Meeting Report - November 2012

by Daniel Alston



1. Review Of Action Points


1.1   ACTION: Document to be presented to the Forum at the next meeting to confirm structure and when/how many new members will be introduced.

RESPONSE: On agenda to discuss.


1.2   ACTION: MR to investigate possibility of Forum members writing a blog on

RESPONSE: LF wrote the first Fans' Forum blog which was posted on the Forum section of Further blogs are welcomed by the webteam.


1.3   ACTION: MR to confirm how the website can be used most effectively to gather feedback from the wider fanbase.

RESPONSE: MR presented the group with a picture of the form ‘Ask the Forum' that is now live on website. This gives fans the opportunity to contact members directly and suggest items for discussion at future meetings.








2.Welcome New Members


TB welcomed new members Dorothy, Martin, Andrew and Ruth who were selected by the Forum in November.





3. Terms of Membership


Forum members reviewed document outlining the terms of membership from 2012-2014 and all approved. This will be reviewed in 2014.








4. Kitbag

Alex Leith from Kitbag answered the Forum's questions on current product range available to fans both online and in store.


Forum members expressed their disappointment in the limited selection of ladies wear in the current catalogue. AL confirmed that, historically, the items suggested by the Forum do not sell well enough to meet minimum order requirements.AL explained that since the last Fans Forum he attended in 2011/12, the colour range of ladies products has been developed.


Forum members also asked if the Christmas range could be expanded and AL confirmed that this will be developed for next year. DB suggested Forum members collate a wishlist of products that they would like to be made available.


ACTION: Fans' Forum to send a wishlist of products to CP.


PG raised the issue that there has been limited discounts offered to Season Ticket holders and shareholders as in previous years.


ACTION: MR to investigate the communication of discounts.





5. Update on Club Branding


DB updated the Forum on progress regarding the presentation on Club positioning and branding that took place in October's meeting.




6. Security and Investigation Update


Dave Lewis, Head of Stadium Security, updated the Forum on activity that has taken place this season. DL outlined the number of incidents at both home and away fixtures, including cases of ticket concession abuse. DL explained the Club's process to deal with such cases. To improve matchday security, stewards are now provided with body-worn cameras, a text helpline has been introduced for supporters, and a number of plain-clothed stewards now patrol the ground to investigate any problems or issues.


Forum members reported ticket touts at the Arsenal and Norwich fixtures and DL will investigate further.


TB gave positive feedback on the noticeable reduction in smoking in the toilets on a matchday.



7. Leeds Away - Capital One Cup fixture


DL read the official response from Sean Harvey at Leeds United Football Club following a number of complaints regarding the treatment of fans after the Capital One Cup fixture in October.


DL stated that the volume of 5,000 away supporters seemed to have caused a number of problems for Leeds on the night. Incidents outside the stadium affected the availability of stewards to assist supporters entering the stadium.


The response stated that following the investigation Leeds United have now introduced a number of improvements in the away stand of the stadium including a family lane, away car parking only area and an improved procedure for fans to exit the stadium.


DL stated that the feedback provided by Everton and supporters has been taken on board by Leeds United and the improvements will now make the matchday experience better for any other travelling fans to Elland Road.



8. Update on Wall of Fame


The Wall of Fame was launched at the Arsenal fixture. The Club are happy with the progress and have received positive feedback after transferring the plaques from the ground onto the wall, making them more visitor friendly.


KK asked if the Club have any plans to develop the idea of memorial plaques around the stadium. DB confirmed that the Club are hoping to develop and may link in with the relocation of the Dixie Dean statue. No plans have yet been confirmed.



9. EitC 25 Campaign


CD updated the Forum on the EitC 25 campaign. The campaign will run until September 2013 with EitC aiming to raise £1million to celebrate the occasion. A number of activities have been planned to help raise the funds and are outlined on a specially-produced fixture card. The charity calendar ‘12 Shades of Blue' and charity wristbands have been produced to help reach the fundraising target.


ACTION: CP & Forum members to bring suggestions to next meeting on how the Forum can take part in the fundraising campaign.


10. Mystery Shopper


DB presented members of the forum with mystery shopper packs which they will complete at the Tottenham Hotspur fixture.


ACTION: Forum members to bring mystery shopper details to December's meeting.



11. AOB


1.1   Semi-final matchday activity

PG suggested that the Club begin to prepare for the event of reaching an FA cup semi-final.


1.2   Season Ticket access issues

DB confirmed that there was a reported attendance of 37,141 for the Arsenal fixture and only eight Season Ticket cards failed to work at the turnstile. DL confirmed there have been some issues with the Park End disabled enclosure turnstile which will be rectified before the next home fixture. Print at home tickets are still being tested around the stadium with initial problems caused by the ink jet quality on printers. Results are improving game by game.


1.3   Feedback on fan engagement events

CP updated the Forum on feedback received at recent fan engagement events. This included the 2012 fans' conference, the first ‘Stand Together' event, Supporters' Club visits and matchday activity which has been developed for junior supporters.


1.4   Half time scores


PO'R suggested that the screens displaying half time scores should include results from the lower league fixtures and the Scottish Premier League.


ACTION: MR to investigate.