Meeting Report - June 2015



Fans’ Forum


Thursday 25 June, 2015



Forum members – Nick Mernock (NM) Robert Eagleton (RE), Dorothy Carlin (DC), Ruth Eardley (REA),  Kevin Smith (KS),Peter Dodd (PD), Lisa Vaughan (LV) Martin Malone (MM), Bill Carr (BC), Steve Jones (SJ)

Club representatives –  Richard Kenyon (RK) Christopher Clarke (CC) Mo Maghazachi (MMA) Christine Prior (CP) Mike Needham (MN) Paula Littler (PL) Luke Flacks (LF) Paul Eddy (PE)


Andrew Collier (AC) Gary Evans (GE) Brian Doogan (BD) Jonny Cowan (JC)  

Actions from previous meeting:

ACTION: CP to arrange a slot on the Official Everton Radio Show, on City Talk FM, for the Fans’ Forum.

RESPONSE: Darren Griffiths has added a regular slot on the Official Everton Radio Show for the Fans’ Forum starting in the 2015/16 season.  

ACTION: Forum members to provide feedback on ForEverton membership directly to the Marketing team.

RESPONSE: Nicole from the Marketing team collated the Forum’s feedback. The Forum have also asked the Fans’ Panel for their suggestions and the item is on the agenda for discussion.

ACTION: CP to invite representatives of the digital team to the June meeting to discuss the Club’s Facebook presence.

RESPONSE: Dan from the digital team was unable to attend the June meeting and will attend in July instead.




Mike Needham from Kitbag attended the meeting and welcomed questions from the group.

MN discussed the successful home kit launch (on Saturday 20 June) and commented that the design of the kit has been positively received. Members of the Forum stated they had noted negative comments regarding the material of the kit, with parents specifically, questioning the durability of the kit for juniors. MN confirmed the material is new and improved, and has proven to be a better option for general wear. NM stated he will continue to monitor comments across all customer channels.

PD asked if there was progress regarding the option to print the Chang logo, even as Chang Soda which has been used on Academy kits previously, on junior kits. MN explained Chang & Everton took the decision to remove any logo from Junior shirts and while there are no plans to change this the Club will update if any changes planned.

RE stated she has received various tweets regarding the pricing of baby kits, and comments about the material used being different to junior and adult replica kits. LV & RE asked whether the pricing of baby kits could be reviewed for future seasons.

The group discussed an issue with the online store that arose on Thursday 24 June. Supporters accessing the online store using the Everton app were directed to the online store for another Premier League club. The issue was rectified quickly and a full investigation is being conducted by Kitbag.

LV commented that the clothing range for women is limited both in selection and sizes. The group discussed ideas for new products and suggested engaging with female supporters to gain a better understanding of products they would like to purchase. SJ suggested the men’s range also needs to be reviewed so MN offered to invite a member of the Kitbag design team to a future meeting to gather further feedback from the group.

ACTION: MN to invite representatives from the Kitbag design team to a future meeting.

Members of the Forum commented that is difficult to navigate and RE raised difficulties she has experienced when trying to purchase online. MN noted the comment and will feed back to the IT team.

The group discussed the Kitbag and Everton partnership. MN and RK explained the arrangement and how the deal is beneficial to the Club. The group suggested the Club should communicate details to the fanbase as supporters have raised questions around the partnership.

ACTION; RK to consider communication piece re: Everton and Kitbag partnership.


D 2

Fans’ Panel

CC updated the Forum on the results of the recent Fans’ Panel survey. The group were asked a series of questions in relation to the ForEverton membership and also the reasons why they became an Evertonian.

In summary, the results were:

  • 53% of respondents stated that parents were the biggest influence on becoming an Evertonian.
  • 6% stated siblings and 10% stated other family members meaning, in total, 69% of supporters were influenced by family members.
  • 8% stated friends were the biggest influence
  • 8% stated a particular player
  • 4% stated they wanted to support their local team, leaving 11% of supporters who had a variety of other influences.

The group discussed the importance of junior fan engagement and how the Club can increase their activities, especially in schools.

The Forum discussed the current ForEverton membership benefits and potential improvements that could be made. The Fans’ Panel results show that priority access for League and Cup matches were ranked as the most important benefits in  the Foreverton membership package, with members scoring them at 8.7 and 8.4 (out of 10) respectively.

