Meeting Report - October 2012


1. Review Of Action Points

1.1 ACTION - Forum members to bring feedback to next meeting on what they would like to see from Everton's media offering.

RESPONSE - Forum to provide details directly to MR  

1.2 ACTION: MR to investigate the possibility of a message of thanks to the fans for tribute via website/programme

RESPONSE: This was issued in the Everton v Southampton programme.

1.3 ACTION - DB to provide update on Walk of Fame at next meeting

RESPONSE - DB confirmed that further work is to be carried out on the Walk of Fame as the Club is not satisfied with the standard of the work. The Club is liaising with the council to confirm a date when further work can be carried out.

1.4 ACTION - Club to provide update on ‘Tickets at Home'

RESPONSE - A test for ‘Tickets at Home' will be carried out at the Sunderland fixture. Two turnstiles will be tested in a ‘live' environment to help the Club deal with any initial problems before rolling it out across the stadium.

1.5 ACTION - Team news by SMS - MR to investigate possibility of sending second text to supporters with news of substitutes.

RESPONSE - It is possible to send two texts but this would not be preferable for many supporters. All users of the service would receive the second text and would have to pay the additional price so the Club will continue to send one text only with the team news.

1.6 ACTION - Club to provide update on kit sales at next meeting

RESPONSE - DB confirmed that there has been a 24.3% increase in shirt revenue and this is expected to increase again in December due to Christmas sales. In October, sales figures showed that over 70% of those who purchased 2012/13 kit opted to have ‘Jelavic' printed on their shirt. DB confirmed a ladies kit will be available next season and the Club are liaising with Nike to determine the minimum order quantity.

1.7 ACTION - TW to provide update on EitC plans for 25th anniversary campaign 

RESPONSE - TW to provide full update at next meeting.


2. New Members

All Fans' Forum members handed in their marked applications for new members. HMa collated the scores and announced the four successful new members at the end of the meeting. The new members are: Ruth Eardley, Dorothy Carlin, Martin Malone and Andrew Collier. They will attend their first meeting in November and will remain on the Forum for three years.

ACTION: CP and TB to liaise with new members.

TB explained that three existing members will leave the forum in December 2012.  The three were selected through a straw poll. The three members to leave the Forum are: Liz Forster, Dan Connolly and Sandra Hughes.

MR outlined that a structure must be outlined clearly so that members understand their length of term and the Forum is transparent.

ACTION: Document to be presented to the Forum at the next meeting to confirm structure and when/how many new members will be introduced.

RE asked how members of the Forum think they are perceived by the wider fanbase and questioned whether the Club could help to further promote their input. MR suggested members of the Forum take turns to write a blog for detailing their input and how they liaise with supporters to gather varying viewpoints. 

ACTION: MR to investigate possibility of Forum members writing a blog on


3. Club Positioning And Branding

DB delivered a presentation about the Club positioning and branding. This was then discussed by the Forum.

4. Update On External Works

DB provided an update on the Walk of Fame at the beginning of the meeting when discussing action points from September (See 1.3).

5. Leeds United Away

The Club has contacted Leeds United following complaints from supporters about incidents that occurred at Elland Road after the Capital One Cup fixture in September. The Club has received a response from Leeds United to confirm they are conducting a full investigation and will provide an update by 2 November 2012.

PT confirmed the Club will provide an update at the next Fans' Forum meeting.

RE suggested that to encourage a positive environment at away fixtures and to provide an immediate point of contact for travelling fans, representatives from the Club should travel with supporters. This idea is to be investigated.

ACTION: PO'R requested an update from DB on incidents that occurred at the West Bromwich Albion fixture in September. DB to provide update at next meeting.

RE raised the point that the Club is trying to ensure its most loyal supporters get the best seats at away fixtures. Matt Kendall of the Fan Centre is investigating how this can be enhanced.  

6. International Fans

It was discussed that due to the number of applications received to join the fans' forum from internationally-based supporters, the Forum should liaise further to ensure their views are represented during the meetings.

Forum suggested that all unsuccessful applicants could be contacted by a member of the Forum so they can provide any feedback and request agenda items to be discussed. It was discussed that this could be a cumbersome task and that it would be more appropriate to set up a feedback tab on the Fans' Forum section of the website. Through this vehicle, all supporters, whether they applied to join the Forum or not, could make direct contact and input into the Forum.

ACTION: MR to confirm how the website can be used most effectively to gather feedback from the wider fanbase.

7. StubHub

Forum discussed that some tickets for the Merseyside derby were being sold on the StubHub website at a significantly higher value than they were purchased. DB confirmed that it is an open market place and the customer ultimately determines the price at which they are sold.

  1. SLO

The Club confirmed that Everton does meet the necessary Supporters' Liaison Officer criteria, as set out be UEFA. This criteria is met by a number of key staff members at the Club, including representatives of the Fan Centre and Media and Communications team. This also includes Graeme Sharp, the Fan Ambassador. It is the Club's intention to review the Supporter Liaison criteria on a regular basis.

The Club committed to keep the Forum updated on any progress and explained that Christine Prior had been appointed to enhance the level of fan engagement activity.

9. AOB

1.1  Free School

RE confirmed that he is proud of the current achievements made by the Free School and their progress will be communicated when appropriate.

ACTION: Principal Adrian Packer to be invited to a future Fans' Forum meeting.

1.2  Behind-The-Scenes Tour

TB confirmed that he will provide a full update on his behind-the-scenes tour of Goodison Park at the next meeting. TB enjoyed finding out more about the work of each department in the Club and had high praise for Everton in the Community.

1.3  Promotional Events

KK said that there had been issues at a recent store signing session at Everton Two and suggested that the Club need to ensure there is a balance between financial gain and fan experience. MR confirmed that as the Club has increased the number of signing sessions for supporters, the queues have reduced and therefore less issues have arisen. There were no issues at all at the John Heitinga signing session held during the October half-term at Everton Two.

1.4  Everton Two

KK raised the point that there were no mirrors at Everton Two and asked if this could be investigated.

ACTION: DB to investigate.

1.5  Mystery Shop

DB confirmed that he would like the Fans' Forum to conduct another mystery shop at a home fixture. DB to confirm date.