Meeting Report February 2016



Everton Fans’ Forum meeting


Thursday 25 February 2016


The 85 Lounge , Goodison Park



Forum members – Nick Mernock (NM), Robert Eagleton (REA), Ruth Eardley (RE),  Peter Dodd (PD), Bill Carr (BC), Jason Howard (JH), Gary Evans (GE), Kevin Smith (KS), Anne-Marie Harper (AH), Jeanette Sammon (JS), Lewis Owen (LO)


Club representatives – Brian Doogan (BD), Mo Maghazachi (MM), Christine Prior (CP), Richard Kenyon (RK) Gill Derbyshire (GD)


Lisa Vaughan (LV) Mike Rice (MR) Steve Jones (SJ)



Actions from previous meeting  


ACTION: CP to invite Sodexo representatives to a future meeting.

RESPONSE: Sodexo will be attending the meetings in April, August and November. Details are included in the Fans’ Forum schedule that will be discussed in AOB.


ACTION: GD to arrange a mystery shop at upcoming fixture with members of the Fans’ Forum.

RESPONSE: JH has volunteered and will be supporting matchday observations at the West Ham game. Members of the group who would like to take part at any upcoming fixtures should contact GD to make arrangements.


ACTION: Members of the group were sought who would like to represent the Fans Forum on the Foodbank initiative to email GD.

RESPONSE: A number of Forum members are keen to get involved and support the campaign and develop it to the next stages.  GD will contact Fans Supporting Foodbanks to offer the Club’s support through the Fans’ Forum and will confirm the Matchday Hub as an additional location for collection.


ACTION: CP to circulate summary of Four Pillars to the Fans’ Forum members.

RESPONSE: CP is in the process of arranging with the pillar leads and will have a summary sent out to the group ahead of the March meeting to confirm dates and times of meetings.


ACTION:  Members of the Forum who are interested in being involved in a retail project group to email CP.

RESPONSE: Kitbag representatives will be attending the April meeting and the new project group will be added to the agenda and its terms of reference and timescales agreed.


ACTION: MR to liaise directly with GD to resolve issues that were raised at the Manchester City Capital One Cup semi-final fixture.

RESPONSE: Item on the agenda to be discussed.



The Rainbow Toffees


Dr Mike Homfray from the Rainbow Toffees attended the meeting to inform the Forum about the Rainbow Toffees and the work of the group.


Rainbow Toffees are an affiliated Everton Supporters’ Club who represent LGBT Everton supporters. Mike explained other Premier League Clubs also have LGBT supporters groups who frequently meet.


The group learned how the Rainbow Toffees offer a support system for the LGBT community and often chaperone supporters to the game who don’t feel comfortable in a football environment.


The group discussed how they can support the work of the Rainbow Toffees to ensure any issues that need to be addressed can be raised in future meetings with the Club.


RE suggested using the Fans’ Forum social media accounts, space in the matchday programme and the Forum’s website to promote the work of Rainbow Toffees.


Mike stated he was looking forward to working with the Forum in the future and thanked the members for inviting him to the meeting.



Manchester City complaints


The Forum asked for an update on the response from Manchester City regarding the complaints made by Everton supporters to them following the Capital One Cup semifinal.


GD confirmed the issues that our disabled supporters faced at Manchester City have been reported to Level Playing Field (LPF) and Manchester City have confirmed they are aware of the issues and are cooperating with LPF. In relation to the other issues of disturbances that evening further information is being collected and will be fed back to the Fans Forum to enable them to respond to supporters




Fans’ Forum terms of reference


GE volunteered to take a lead on reviewing the Forum’s current terms of reference. The group felt it was good practice to review the terms every 24 months and communicate any changes to the fanbase.


GE also stated, as a part of the review, the group should work on a series of updated FAQs for the Fans’ Forum section of GE felt this will then assist supporters in having a greater understanding on the work and remit of the Forum.


The group discussed the timeline on publishing minutes after the meetings have taken place. Traditionally the group sign off meeting notes at the next meeting and then publish on RE stated there have been several requests via the Forum’s Twitter account to publish them sooner. The Forum agreed to work on a new timeline of delivery for meeting notes that will be addressed in the updated FAQs.



Fans’ Forum structure


NM discussed the current Fans’ Forum structure with the group. NM suggested that it would be a positive step to continue to review accountabilities to the Fan base . there is a need for fans to have easy access to someone who will address and support any issue they feel is important to them


Members are already covering key areas including accessibility, female liaison, equality and diversity and the Forum will make individuals covering those areas more visible.  The group discussed the possibility of having representation for different sections of the stadium.


CP suggested those members representing an area of the stadium should be introduced to their Head Steward so they can offer support with any issues that may occur.


ACTION: NM to circulate further details to member’s w/c 29 February and seek ratification of nominations for each key area.




Season Ticket Prices


The Forum queried when Season Ticket prices are going to be announced following contributions and recommendations made to the club by the Forum for their consideration.

RK stated that the Club will be announcing details shortly and the proposal is currently being signed off by various stakeholders around the Club. He confirmed the club was pleased with the quality of the feedback and the suggestions made by Forum members and these had been seriously considered in reaching a final decision



Holy Trinity Statue update


RK confirmed a budget is currently being amended following a confirmation of costings. RK, CP and Alan Bowen have met with sculptor Tom Murphy regarding the project to understand the potential work that will need to be done and the potential timeline of delivery.


Tom will be invited to the next meeting to discuss the project further.



Events project group update


The group discussed the upcoming Fans’ Forum Presents evening on 15 March.


The Forum discussed the format of the free event and how to solicit questions from fans for the Q&A guests, Joe Royle and Ian Snodin, through social media. 




Blues on Tour Sunderland update


Due to the team progressing into the next round of the FA Cup the Sunderland fixture that was scheduled for Saturday 12 March will now need to be rearranged. The AFI project group were in the process of planning a Blues on Tour trip for the fixture and CP confirmed a trip will still be planned for the rearranged fixture once confirmed.






CP presented the forum with a schedule which included dates for next phase of project group meetings.




Forum members are currently working on a series of blogs and RE has produced a rota for members for the group to use.