Other important benefits included discounted ticket vouchers (6.9), discounted merchandise vouchers (5.8) and access to the members-only area of (5.3).

68% of ForEverton members stated they would be interested in attending an event specifically for members and 71% stated they would be interested in engaging with fellow members.

The group discussed promoting the Fans’ Panel further ahead of the new season to allow more Evertonians to provide feedback on topics that affect them.

ACTION: CP & MMA to arrange a timeline of promotion for the Fans’ Panel.


Project groups

The project groups updated the Forum on their progress in recent meetings with the Club.

Supporters’ Clubs – SJ and KS explained they had met with Club representatives, Darren Griffiths and Brian Doogan to discuss the benefits on offer to affiliated Supporters’ Clubs. The group stated the meeting was positive and they will be meeting again on Thursday 6 July to finalise details.

Away Fan Initiative – The project group have been working on plans to improve the Club’s successes in 2014/15. They have reviewed visiting supporter surveys to investigate potential improvements in the facilities offered to away fans at Goodison Park. The group have assigned activities to fixtures and will review this plan once fixture changes are announced in early July.

Supporter Events – BC presented the group with a Supporter Events plan collated by the project group. The plan outlined suggestions for supporter activities including Everton quiz nights, community fundraising events, football tournaments at Finch Farm and a series of events to reward the loyalty of Season Ticket Holders.

Branding – The branding project group have met with the Marketing team to discuss iconic images and quotes that could potentially be added to the concourse at Goodison Park. The group are now waiting for a further meeting to complete a walk through of the stadium to scope out appropriate locations for artwork.

ACTION: JC to arrange the next meeting with the Branding project group

Memorable Matchday – The group met with Club representatives to obtain further feedback on their matchday experiences and potential ideas around matchday activities including on-pitch activity, half-time entertainment, Fan Zone and overall atmosphere. The group are in the process of arranging focus groups with the Fans’ Panel to gather their thoughts and help shape next season’s activity.



Match ticket prices

CC asked the forum to consider next years fixture list and consider potential match ticket prices. The group was asked to consider the pricing of individual matches against an estimated income total and to consider pricing for premium matches against pricing for what supporters may perceive as less attractive fixtures.The group considered maximum ticket prices and all felt that Everton strived to remain affordable for its supporters. The group would not want to see the £50 per ticket barrier being broken at this time.  

The group made a suggestion of introducing a  discounted  three-game ticket package and felt this would be popular for the fixtures leading up to Christmas. The group felt that ticket bundles would be popular amongst supporters if the discount was significant enough. In doing so the group also discussed the challenges of not de-valuing Season Tickets.

A number of ideas were raised for further consideration and the subject would be revisited


Half-time queues

RE informed the group that she had received some tweets to the Fans’ Forum Twitter account regarding queues on the concourse at half-time. Supporters had further suggestions and questions for Sodexo.

CP suggested the group collate questions for Sodexo and they will be raised during the matchday behind-the-scenes tour that CP is arranging.

ACTION: CP to provide update on the behind-the-scenes tour with Sodexo at the next meeting.


Obstructed view seating

RE received a tweet from a supporter asking if the Club have considered offering a more significant discount for obstruced view tickets located at the back of the Lower Gwladys Street stand. The group discussed the definition of an obstructed view. The Club currently classed a seat as obstructed if the view of all or part of one set of goal posts is impeded.

ACTION: CP to provide feedback on obstructed view ticket prices to Head of Ticketing, Matt Kendall.


Half-time scores

The group asked if Premier League scores can be put on the screens at half-time and full-time on matchdays. It was felt the constant streaming of results at the last game of the season was also popular

ACTION: CP will provide this feedback to the Digital Content team.


Pre-season fixtures

DC enquired if the Club are planning any pre-season home fixtures. RK confirmed there will be a home pre-season friendly and this will be announced in coming days.


Away ticket allocations

PD asked if there was an update on the away ticket allocation process for 2015/16. RK informed the group the Club are currently discussing the issue and will announce the process shortly.  


Walton Hall Park

JH asked if the Club has any further information that can be shared in relation to the proposed new stadium at Walton Hall Park. RK stated that work is ongoing and the Club will update the fanbase as soon as they are in a position to.


Match creative

Luke Flacks (Club Graphic Designer) attend the Forum to share ideas for artwork that will be used for each home fixture. The group liked the creative approaches that were shared in draft form.


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