Meeting Report - December 2016



Everton Fans’ Forum meeting


Thursday 22nd December, 7-8pm


The 85 Lounge, Goodison Park


Forum members – Nick Mernock (NM), Robert Eagleton (REA), Ruth Eardley (RE), Lisa Vaughan (LV), Bill Carr (BC), Jason Howard (JH), Gary Evans (GE), Kevin Smith (KS), Annemharie Harper (AH), Jeanette Salmon (JS), Steve Jones (SJ), Lewis Owen (LO).

Club representatives – Scott McLeod (SMc), Mo Maghazachi (MM), Christine Prior (CP), Niall O’Donnell (NOD).


Richard Kenyon (RK), Gill Derbyshire (GD), Rachel Meikle (RM) Peter Dodd (PD)

Actions from Previous meeting  

ACTION: CP to arrange Fans’ Forum members visiting the new Community Hub building with Executive Director of Everton in the Community, Phil Duffy.

RESPONSE: CP arranged this ahead of the Liverpool home fixture but unfortunately due to low numbers the visit was postponed. CP will arrange new date with the Forum members.

ACTION: GD to invite Suzie Parker (Events Manager) to a future meeting to discuss matchday activity for the second half of the season.

RESPONSE: SP was unable to attend the scheduled meeting and will attend a future meeting with the group to take them through ideas and gather feedback from Forum members.   


New Members

NM updated the group that the four shortlisted applicants with the highest number of votes have been informed that they have been successful and will join the Fans’ Forum in January 2017. NM has also notified the two unsuccessful applicants and has communicated to them how they can remain to be involved in the Forum moving forward.

A story to announce new members is now live on the Fans’ Forum section of and the vote results will be published in an upcoming matchday programme.

MM informed the group that the Liverpool Echo will do a story on the new members and a profile piece on the Forum in the new year.


Season Tickets 2017/18

SMc continued conversation with the group over 2017/18 Season Ticket pricing and age categories. The Forum have previously raised suggested improvements and SMc updated the group on the Clubs progress with their feedback.

SMc informed the group that talks surrounding Season Tickets continue to progress internally and took the Forum members through the changes that would need to be made on sale dates if the Club were to extend their current direct debit scheme from 10 months to 12 months. The Group were passionate about introducing a new 12-month direct debit payment option and felt it would be well received by the fanbase.

The group discussed pricing and deadlines, including the option of removing the early bird deadline to make sales messaging clearer for supporters. The Forum stated they are comfortable with this suggestion as long as the cheaper price offered throughout the campaign.

SMc asked the Forums opinion on the young adult to adult step in pricing. Forum members suggested different options such as a student option, however they came to an agreement that this could be abused. AH suggested that boundaries need to be defined, whilst JS suggested that a new category could be created which would benefit more supporters. NM suggested that a separate meeting should be called with Club and Forum representatives before any information regarding Season Tickets is signed off by the Club and announced to supporters.


Youth Zone Christmas Party

LV provided feedback from the Youth Zone Christmas Party that took place on Thursday 15 December. The party is hosted by Everton in the Community staff with support from the Fans’ Forum and benefits up to 50 children who live within a mile radius of Goodison Park. LV praised the EitC staff involved and stated it is one of her favourite events to be involved in as a part of the Forum, all the children had a fantastic time but it was disappointing due to the players’ schedule there was no presence from members of the first team or Under-23 squad. LV suggested that this event is planned in conjunction with the Junior Christmas Party so there are players present next Christmas.  



Gwladys Street Branding

CP updated the group on the feedback from the meeting with the Stadium Branding project group who met to discuss artwork for the Howard Kendall Gwladys Street concourse. The Forum members involved in the meeting suggested combining classic images of Howard Kendall both as a player and a manager with words that supporters use to describe him. These words were taken from a recent Fans’ Panel survey.

CP presented initial artwork to the group which members of the Forum complimented. CP informed the group she will continue to progress the ideas and will share future designs with the Forum before going to print. 



The group raised the following issues that have been raised by supporters via the Fans’ Forum Twitter account.

Queuing – RE informed the group that queuing on the concourses continues to be raised by supporters. Contactless payments have made it a lot easier but signage needs improving to promote this to supporters.

Safe Standing –  Supporters have queried if the Club has changed its position on Safe Standing. SMc stated that at this moment in time the Club’s position is unchanged. However, if there are changes in legislation the Club will engage in consultation with supporters.


Concourse TVs – RE reported that advertisements were interrupting supporters watching the match from the concourse. SMc asked for Ruth to obtain more information so he can investigate this.

ACTION: RE to find out what areas are affected by adverts and what those advertisements are.

Website Login – RE informed the group that having different logins for Everton TV and ticketing is causing issues and that it would be much more useful to have a single sign in. SMc stated supporters should be able to log in once and access all areas of the site (excluding retail) using the one log in however due to duplications on email addresses sometimes the system may not allow this, this can be rectified when bought to the Clubs attention by the supporter.

Screen Clock – RE informed the group that there have been requests for the time to be shown in a large font size on the screen and for added time to be shown. SMc to look into the size but informed the group that the club are not allowed to show the added time on the screen.

Seating on App – RE informed the group that you can’t pick a specific seat on the app. SMc to pick this up with Advanced to see what can be done.

Varied Menu in Joe Mercer Lounge – RE informed the group that she had a request for the Menu to be more varied in the Joe Mercer Lounge. MM recommended that any lounge menu queries should be discussed with the supporters lounge contact at the Club.

Players’ Parade – RE informed the group that many players have not been stopping to sign autographs for fans at the Players’ Parade. CP suggested that players may be unable to stop due to timings, whilst SMc added that they are not obligated to stop.

Matchday content – RE informed the group that she had received requests from fans to stop the ‘Come on Everton’ video before games. SMc suggested going out on Twitter for new video content.


AH queried how Liverpool supporters managed to bring a flag into the stadium that was displayed in the away section at the Merseyside Derby. AH felt that due to the content of the banner this should have been stopped.

ACTION: CP to discuss with the Stadium Operations team. 

SJ raised concern that on his recent visit to Vicarage Road for the Watford away fixture he experienced overcrowding on the concourse particularly near the staircases. SMc thanked SJ for raising and asked for Forum members to continue to raise any concerns.

SJ explained that the Everton App is really good but that he is unable to click anything in the gallery and it doesn’t go anywhere. SMc confirmed he will investigate this issue.