Meeting Report - June 2017

by Matthew Gamble


Everton Fans’ Forum meeting


Thursday 29 June, 2017


The 85 Lounge, Goodison Park


Forum members – Nick Mernock (NM), Robert Eagleton (REa), Lisa Vaughan (LV), Steve Jones (SJ), Peter Dodd (PD), Jeanette Salmon (JS), Mark Cartman (MC), Bill Carr (BC), Lewis Owen (LO), Annemharie Harper (AH), Ian Ball (IB),

Club representatives – Richard Kenyon (RK), Mo Maghazachi (MM), Christine Prior (CP), Rachel Meikle (RM),


Gill Derbyshire (GD), Scott Mcleod (SMc), Tom Moore (TM), Kevin Smith (KS), Louis Reed Foster (LRF), Gary Evans (GE), Ruth Eardley (RE),

Actions from Previous meeting  

ACTION: RK to investigate the possibility of EitC being the charity sponsor for 2017/18.

RESPONSE: MM explained that unfortunately this isn’t possible as there is a tax implication that the Charity would incur.

ACTION: RK/SMc to investigate with Fan Centre staff issues with supporters purchasing tickets for credits when they have no intention of attending the fixture.

RESPONSE: Club representatives continue to discuss the above issue and will update the Forum when an outcome is reached. The group agreed it is a tough matter to police, however it is a frequently asked question to the Forum on social media.

ACTION:  RK to present the changes to the Four Pillars to the Forum members at the June meeting.

RESPONSE: Item is on the agenda for discussion.

ACTION: GD to discuss ground catering vegetarian options with Sodexo.

RESPONSE: There are currently no plans to add any additional vegetarian options to the ground catering menu, however Sodexo have agreed to monitor the appetite for vegetarian options and will reassess once the season has started.

ACTION: JS to send date to MM for working group to meet with Sport Media

RESPONSE: JS has circulated dates and meeting is due to take place in July.

ACTION: GD to speak to Stadium Operations team regarding damage to the framework of the Goodison Granites.

RESPONSE: RM informed the group that Stadium Operations are aware of the issue and will ensure the framework is replaced along with all other closed season stadium updates.

ACTION: The Holy Trinity to be added to the next meeting agenda and RK to give full update.

RESPONSE: CP gave a brief update to the group and asked if she could provide a more in-depth update at the next meeting.


New Stadium Update

The Forum asked when the Club are planning to give a further update to supporters on progress with the New Stadium.

RK confirmed architect Dan Meis is back in Liverpool in July and is waiting for confirmed dates, there may be an opportunity for Dan to attend a fan event.

NM confirmed he was able to take part in podcast alongside Robert Elstone covering questions asked by fans.

PD asked if there was any additional information on the potential New Stadium being used as a part of the Commonwealth Games as this was referenced in a recent statement by Major Joe Anderson. The group discussed how this could benefit the Club with publicity and brand image but also an opportunity to test certain aspects of the Stadium and helps with deadlines for stadium completion.

ACTION: MM to liaise with NM regarding interview with Robert Elstone.


Social Media Engagement

IB suggested to the group that the Forum should expand their presence on social media. The group currently have a Twitter and Instagram page and IB suggested the Forum should be present across all online fan-led forums to have a presence and capture the thoughts of Evertonians.  

The group discussed access to the social media accounts by the wider Forum members to ensure the group are capturing as much content as possible. The group agreed that the tone of the Forum messaging and responses on social media need to remain consistent.

ACTION: NM to discuss options of expanding the Forum’s social media presence with fellow Forum members.


The Pillars

RK presented the group with documents which outlined the Club’s ‘Being the Best’ strategy. The group were given an overview of the pledges in the document and discussed how the Forum can support various pledges within the strategy.

RK explained he will be leading the ‘Being The Best Club’ pillar supported by Scott McLeod and Suzie Parker.

ACTION: SMc to attend the next Fans’ Forum meeting to discuss future projects with the Forum members.



The group began to discuss the 2017/18 Fans’ Forum recruitment process. The members discussed potential ideas to enhance the communication around the recruitment to help assist supporters with their applications.

New members offered feedback on the process and suggested tweaks which they felt gave applicants more of an insight to the stages involved.

The group spoke about adding a confirmation of application screen to the end of the application process to assist supporters who may have queries about the submission of their application.


Matchday Role

The Forum discussed their current matchday role and further engagement opportunities for the group on a matchday. The group have taken part in several engagement activities on matchdays including supporting the foodbank collection point in the FanZone and the ‘Have Your Say’ campaign that took place on the Watford game for the New Stadium project. Members stated that having the freedom to move around to different areas of the stadium was beneficial as it allowed the group to engage with supporters who sit in other areas.

ACTION: Forum members to develop plan for Fans’ Forum matchday roles and responsibilities.


Fans’ Forum webpage

CP asked the Forum if there is any content they want adding to the Fans’ Forum section of the website. BC explained there was no write-up after the last Fans’ Forum quiz night for the Supporters’ Club Cycle challenge which was a missed opportunity.

ACTION: CP to add Fans’ Forum quiz night story to the website and share link with RE to promote on social media.

ACTION: Forum members to create new content for the Fans’ Forum page on