Meeting Report December 2015



Everton Fans’ Forum meeting


Wednesday 16 December 2015


Finch Farm


Forum members – Nick Mernock (NM), Robert Eagleton (REA), Ruth Eardley (RE), Lisa Vaughan (LV), Peter Dodd (PD), Steve Jones (SJ), Bill Carr (BC), Andrew Collier (AC), Gary Evans (GE)

Club representatives – Brian Doogan (BD), Mo Maghazachi (MM), Christine Prior (CP), Richard Kenyon (RK)


Gary Evans, Dorothy Carlin, Kevin Smith, Christopher Clark, Gill Derbyshire


NM welcomed members of the Forum to Finch Farm. The group discussed key objectives for 2016 and NM stated one of the priorities is the Holy Trinity statue project. NM would like to continue discussions at the January meeting and produce a timeline of delivery.

ACTION: CP to invite Alan Bowen (Head of Stadium Operations) to the January meeting.

The group discussed wider communication of the Fans’ Forum. The Fans’ Forum page on is currently being revamped into a section with new content and a series of events planned in 2016.


Fans’ Forum recruitment process

NM thanked the Forum members who took part in the recruitment process for new members. 

Following the interview stage there were a clear eight candidates that were shortlisted for the supporter vote. NM felt that the process addressed the views of other supporters and the group will review again before next year’s election.


Junior Christmas party feedback

LV worked with the other members in the events project group to deliver a Christmas party for the local community.

Fifty underprivileged children who live in a one-mile radius of Goodison Park were invited to the Everton Free School. The group arranged various games and activities and first-team players Seamus Coleman and Brendan Galloway attended to present the children with Christmas gifts.

LV said she was delighted to be involved in planning and delivering the event and passed on her thanks to the EITC staff who supported the Forum on the day of the party.


School Supporters’ Club

AC and LV stated the schools they work in recently signed up to the Everton Junior School Supporters’ Club initiative. AC informed the group how impressed he was that the Club provided the schools with complimentary tickets for the Crystal Palace fixture.

LV stated the children who attended the game from her school were delighted to attend and it was a great opportunity to introduce the children to Everton.

SJ also informed the group of a recent Supporters’ Club visit to Croston Blues. SJ stated that when he discussed the event with his friends who support other teams they commented how great it is that Everton carry out such initiatives.

RK thanked the Forum members for their comments and encouraged the group to continue to provide feedback and any ideas that can be used to enhance the Club’s work.


Merseyside derby build up

CP informed the group that there will be a series of meetings ahead of the Merseyside derby regarding the security, policing operation and communication leading up to the game.

CP asked members for representatives to attend the meetings and CP will send further information when details are confirmed.

The group discussed other ideas that both clubs and sets of supporters can work on together to promote the fixture. 


Project groups – future planning

Forum members reviewed the progress of the project groups and it was decided that the branding and matchday experience project groups should merge.

BC confirmed the next pub quiz will take place at the Winslow Pub on Tuesday 9 February. CP suggested inviting Supporters’ Clubs to a future quiz.

PD, RE and LV gave positive feedback from the last Blues on Tour trip that took place at the Norwich fixture. The group thought the Blue Santa hats were a great idea and CP thanked the members for their support with delivering the activity.


Bags in club shop

LV asked if Kitbag can sell items suggested by the Forum in the club shop. CP informed the group that the Club has a new account manager working at Kitbag who will be invited to a future meeting to answer any questions posed.

Corporate Event

LV informed the group that she recently attended a hospitality event with special guests Seamus Coleman and Gerard Deulofeu at the Hilton Hotel. Whilst LV is happy the Club took her feedback on board regarding hosting an event in the evening she felt there was not enough time for guests to engage with the players.

RK stated he will pass on the feedback to the Corporate Sales team.

Date of next meeting

The next meeting will take place at Goodison Park on Thursday 28 January 2016.