Meeting Report - December 2014

by Matthew Gamble




Fans’ Forum meeting



The Joe Mercer Suite

Tuesday 2 December, 2014.




Forum members: Tony Bott (TB), Kathy Keig (KK), Dorothy Carlin (DC), Robert Eagleton (RJE), Ruth Eardley (RE), Paul Gabbutt (PG), Amy Wilson (AW), Nick Mernock (NM), Jason Howard (JH) Andrew Collier (AC)


Club representatives: Richard Kenyon (RK) Christine Prior (CP) Paul Eddy (PE) Christopher Clarke (CC)


In attendance – Ian Simpson (Sodexo)




Forum members: Mike Rice, Martin Malone


Club representatives: Robert Elstone





Actions from previous meeting

All actions from previous meeting are covered on the agenda.





Ian Simpson, Sodexo general manager, attended the meeting to answer questions regarding matchday hospitality and catering.

The group discussed the range of products on offer at the kiosks on a matchday. It was requested by members of the Forum that Sodexo should offer a more healthy range of food products. IS stated that in previous years salads etc have not been popular on a matchday, especially approaching winter. The group suggested using a first-team player to promote this and thought it would be successful in the Family Enclosure area.

CP advised she will ask the Junior Fans’ Forum for their feedback on this topic at their next meeting in December.

IS stated he will take this feedback to his team and they will investigate trialing a different sample of products in the future.

Forum members commented on the speed of service. IS explained the restrictions of space in the kiosks causes issues with serving as there are restrictions on the number of staff and size of equipment.

Wine has been made available at the kiosks and has continued to sell well.

IS reiterated that Forum members are welcome to come on a tour behind the scenes to see the kiosk in operation on a matchday.

ACTION: CP to select game in 2015 and invite forum members to take part in a behind-the-scenes tour.




Stadium Update

KK asked if there was an update on plans for the proposed stadium move to Walton Hall Park.

RK explained that Walton Hall Park still remains an excellent opportunity and the Club are continuing to progress.When the Club are in a position to update supporters on progress this will be done via Club and other media channels.





Club Update

RK presented the Forum the Club’s commitment to the Fans’ Forum. This included opportunities for current members of the Forum and also departing members to get involved in a number of key Club projects. The Forum will continue to be used as a sounding board for feedback and help inform key Club decisions.

Project groups included retail, ticketing, supporter safety, new stadium, disabled supporter experience and the away fan initiative.

The group discussed the opportunity to create an online Fans’ Panel which would give all unsuccessful forum application the chance to share their views. This would be done by a number of consultations and online surveys on key Club topics. The panel will then be opened up for any supporter to join. Further details on the online Fans’ Panel will be announced in 2015.





Ownership and Participation event

CP updated the Forum on the number of fan events in the second half of the season.

There are still a number of free events for supporters to get involved in including Roll Back The Years events, open training at Goodison  Park, Supporters’ Club tour (making a return in February 2015), Junior Fan awards, Supporters’ Club awards, Blues On Tour events, We Are Evertonians events and potentially the Everton Drive-In Cinema.

CP also informed the Forum that invites are sent to random samples of the fan base to apply to attend. There have been issues in the past that supporters have opted out of receiving Club emails so we are unable to contact them with invites. CP asked Fans’ Forum members to make their contacts aware of this and if they have any queries, supporters should update their email address and preferences at the Fan Centre.




Fans’ Forum communication

The group discussed the Fans’ Forum communication timeline. The election vote would be live from Monday 1 December and successful candidates will be notified on Monday 15 December.





Krasnodar ticket prices

The group discussed ticket pricing for the Krasnodar fixture. PG stated he felt that the corporate ticket pricing has been too expensive for the UEFA home fixtures. 

ACTION: CP to invite Gary Wilton head of Corporate Sales to the next Forum meeting.





New Website

Forum members asked when the new website will be available for those using Android devices. CP informed the group that the Club’s website providers are still working on this and supporters experiencing issues can access the website through Google Chrome on their Android devices in the meantime.




1.1  Stadium Operations

CP stated there had been various comments made throughout communication with Forum members with regards to stadium issues. CP will invite a member of the Stadium Operations team to a future meeting to answer any Forum members’ concerns.

1.2  Lille away

RK informed the group that the Club were currently waiting for a response from UEFA on the complaints raised for the Lille away fixture.