Meeting Report - August 2017

by Matthew Gamble



Everton Fans’ Forum meeting


Wednesday 9 August, 2017


The Brian Labone Lounge, Goodison Park


Forum members – Nick Mernock (NM), Robert Eagleton (REa), Lisa Vaughan (LV), Peter Dodd (PD), Mark Cartman (MC), Bill Carr (BC), Lewis Owen (LO), Annemharie Harper (AH), Ian Ball (IB), Tom Moore (TM), Kevin Smith (KS), Louis Reed Foster (LRF), Gary Evans (GE), Ruth Eardley (RE).

Club representatives – Richard Kenyon (RK), Mo Maghazachi (MM), Christine Prior (CP), Rachel Meikle (RM).


Richard Kenyon (RK), Christine Prior (CP), Rachel Meikle (RM), Steve Jones (SJ), Peter Dodd (PD), Jeanette Salmon (JS), Louis Reed Foster (LRF), Gary Evans (GE).

Actions from Previous meeting  

ACTION: MM to liaise with NM regarding interview with Robert Elstone regarding the new Stadium project.

RESPONSE: NM explained that the interview took place and has been very well received with some positive feedback.

ACTION: NM to discuss options of expanding the Forum’s social media presence with fellow Forum members.

RESPONSE: SMc to invite Social Media Manager, Adam Hulme to future meeting.

ACTION: SMc to attend the next Fans’ Forum meeting to discuss future projects with the Forum members.

RESPONSE: Item is on the agenda for discussion.

ACTION: Forum members to develop plan for Fans’ Forum matchday roles and responsibilities.

RESPONSE: NM explained that he is still waiting on responses but revised working groups have been formed.  

ACTION: CP to add Fans’ Forum quiz night story to the website and share link with RE to promote on social media.

RESPONSE: Story added to website and sent the link to RE.

ACTION: Forum members to create new content for the Fans’ Forum page on

RESPONSE: NOD has updated page, Forum members to send through any additional content to NOD to upload to the site.


Recruitment – Next Steps

NM confirmed that a number of  members of the Forum are due to end their tenure on the forum this season. NM enquired if the departing members are considering reapplying as a part of the 2017/18 recruitment drive.

NM explained that intial discussions have already taken place in relation to the potential  process and timescales, and work will also need to be done to validate the electronic receipt process. It was also explained that the group need to determine which members of the group will available to support and manage the various stages of the process.

The group felt that a separate meeting should be set up to discuss recruitment in full detail including improvements to the process based on feedback from supporters who have taken part in the process.

ACTION: NM to set up separate meeting to discuss recruitment with Forum members to identify process for 2017/18.


Streaming of pre-season games

SMc and RK had a meeting with Ripple Effect ahead of the Fans’ Forum to discuss the issues in relation to the live streaming problems experienced for the pre-season fixtures. SMc informed the group that the issues experienced during the pre-season friendly in Tanzania were due to server issues. SMc confirmed that supporters who purchased the fixture have been reimbursed and the Club will be providing an additional benefit for members.

Problems with other fixtures were due to login issues for those with multiple accounts due to the new ticketing platform.



BC explained that he has been discussing hosting a quiz for EDSA (Everton Disabled Supporters’ Association) with Jess from the Fan Engagement Team. BC suggested w/c 6 November and informed the group that he will email Jess to confirm the date so the group can progress plans.

MC mentioned hosting a Fans’ Forum Presents to tie-in with the Irish Festival and Arsenal fixture. MC emphasized that it would be important to get the support of a player. NM suggested that the events group meet to discuss upcoming activities and put together an action plan.

ACTION: Events group and quiz meeting to be set-up by NOD.


Stub Hub

The Forum mentioned that people have been setting high prices on Stub Hub and asked whether the Club can cap this. SMc explained that it is a commercial deal and that there is a £150 cap on the ticket price that can be set. SMc stated that the average price of the tickets sold on Stub Hub is in the region of a general admission match ticket price, and the higher priced tickets posted on the site tend not to sell.

It was suggested that potentially the same people have been putting their season ticket up for sale and maybe a limit should be considered . Additionally could the club identify those who were offering tickets at extreme prices and see if there is a correlation with those as well. It was felt that with better information , and an understanding of some selling preferances work could be done transparently in this area

ACTION: Club to provide updated statistics at the next Forum meeting on prices of the tickets sold on Stub Hub.


