 2012 the price for coach travel was £37, the £38 price in 2016 means there is only a £1 increase in four years.  Independent operators have also found there has been an increase in price and this has been reflected in their prices.    

RE asked if the Club could look into a complaint from a couple of the Club’s EDSA members.  In the semi-final ticket criteria release some supporters were referred to as “less-abled” in relation to fans seeking wheelchair and personal assistant tickets.  MM informed will check with the Club’s Media & Communications department about whether the phrase came directly from Wembley. 

ACTION: MM to take the complaint back to Media & Communications department and liaise with Everton’s Head of Fan Services to obtain correct terminology.


Sound System

RE updated the group on the issues raised previously following her attendance at the Being Memorable on Matchday meeting.  The Club have confirmed that improvements have been made to the levels around the stadium however work to Family Enclosure speakers can only be done at the end of the season. 

RE also had feedback from fans sitting in the Bullens Rd area of the ground following the performance of The Drifters at the last home game.  Fans commented on why singing acts who visit Goodison Park always face the Main Stand which is half empty at half-time aside from other areas of the ground.

ACTION: RE to take this into next Being Memorable on Matchday meeting.



LV has taken an enquiry from a fan with hearing difficulties about the possibility of having subtitles on evertontv content. 

MM informed the group that subtitles are available on the Club’s TV Show aired on Bay TV and that subtitles can be turned on when using YouTube.

ACTION: MM to raise this issue with the Club’s content team and feedback at the next meeting. 


Terms of Reference

GE has been working on the Forum’s terms of reference.  GE distributed a draft copy for approval. 

The group discussed departure dates appearing on the terms of reference and will discuss 2016 election process at the next meeting.

ACTION CP to work with the Forum to ensure members bios and terms of reference are online as soon as they are approved.

ACTION CP to finalise Fans’ Forum email addresses for new members.  



Fans’ Forum Presents Feedback  

NM thanked all the Forum members for their contribution to the successful event.

LO ran through the responses from the online survey to attendees. All responses were positive.  In relation to a question on how they event could improve one suggestion was that the Q&A bit should go on for longer while another suggested that fans questions should have been given more time. 

AH said she knew a number of people who attended the event and they were impressed with the organisation of the event even down to the photos of the guests on tables which gave fans something to get signed at the end of the evening.

RE received emails from fans thanking her for the invite and how they looked forward to applying to be part of the next event.

SJ suggested that the Forum maybe think about having Fan questions asked on paper meaning the presenter could ask them on behalf of fans.

JH suggested maybe the next event be taken on the road and the Fans’ Forum Presents could be held at a local supporters club meeting. 

ACTION: BC to circulate date for Fans’ Forum Presents and Fans’ Forum Quiz night. 


Fundraising for St Luke’s Church

LV has asked if the Club could help raise money for St Luke’s Church.  With maintenance costs being a burden members of the Church have reached out to the Fans’ Forum. 

JH suggested that any money raised from the next Fans’ Forum event could be partly or fully donated to the Church.

ACTION: MM will mention the issues faced by the Church to the Club’s Neighbourhood Manager.


Easter Event

NM thanked the Forum members for a positive contribution to the Club’s recent Easter Event for young people.

The Fans’ Forum wanted to place on record their gratitude to the seven Everton Under21 players who attended the event and joined in with the games and activities with the young people. 

Carlisle Update

NM has confirmed that the money raised by Everton fans through the Fans’ Forum Just Giving account for the Carlisle Flood appeal has been transferred to the Carlisle United Community Trust. 

ID Passes for Fans’ Forum

JS has suggested that it may be worthwhile for Fans’ Forum members to carry ID badges especially if they are attending events or providing representation in the stands at matches.

ACTION: MM to take this point back to the Club and see where the Club stands on providing ID badges. 

Speedo Mick

SJ has been contacted by fans to see if there is anyway Speedo Mick can be supported in his forthcoming walk from Goodison to Wembley.  This is not a fundraising drive but a drive to see if members know of local businesses who can support in paying for hotel rooms, food etc… A number of local businesses have already supported the campaign. 

ACTION: FF to tweet support and broaden the appeal.