Meeting Report - September 2012

by Matthew Gamble


1. Review of Action Points


1.1 The Club to remove any mention of loyalty points from eTicketing.

RESPONSE - The site has now been updated and loyalty points have been removed from eTicketing.


1.2 Data Manager to investigate receiving numerous Club emails instead of one.

RESPONSE: Ongoing. Data manager confirmed Club data is constantly updated and will investigate further.


1.3 Club to contact Liverpool City Council regarding complaints received by disabled supporters about the pavements on Goodison Road.

RESPONSE - The Club's head of stadium operations Alan Bowen contacted the Highways & Traffic Safety Services Manager at the City Council and is meeting with him next week to resolve the issue. DB confirmed work will start on Goodison Road Walk of Fame in October.


1.4 DB to propose to the senior management that the Dixie Dean statue is transferred back to its original position.

RESPONSE - DB confirmed full costing has been gathered for the transfer of the Dixie Dean statue. Plans are ongoing, not just to move the statue but to improve the location, making it more visitor-friendly. Plans will be presented to the Forum in due course.


1.5 Issues with the link from to Paddy Power official website to be investigated.

ACTION: MR to investigate further as Forum confirmed link is still not working.


2. Digital Evolution

SMc of the Club's Media and Communications department provided an overview of the progress made by the Club digitally over the past 12 months and targets for the year ahead.


SMc reiterated that has great content and one of the objectives for 2013 is to ensure all aspects of the site are fully utilised and promoted effectively.


ACTION: Forum members to bring feedback to next meeting on what they would like to see within Everton's media products.


3. Newcastle Attendance


As the attendance for the Newcastle fixture on 17 September was significantly below the target attendance set by the Club, DB requested feedback/suggestions from the Forum on how the Club could improve attendances in future. DB highlighted that with the team in good form and the fixture marketed well, the Club expected to sell more tickets in the weekend leading up to the match.  


Forum members agreed that there were a number of factors affecting the attendance that are out of the Club's control. All members of the forum felt that the two key factors affecting the attendance were the Monday night kick-off and that the game was televised.


4. New Members


Each member of the Forum was presented with a booklet containing all applications that had been submitted for the Fans' Forum. Members of the Forum agreed to review applications and score each one on a scale of 1-10 (1 being poor). New members will be selected using their average score, which will be calculated during October's meeting.


ACTION: Forum to rate applications for new members and bring to next meeting.



5. Fans' Forum Chairman terms of office


The Forum agreed that Tony Bott will continue as the Fans' Forum chairman for a three-year term.

6. Hillsborough Tribute


Positive feedback received on all aspects of the Hillsborough tribute delivered by the Club ahead of the Newcastle fixture - from the screens graphics to Mr Kenwright's choice of song.


MR added his thanks to supporters' on how they embraced the tribute.


ACTION: MR to investigate possibility of a message of thanks to the fans for tribute via website/programme.


7. Walk of Fame


DB confirmed that Liverpool City Council have set dates to begin work on Goodison Road Walk of Fame. The Club has been reassured that the work should be approaching completion by 27 October.


ACTION: DB to provide update on Walk of Fame at next meeting.


8.  Leyton Orient delayed kick off


DB explained to the Forum that the number of collections for the game escalated from 600 to 1,700 over the Bank Holiday weekend. The Bullens Road collection office is adequate to fulfil 1000-1200 collections. Forum members agreed that the Club had effectively communicated to supporters via, social media channels and traditional media outlets, to collect at least three hours before kick-off. The Club are investigating the possibility of updating the ticketing system to allow supporters to print their home match tickets at home. Along with the launch of city centre ticket outlets at Everton Two and TicketQuarter, the Club feels this could prevent a similar situation in the future.


ACTION Club to provide update on ‘Tickets at Home' at the next meeting.



9. Bill Kenwright meeting


Forum recorded their thanks to the Club and Mr Kenwright for taking the time to meet with them ahead of the Newcastle fixture. All members were pleased with the positive atmosphere of the meeting.


MR passed on thanks from MR Kenwright, who enjoyed meeting with the Forum.


10. Half-time incident at West Bromwich Albion fixture.


Members of the forum reported fighting on the concourse at half-time at the away fixture against West Bromwich Albion on 1 September.


ACTION: DB to investigate.


11. Ground Safety Committee


Dave Lewis, head of stadium security, requested a member of the Forum to join the Liverpool City Council ground safety committee. Amy Wilson volunteered and Forum agreed that Amy will be their representative.  


ACTION: Amy to liaise directly with Dave Lewis regarding matter.


9. AOB


1.1  Team news by SMS

MR confirmed there are not enough characters in an SMS to include the substitutes. If supporters would like this information included, it will result in them being charged twice. James Lyons noted that fans can access team news in full via social network sites on matchdays when the text service does not include the team substitutes.

ACTION: MR to investigate possibility of sending second text to supporters with news of substitutes.



1.2  Kiosk stock levels on a matchday

Reports from member of the Forum that stock levels at kiosks were low at the Leyton Orient fixture. This was due to the delayed kick-off and Sodexo only having sufficient stock up to the time of the original kick off. 

ACTION: If Forum note any further problems with stock, kiosk details are to be emailed directly to CP so they can be reported back to Sodexo.



1.3  Reports of unpaid postage

Members of the Forum reported receiving correspondence from the Club with no postage paid.

ACTION: CP to report feedback to the Fan Centre.



1.4  Kitbag Update

The Club's new 2012/13 third strip went on sale today at Everton One, Everton Two and online at  

ACTION: Club to provide update on kit sales at next meeting.



1.5  Everton in the Community

TW confirmed that plans for the 25th anniversary campaign are currently being finalised.

ACTION: TW to provide update at next meeting.



1.6.  Newcastle fixture

Positive feedback from Forum on new screens in the stadium and the flag parade that took place ahead of kick-off.