Bradley Lowery Charity Match

MM informed the group that the Bradley Lowery Charity Match is due to take place on 3 September 2017 and that celebrities have begun being announced for the game. MM asked the Fans’ Forum to promote the game via both the Fans’ Forum social media channels and their own personal accounts.

IB and PD updated the group on attending Bradley’s funeral. SMc thanked them for representing the Club.

ACTION: Forum members to promote Bradley Lowery Charity Match


Communications Meeting

IB updated the group on the communications meeting that took place last week. IB explained that the Forum are aiming for greater transparency through having a presence of fan sites and possibly having a stand on a matchday to put a face to the Forum.

SMc suggested he invites Social Media Manager, Adam Hulme, to the next meeting do a session with the Forum and support them in extending their presence across social media channels.

ACTION: SMc to invite Adam Hulme to do a Social Media session with the Forum.



Stadium Consultation – Next Steps

NM explained that fans have been very receptive so far and that it is important that the Forum maintains momentum. MM explained that they will be involved in the ‘Proposal of Next Steps’ when that is released in the coming months.


Merchandise Issues

RE explained that there have been reports of issues with merchandise, the issues recorded include lack of availability in sizes across both adults and junior products, no Premier League badges available and running out of certain letters for shirt printing.

The group requested that a member of Fanatics attend a future meeting.

ACTION: NOD to speak to Partnerships about Fanatics attending a future meeting.


Pre-season ticket pricing

MC praised the pricing for the Europa League fixture but questioned why the friendly match against Sevilla was priced at £5 more. SMc explained that this was due to Sevilla being more high-profile opposition.

New Ticketing System

The Forum mentioned that the new ticketing system is causing problems for many fans. GD reassured the Forum that although it was a massive change for both the Club and supporters., the Club are continuing to work through the issues flagged with the ticketing platform providers but assured the new platform provides single sign on and more flexible in future develop in the long run. LV mentioned that the new confirmation emails are not helpful as they do not tell you who you have purchased for. SMc stated he will flag this with the Head of Ticketing.

As this was a key issue affecting many supporters it was felt this should be an agenda item at the next meeting, with the potential for a member of ticketing to attend



Mics at press conferences being too quiet

SMc explained that the main interviewer always has a microphone but that additional interviewers may not have one. If is not something the Club are looking to change but SMc will keep the group up to date with any developments.

Wi-Fi at Goodison Park

SMc confirmed that this will not be happening.

Everton App

Forum members expressed concerns about ease of use and videos not being updated. IB mentioned that the line-up is not updated on the app before 3pm. SMc thanked the group for their feedback and will investigate the issues with the Digital Team.

ACTION: SMc to look into issues raised with the Everton app.


Being the Best Club Pledge

SMc spoke to the group about the Being the Best Club pillar and Forum involvement. The Pillar is a strategic working group within the Club and SMc spoke to the group about being involved and helping deliver the projects assigned to the group. SMc asked the members to support with leading one of the groups pledges around Stadium atmosphere.

ACTION: The Forum to think of suggestions for the Being the Best Club pledge.


Everton Book

RE explained that members of the working group met with Carl who created the My First Everton Book. The book sold 3,000 copies and although it sold quickly, it was never reprinted. RE explained that Carl also had ideas for a ‘My Next Everton Book’ with an app to compliment it, like the ideas that the group had previously discussed.

RE explained that they are still looking for an illustrator. MM had spoken to a few potential options but they all wanted a fee upfront.

MM explained that there is the option to self-publish but costs would have to be considered first.

ACTION: Working group to consider options for self-publishing and illustrating.

Sleeve Sponsor

MC asked if there are any further developments on a sleeve sponsor and RE asked whether sponsors are allowed on the bottom of the shirt. SMc informed the Forum that there are currently no further updates. SMc also explained that sponsors are not allowed at the bottom of the shirt.

Hajduk Split

PD asked why there is no official package for the Split fixture. SMc explained that it is not cost effective as the price would be too high with it being the busiest time of year. SMc mentioned that it was announced before the draw so that people wouldn’t be left waiting for an official package to be released.

Media at Europa League Fixture

SMc informed the Forum that The Sun were not at Goodison for either Europa League Fixtures, and are not expected for the group stages..


NM had a positive meeting regarding the foodbank and following the meeting, MM is currently in the process of completing the contract document for 2017/18. It was agreed that collections would be at weekend games only, and key fixtures would be selected to allow a fulls weeks media coverage to hopefully enhance collections The Forum agreed that they will continue to do the foodbank for this season but that more members will be involved in the running of it on a matchday as LV, RE and AH volunteers for last season.