Meeting Report - September 2014

by Matthew Gamble



Everton Fans’ Forum


Thursday 25 September 2014



Forum members – TB,KK,DC,RoE,RuE,PG,AC,NM,JH,MR

Club representatives –  RK,MR,CP,JF,CC,PE


Forum members – AW,MM,AH

Clun representatives - RE







Actions from previous meeting – CP


ACTION: Forum members who are interested in providing feedback on the away fan experience at Goodison Park to email CP.


RESPONSE: CP is in the process of making arrangements.


ACTION: Club to investigate option of having a team of matchday ambassadors at each away fixture.


RESPONSE: The Club have included this in their Away Fan Initiative plans.


ACTION: MR to send finalised draft of Forum pledges to all members.


RESPONSE: Item on the agenda to be discussed.


ACTION: MR to draft recruitment timeline and send to the Forum.


RESPONSE: Item on the agenda to be discussed.


ACTION: CP to invite Kitbag representative to September meeting.


RESPONSE: Mike Needham from Kitbag will be attending the October meeting.


ACTION: Forum members to discuss project groups at next members meeting.


RESPONSE: Forum members have discussed various project groups and CP will set these up in the coming weeks.



Fans’ Forum review – MR


MR informed the forum that he would be leaving Everton Football Club at the end of September 2014. TB thanked MR for his ongoing support and commitment to the Fans’ Forum over the past seven years.


MR introduced the four Club representatives that would become members of the Forum moving forward. These members represent the four strategic pillars at the Club,


Richard Kenyon - Memorable Matchday

Paul Eddy - Ownership and Participation

Christopher Clark -Easy to buy from

Jim Fantozzi  - Knowledge



CP will continue to attend all meetings in her role as Supporter Liaison Officer.


Nicola McMahon from the Clubs Commercial department will administrate the Forum meetings.


MR went through all documentation again for final sign off from the Forum, the Forum all agreed on the documents and MR informed the Forum the recruitment process will start the following day (Friday 26 September).



Liverpool Away Fixture – KK


KK informed the Forum of the meetings she had attended with Club representatives and Merseyside Police regarding the improved safety procedures ahead of the fixture.


KK thanked the Club and other parties for their efforts with the planned improvements that will be implemented on the day.



LED boards in the Family Enclosure – REA


REA commented on the height of the LED boards that have been installed for the 2014/15 season. REA reported that there are now a number of junior supporters in the first few rows that are having problems viewing the match.


ACTION: Club to speak to Alan Bowen Head of Stadium Operations regarding this issue.






AW reported that she had experience some difficulty in booking a coach space for the West Brom fixture as a number of EDSA members wanted to use official travel for this fixture and not enough spaces as only one coach was used for the game.


AW has discussed this matter with CP and the DLO Brendan Connolly who have put the necessary procedures in place so this does not happen for future games.



Wolfsburg ticket pricing – RUE


RUE stated she had seen a lot of negative comments on twitter regarding the price of the tickets for the UEFA home fixture against Wolfsburg. The Forum commented that they thought the pricing for the fixture was too high as most supporters would have expected to pay the £25 price for other cup competitions.


PG stated he felt the pricing for hospitality for the fixture was too high which led him to purchase general admission tickets.


RK and CC will take this feedback to the Senior Management team.



Manchester United ticket pricing – AW


AW had raised the issue that Manchester United ticket prices seemed to be £5 more expensive than the prices they charged home supporters for the fixture.


CP informed the group this was because Manchester United advertised their ticket prices that included a £5 discount for their members.



1.1     Goodison Granites

JF informed the members that the Goodison Granites would be installed early October in advance of the Aston Villa fixture. The Club will be emailing all purchasers to update them.


1.2     Away fan representatives

The Club is in the process of recruiting a team of away fan representatives to travel to all Premier League away fixtures. CP asked for a member of the forum to take part in the interview process.


ACTION: Forum members who are interested in attending the interviews to contact CP.


1.3     Stadium announcement

The group discussed the Clubs recent announcement on the opporuntiy to build a new stadium at Walton Hall Park. RK advised that a series of supporter events would take place in coming months and would like the Fans’ Forum to be involved.





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