Meeting Report - September 2013



Fans' Forum



Thursday 26 September




Tony Bott, Kathy Keig, James Lyon, Amy Wilson, Ruth Eardley, Dorothy Carlin, Andrew Collier, Paul Gabbutt, Brian Scorgie, Mark Rowan, Dave Biggar, Steven Nelson, Jim Fantozzi, Christine Prior.



Robert Elstone, Phil O'Rourke, Martin Malone









Actions from August meeting.


ACTION: Fans' Forum members to send away fan initiative feedback to CP to collate.

RESPONSE: Feedback received and sent to Dave Biggar.


ACTION: CP to set up Fans' Forum official Twitter account and send details to AW, RE and MM.

RESPONSE: Twitter account is now up and running and has over 700 followers.


ACTION: Fans' Forum representatives to meet with Jim Fantozzi and  Head of Stadium Operations, Alan Bowen, to discuss the Dixie Dean project.

RESPONSE: Meeting took place and item is on the agenda to be discussed further.





Hillsborough memorial


MR invited Steve Kelly and Tom Murphy to the Forum to present the idea of the Club having a permanent Hillsborough memorial plaque located at Goodison Park.


As an Evertonian himself, Steve explained to the Forum members how his family has personally been affected by the Hillsborough disaster and how he feels that the plaque will represent the continued support shown to the campaign by the Everton fanbase.


Forum members were presented with sketches of the design and feedback was given.


The group discussed location and it was suggested that if the plaque was not located on the footprint of Goodison Park, an area directly between the two football stadiums should be considered.


MR thanked the Forum for the feedback and the proposal will now be discussed internally. The Club will provide the Forum with updates when available.





Away fan initiative


DB provided the group with an update on the progress the Club has made in planning for the Premier League away fan initiative. 


DB explained that the Club has integrated feedback from the Forum members into the Club's proposals.


DB informed the group that in recent discussions with representatives from the Premier League, it was confirmed that Everton are one of ten Clubs that have responded and supplied the most detail that fits the brief.


DB feels that the Club have worked hard on getting the approach to the brief correct, working on balancing the plans to suit away fans visiting Goodison Park and rewarding Evertonians for travelling to away fixtures.


The Club will work towards announcing plans in October.





Loyalty/Membership scheme  


Stephen Nelson from MBA Football Industries attended the Forum to gather feedback on the benefits that supporters would like to see included in a membership package.


Stephen shared research carried out into fan memberships across the sports industry.


The group discussed a variety of benefits including ticket priority, exclusive content on, discounted fixtures and access to Everton experiences.


ACTION: Forum to send feedback on membership benefits to CP.





Dixie Dean project


TB informed the group of the outcome of the meeting that was held with Jim Fantozzi and Alan Bowen. He stated that the meeting has enabled the Forum to make progress as they now have a clearer brief of the project.


BS presented the Fans' Forum plans and designs to the group. The plan was to scale and clear but requires more space than has been allocated for the project.


ACTION: JF to take plans back to the Marketing team for development.







MR asked for information on support they will require from the Club on the Fans' Forum recruitment process.


The group agreed that the process would not start until the new crest vote is complete.


The Forum decided that they would take the discussion to their members-only meeting and feedback the process to MR once agreed.


MR advised that he would supply the Forum with details of the previous year's process ahead of their meeting.


ACTION: MR to supply TB with details of previous recruitment process.


ACTION: Forum members to meet on Wednesday 2 October to discuss 2013 recruitment process.






Lighting the Tower         


KK gave an update on the Fans' Forum meeting with members of the Friends of Everton Park (FOEP) with regards to lighting the tower.


MR confirmed that the finer details to the agreement are being finalised.





Connected stadium


JL asked for an update on Goodison Park becoming a connected stadium.


MR informed the group that this process is ongoing and the project is still at research stages. The Club will be holding internal and external meetings in coming weeks and once plans progress this will be communicated to the Fans' Forum.


The group discussed the benefits of a connected stadium, including stadium betting, action replays, upselling tickets and merchandise and other fan engagement activities.






MR informed the group that the Club are hoping to host junior fan activity around the Under 21's Everton V Manchester United fixture at Goodison Park on 21 October. With the fixture taking place in the school half-term, the Club have identified an opportunity to encourage more junior fans to attend Goodison Park. Internal meetings will be held shortly and MR welcomed all feedback from the Forum members. 


ACTION: Forum members to send ideas on junior fan activity to CP.